How to make the best of your new Twitter profile

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twitter logo

As you all know back in September this year Twitter brought out a new look to its users’ profile pages. The new header photo brought more personalisation and branding options which definitely are worth implementing, especially if you are a business that is serious about your online social presence.

Twitter announced that as of 12 December everyone will be switched over to the new look, whether you have a header image or not. Those profiles without a header image will have a default grey block in its place. So if you have a Twitter profile I suggest you get cracking on a header image as soon as possible, otherwise your profile is going to look boring.

Some sample header images

Silly Mars

Mars Rover Twitter profile

Silly themes

New Twitter profile 2


Celeb Twitter profile

What header image should you create and use?

Depending on if you are a normal bloke or gal using Twitter for personal use or a large corporate company, or maybe even a well-known brand, the bottom line is your header image should reflect your social personality or what I like to call your social persona.

Lets say you are a company selling computers and computer hardware, one idea would be to use the latest product you have on special. Your loyal customers and or partners will notice this and by this alone you can increase your online sales.

Or if you are a local celebrity, you can have your latest feature, whether it be music album or movie cover featuring your face of course. It is also important that your background image compliments your header image. Using contrasting visual effects or blending, as long as your page overall look is awesome.

So go ahead and get creative start building your online social persona, look and feel. If you already have a new Twitter profile why not share it with us in the comments below.



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