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Windows 8 ad leaked onto YouTube — Apps will be new focus

The first batch of Windows 8 ads have been leaked to the public via Youtube. This development comes before the operating system’s official release, scheduled for 26 October. The ad was uploaded not by some hacker hailing from the US or China, but rather the the Techo-hub that is Israel. Yes Israel. Israeli website, Techit, has leaked four┬áseparate videos all of which showcase the enhanced interactivity that Microsoft’s new OS offers. Its displayed on a tablet device, most likely the Surface, which is also set for release on 26 October.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tN0hNQTrcU&w=650&h=366]

The visuals look strong and are designed to give users the same interface across various devices. It still waits to seen if speeds shown in the ad will match those of the “real-world”. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the use of applications and seamless transition between them. Placing heavy significance on the look and feel of Windows 8. The aim of which is to make it more of an intuitive experience, channeling much of the philosophy that has made Apple as popular as it is today.

Author | Robin Chetty

Robin Chetty
Robin - Leigh Chetty is a Psych graduate from Johannesburg, with a degree in New Media/Interactive Design, now uprooted and trying making his way in Cape Town and her numerous distractions. The wettest behind the ears of all the Burn Media contributors, Rob has a keen interest in technology... More
  • not leaked into youtube. windows 8 released already. im running it

  • s you can see nit is geniune. no pirate software here

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