Spread the ripple and win one of 20 shower aerators with Memeburn, Radox

Radox Ripople Effect

Radox Ripople Effect

Water is an increasingly scare resource. Some estimate that we’ll be out of drinking water by 2040 if we carry on at our current rate of consumption.

Add in growing middle classes and an increase in water-hungry industrialisation in emerging market countries and it could happen even quicker.

That’s why bath and shower product company Radox is trying to unleash a “Ripple Effect” of water saving across South Africa.

The campaign has seen it use a Facebook app to spread water-saving memes. The app also allows you to track how far your ripple travels through the memes and calculate how much water you could potentially save.

In a bid to spread the ripples even further Memeburn has teamed up with Radox to give away 20 shower aerators.

The aerators reduce the flow of water that comes out of your shower by mixing it with air. In effect, it acts as a “sieve”, separating the water into multiple streams and saving you water. What it won’t do is reduce your water pressure.

Radox reckon that if you and five friends fit the aerators, you can save 850 000 litres a year.

How to enter:

In the comments section: tell us how you would start your own Ripple Effect.


On Twitter: Give us your best water saving tip using the hashtag #MemeRipple

Competition closes 20 November.



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