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All posts by Robin Chetty

Robin Chetty
Robin - Leigh Chetty is a Psych graduate from Johannesburg, with a degree in New Media/Interactive Design, now uprooted and trying making his way in Cape Town and her numerous distractions. The wettest behind the ears of all the Burn Media contributors, Rob has a keen interest in technology and gaming. Looking to integrate them with his passion for writing into a successful career as an online journalist. Having experienced many different fields of study, Rob has made the world of Media his new vocation, that and of course anything to do with Liverpool Football Club.
  • RIM losing ground to competitors in big business

    It appears Research In Motion is fighting the market share war on multiple fronts, having already lost substantial ground among the general public, the corporate market looks primed to follow. A new research report from IDC, suggests that the Canadian manufacturer is projected to lose its number one position as "corporate-liable operating system device" to Apple by the end of 2012. The report does not make for easy reading as far as BlackBerry is concerned, who have not been able to gain much traction amid the release of new iOS and Android devices. This has consequently led to the...

  • Tajikistan government officially outlaws Facebook in the country

    In an order given yesterday by the Tajikistan Office of Telecommunications, all internet service and mobile providers have blocked public access to Facebook. This is the second time that the Tajikistan government has seen fit to impose the block, having enforced a partial block of the site a few days ago and a temporary full-scale block in March. This time round, state officials are citing the need to stem the flow of “mud and slander that flows from the website”. The other reason given by Beg Zukhurov, head of the state controlled communications service, in response to Reuters was...

  • 6 tablet gestures that will determine Windows 8’s success

    Having fully embraced the touch-centric user interface with the release of Windows 8, it was extremely important for Microsoft to nail the touch functionality of its new OS. This feature is of specific importance to tablet users as a whole host of manufacturers and designers have invested heavily in the tablet-hybrid movement. That being said, there are six Windows 8 gestures that we believe will determine whether or not users will embrace the touch experience and ultimately ensure Microsoft's position as the touch-centric OS developer. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Air New Zealand draws on The Hobbit magic for new safety promo

    An Unexpected Journey, the first part in The Hobbit trilogy, is set for release on 28 November -- and Air New Zealand has decided to hitch onto the Peter Jackson bandwagon ahead of the movie's release with its spoof of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Both trilogies were shot on location in New Zealand and helped to raise the tourism profile of the land of the long white cloud, making it famous for more than just rugby. The video, entitled "An Unexpected Briefing", has already achieved more than 635 000 views on Youtube -- impressive, considering it was only...

  • Windows 8 ad leaked onto YouTube — Apps will be new focus

    The first batch of Windows 8 ads have been leaked to the public via Youtube. This development comes before the operating system's official release, scheduled for 26 October. The ad was uploaded not by some hacker hailing from the US or China, but rather the the Techo-hub that is Israel. Yes Israel. Israeli website, Techit, has leaked four separate videos all of which showcase the enhanced interactivity that Microsoft's new OS offers. Its displayed on a tablet device, most likely the Surface, which is also set for release on 26 October. The visuals look strong and are designed to give...

  • 7 of the best knock-off gadgets China has to offer

    With the recent release of the iPhone 5, users found themselves trawling the internet for any leaked tit-bits that would give a sneak peek at Apple's latest creation. The majority were "photo-shopped" images either too blurred and distorted to recognise, or too weird and crazy to be believed. Some of the weirder rip-offs came from China. The country thrives on the ability to mass produce replicas of popular products. It specialises in re-branding with an often unique and disturbing twist. Read more on Gearburn.