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Nando’s also has a confession for Oprah: it can enhance your performance too

It seems Lance Armstrong isn’t the only one confessing things to television’s queen of talk. Popular fast food franchise Nando’s has launched a campaign in the wake of the former Tour de France winner’s intimate conversation with Oprah Winfrey.

Mich Atagana
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Armstrong has been rocked with a high profile doping scandal since last year, which he denied intensely. But yesterday for the first time on live television, the cyclist admitted to using banned substances to enhance his performance during his Tour de France victories. He told the talk queen he was a bully and couldn’t have won the popular cycling race without doping.

The Nando’s campaign, like most of the company’s ads, is quite tongue in cheek, stating that its flames grilled chickens enhance one’s performance because it’s an aphrodisiac.