Imaginaria: Finally, geeks can check into Hogwarts and Middle Earth

Tell me that headline didn’t just have you jumping for joy! It has finally happened — some bright spark has decided that it’s not right that Foursquare doesn’t allow you to check into made up places. Solution? Imaginaria, an app that allows you to check into the imaginations of various writers.

Alright, interestingly enough, this isn’t just geeks being geeks but one bookstore’s effort to make reading more social. According to the app its a “new and fun way to share your reading experience by checking in at the imaginary places from your favourite books.”

The app is plugged into the readers’ social graph so they can share their check ins with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Wait, that’s not all… the developers have also gamified the experience so that readers can accumulate points which they can then spend in a real life book store.

“Developed for the bookstore Livraria da Vila, Imaginaria has a reward system that will allow, in the future, the user to exchange game points for discount vouchers at any of Livraria’s stores.”

Must say this a pretty cool of the Brazilian-based book store: imagine what other ways you could get people to want to read more.

Unfortunately the app is only available for iOS devices right now.

[Hat Tip: Sam Perry]



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