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10 things the comments section has taught me about the web

Of all the challenges faced by those who put content online, the comments facility must be the most vexing one. (There’s even a Twitter account, @AvoidComments, which reminds followers not to read the comments, ever. Sample tweet: Whenever you see a smiling child, remember: she’s never read a comment in her life, and she’s doing just fine.)

Many websites have experimented with reining in the bad behaviour that predominates in a facility that offers a toxic combination of visibility and anonymity. Imposing standards all too often means sacrificing interaction, however. Recently, TechCrunch announced that it’s bringing its comments facility back; channelling comments via Facebook resulted in a precipitous dropoff in engagement, so now it’s trying LiveFyre.

I usually don’t read the comments on one of the platforms I blog on, and haven’t for years. This is sad, because I’ve always thought of blogging, unlike the opinion pieces or features I write, as a fundamentally social act. You write in the expectation that others will have a view on what you’ve written, and the text is created in the space between your post and the reactions to it.

If I stopped reading the comments, it’s because they became a strain on my sanity. To survive them, writers need to have thick skin, or be a masochist, or both, and I know of bloggers who stopped writing because they couldn’t handle the vitriol. Actually, I don’t know of anyone who can spend any time reading the comments on some websites without wanting to stab themselves in the eye with a hot fork. But trolling and abusive comments are par for the course, so much so that serious research has been conducted into why people behave so badly online.

Researchers have found that that people online have lower levels of self control. (Oh yes, and spending too much time on Facebook makes you fat – the more people spent online, the more likely they were to engage in binge eating).

In my years of blogging, I’ve learned a thing or two from the comments facility.

1. There’s a kind of Kevin Bacon game going on

In the Kevin Bacon game so popular in the 1990s, the challenge was to link any actor to Kevin Bacon. In the comments facility, the challenge is to see how long it will take for the comments on any post to devolve into a slanging match between – for want of a better term — liberals and conservatives.

Take this report from a UK news website on a group of American tourists attacked in Peru.

The first comment takes a swipe at liberals and it goes downhill from there, becoming nothing more than an opportunity for Republicans to fling insults against Democrats, and vice versa. In South Africa, for example, all comments facilities ever somehow end up hosting rants against the ANC and/or apartheid and/or white privilege, whether or not the original post had anything to do with it. The situation is similar in countries with similarly torrid pasts.

Which is why….

2. If you want lots of comments, write about race and/or politics

Around the world, hot button issues range from gun control to rape. Nothing fires up the comments facility like discussions about race. With over 88 000 views and 575 comments, this post generated far more interaction on blogging platform Thought Leader than any other in the history of the site. The recent FNB ad debacle effectively turned South Africa into a giant comments facility, with much ranting about the ANC on various news sites.

Don’t write about race or politics unless you are very thick skinned or utterly convinced of the correctness of your views (I’ve learned the hard way).

3. Abuse is nothing new

The comments facility has just made it easier for people who’d otherwise just rant around the dinner table, to articulate them in public. Back in 2004, readers were forced to fax hatemail to the publisher of my satirical pieces about bitter expats; now all they need to do is post a comment. Fortunately, the comment sections on many sites are moderated so the abusive, ad hominem attacks on their bloggers are mostly filtered out. If I got to see the comments they didn’t let through, my insomnia would probably be worse than it already is.

4. We’re talking a small number of people

Editor of News24 (a division of emerging markets media giant Naspers) Jannie Momberg says about one percent of readers comment, and of those, around 10% are abusive. “News24 comments” remains a byword for aggressively stupid, racist comments, but that’s not really fair because the same behaviour can be seen in the comments facilities of other news websites, too. In fact, the comments on a couple of recent pieces have been sane and reasonable for the most part.

5. The same names crop up everywhere

Spend any time reading news or comment and you’ll spot the same familiar names and pseudonyms, banging the same drum they’ve been beating for years. Commenting must virtually be a full time job for some of them, and they never seem to get bored.

6. Very few people actually read what they comment on

This is what really grates me. If I go to the trouble of putting together an argument, the least I expect is for the reader to take in what I’ve actually written before commenting. Sadly, the typical reader strategy seems to be: read the heading, scan through the body of the text, blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.

Most popular columnists and bloggers have regular readers who know them well, or think they know them well, so by the time the latter click on the link, they’ve already made up their minds (familiarity, alas, breeds contempt — on both sides). They read what they think they see, then argue with their own projections. Much of the so-called debate in the comments facility is a form of ideological shadow-boxing.

7. Angry, abusive comments beget more angry, abusive comments

Take any divisive topic – in this case, climate change. According to this study, the more abuse in the comments facility, the more it will inflame others who might otherwise have been reasonable. Study co-author Dietram Scheufele, a professor of science communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pointed out that the comments made what used to be a private act now more like “reading the news article in the middle of the town square, with people screaming in my ear what I should believe about it.”

8. There will be mansplaining

Mansplaining is the practice of men telling women what she’s actually thinking because, poor thing, she’s misinformed. Because commenters don’t list their gender, it’s impossible to make a reliable assessment of whether men comment more than women, but my impression is that they do. Any female blogger who writes on a platform where there are many male readers knows all about mansplaining.

9. The real discussions often happen elsewhere.

This is something that happened when TechCrunch shifted to a Facebook-based comment system. I’ve long held the view that if people really wanted to debate with bloggers in a civil manner, they can do it on Twitter or Facebook. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with much trolling on either platform, and because there’s more immediacy — the blogger is there in person, not a disembodied name attached to words – it’s harder to be abusive.

10. And yes, sometimes the comments are more interesting than the piece that inspired them

Sometimes, the comments facility works as it should, bringing out viewpoints that actually add to an understanding of an issue. The comments on this post on a rather obscure subject are easier to read than the piece that triggered them.

There are no ad hominem attacks, and each commenter seems to be genuinely interested in teasing apart a complex issue. But this is all too rare, and probably only happens when the vast majority of potential commenters are filtered out by the complexity of an issue.

Recently, I changed my blogging strategy, writing slightly less contentious material that’s as much about seeing what responses I get as it is about putting my opinion out into the world. A meta post, if you like. As a result, I’ve started reading the comments again — but I’ll probably stop, because it’s still too depressing: the same crowd are still saying the same things they did five years ago. Not that it matters, really.

The commenters don’t really need me to participate, because once the post is up, it’s not mine anymore, but theirs. It takes on a life of its own, and I am happy to let it go.

Here’s the ultimate irony: if the comments facility teaches you anything, it’s that if you’re going to be a writer, and put yourself at the mercy of others online, you have to learn to filter out most your readers or you’ll stop writing altogether. As that Twitter account reminds us: “The next time you’re thinking of reading the comments, do a Google image search for ‘fluffy puppies’ instead.”

Author | Sarah Britten

Sarah Britten
Sarah Britten is the strategic planning director at Labstore South Africa. Her relationship status is hidden. More
  • Sarah, you’re totally right about this, especially the ‘once it’s up, it’s not mine’ issue. Having said that, I am that rare blogger who (fanatically) reads her comments, and I haven’t had death by cancer wished on me in a while, so either my haters are otherwise occupied or they’re getting used to me.

  • Paul Moment

    I don’t think it has to be an either/or situation of having an inflamed comment feed or nothing at all. Don’t forget: Moderating your comment threads is completely legit. After all, you’re the one hosting the discussion. Well-moderated comment threads with clearly defined rules and moderator interaction can be super useful and foster solid participation if your content is good. Sure, it can open you up to accusations of censorship, but those will probably come from the same problem children you’re trying to avoid having on your thread in the first place, right? And meanwhile, every other participant is getting great value.

  • This is probably correct, but I can think of at least one exception here in Thailand. I often find the most interesting and insightful remarks about local politics in the comments section following news articles about political events and scandals here. Some of the comments also provide very interesting background information that is missing from the article. There is also the typical reds vs. yellows (if you know Thai politics, you will know what I mean) argument, but often those arguments reveal interesting information that doesn’t seem to get reported.

  • Stephen Hall

    Maybe what is needed is a troll-oriented CAPTCHA, i.e. one which tests if you have something worthwhile to say before it will let you post a comment?

  • It’s often easy to tell from the comment itself if the commentator read the comment. I often find a paragraph that interests me and comment on that – this is especially necessary if you’re going to comment on a lot of sites (which could be important).

  • Patsy Zarilla

    Wow, what were you watching?

  • ceramicsaturn

    Microsoft had what it always has, for better or worse. Halo, Gears and Forza. Hardly exciting. How you thought that was more mind blowing than the surprise after surprise that Sony offered, I don’t know. If you’re more into that, it’s fine, but to say it outshined one of Sony’s best conferences in its history I think is a bold overstatement. I mean, “Frankly, nothing really popped at Sony’s conference.” Really?

  • MG

    Indeed, lots of Sony fanboy articles claiming Sony “landslide” won E3. I’m just like… how? They showed off some games, and two exclusives. Microsoft showed off two WAY bigger franchise exclusives, and then on top of that, VR, AR, backwards compatibility and the RARE replay (30+ amazing old RARE games!) I dunno how you can contend that Microsoft didn’t just sweep this one.

  • What was mind blowing at Sony’s conference? I’m looking for a honest answer, not trolling here.

    – Final Fantasy VII Remake will be multiplatform. The end of the trailer mentions “First on PS4”
    – Star Ocean will more than likely be ported to Xbox One as well. I know I’m guessing here, but I’m going on the fact that the last one was ported, albeit from Xbox 360 to PS3.
    – Persona 5 is a Sony stable. I can argue Gears, Halo, or Forza against it.
    – The Last Guardian is a game that’s been in development hell for years, so who knows when it’ll really launch. Remember, ICO and Shadow of the Colossues were initially comercial failures and eventually picked up. The same may happen to Guardian.
    – Shenmue is still a Kickstarter game. Yes, it’s been funded now, but it’s still a Kickstarter game.

  • elopez17

    I’m a sony fan with my playstation 4, so here it is.
    The true is, he is right, sony talk but did not show anything while microsoft talk and show, especially the vr. sony better bring something big because there will be a lot of people who will move to xbox as soon vr is for sale. and that include me.

  • David

    I missed E3 this year but from what I’m hearing and what others told me Microsoft ran away with it. Backwards compatibility, the new controller, and the new UI and system update all had me incredibly excited. So much so that I didn’t even bother to look at the games they announced. Which others told me were fantastic. Phil spencer really turned things around.

  • MG

    E3 2015. You know, the one where Microsoft Revealed AR, VR, backwards compatibility, RARE replay to name a few. Sony revealed… um… Some indiana jones wannabe game, and The Last yawn. Then a bunch of multiplats that will also be on PC and XB1. That being said, I guess you do have a point that Sony has EXCLUSIVE CALL OF DUTY DLC… Wow. so amazing. lol.

  • Andy Walker

    Writing this piece wasn’t exactly easy because I do have a PS4 and I love it to bits, but you have to be realistic here.

    I’ve hated the Xbox One for ages. It’s big, it’s bulky, the UI doesn’t make sense and it’s more sluggish than the PS4, but the future of the Xbox One looks much, much brighter than the PS4, and if you look at what’s to come both in terms of hardware and software, MS will make something of a comeback here.

    I’m definitely not biased though, unless by biased you mean “owns a PS4 but can still admit when Microsoft deserves credit.”

  • David Yee

    Please sell me your PS4, so I will playing Horizon Zero. Where I can hunt freaking robot dinosaurs. I already saw the Xbox One VR demo last week. All you get is Xbox One games stream to the VR set in front of a virtual screen. Wow, that’s way better sitting in front real big screen TV. The VR games will coming to Windows PC, not the Xbox One.

  • MG

    Aye, this is the truth of what happened. Sony PR is going crazy right now though, lots and lots of fanboys running around everywhere trying to claim with great fervor that “SONY WON”. The fanboyism is so ridiculous, it hurts my brain to see people so worked up over Microsoft being more interesting and having more to showcase this year.

  • XbotMK1

    This is obviously a troll article or a fanboy article. You’re attempting to misslead people with lies just like Microsoft did during their conference.

    Microsoft’s conference was:

    Halo 5 (A game we allready saw 2 years/E3s ago)

    Recore (New IP with a worthless CGI trailer and no release date in sight)

    Backwards Compatibility (But failled to mention it only has a fraction of 360 titles, and arrogantly took shots at Sony’s PlayStation Now service which can run on Samsung TVs without a console)

    Forza 6 (A niche rehashed yearly release franchise we all knew about, and Forza 5 was stripped of content to rush it out as a launch title and full of microtransactions)

    Xbox Elite Controller (Costs $150 with little improvement over the regular controller and it still runs on AA batteries so Microsoft can rip you off with a recharge kit)

    Tomb Raider (timed exclusive)


    Indie montage (Microsoft is lucky to even get indies considering they still have their shady arrogant parity clause)

    Fable Legends (An old franchise also coming to PC)

    Sea of Theives (New IP with no release date in sight and the name is fitting for Microsoft and Xbox One)

    Gears 4 (Old franchise with no noticeable innovations. Gameplay reminded me of The Order 1886)

    VR “partnership” (What does that even mean? What does that have to do with Xbox? Why should anyone care? Oculus and Vive are not part of Microsoft. Is Microsoft letting Facebook and Valve run the Xbox E3 conference? You announced VR but no VR games? Why did you not question this? Is this a joke?)

    Hololens (A missleading “staged” demo. Reporters say Hololens doesn’t actually look like what Microsoft is showing you. Microsoft says Hololens is it’s own platform so what does it have to do with Xbox? Looks to be a gimmick not a game. No price or release date in sight)

    New UI changes (Because their old one was hated by many)

    Xbox conference review: Full of lies, BS, lip service, and Phil Spencer trying to kiss everyone’s *ss to make it seem like they care for gamers. They tried to impress people with a staged Hololens demo that had nothing to do with Xbox. They announced backwards compatibility but didn’t tell people the cons. They showed old games and barely any new IPs despite the fact that they haven’t released a big Xbox exclusive in the past 8 months. Out of desperation, Microsoft announced a partnership with VR (whatever that means) because they desperately wanted to have an answer for Project Morpheus. Microsoft’s conference was missleading and reeked of desperation.

  • MG

    Oh my god, PS4 has Call of Duty EXCLUSIVE DAY ONE DLC. SONY WINS.

    Actually, lets be honest. Sony didn’t have shit this year. and I’ll sell you my PS4, do you want it?

  • poneros

    If you were wanting details on games coming out in 2016, a PS3 demo of a game that still may never release, 80% cinematics and no gameplay, pictures of a VR headset and video of an IP not even worth describing, a broken unchartered demo, horrible jokes, awkward hosting moments, and a looped video of 3rd party content characters. Sony knocked it out the park if that was their aim.

  • poneros

    ^ Paid for by Sony Entertainment

  • MG

    Fanboying here, stop and take a step back buddy. First of all, FF7 remake? Really oyu think Sony wins because of a remake? (Over hyped game anyway, FF7 is not the best Final Fantasy). Also, FF7 remake is likely cross platform anyway, not like I would care.

    Shenmue? boring.

    Horizon Zero Dawn? yawn.

    The Last Guardians? more yawn.

    Persona 5? definitely not my type of game.

    So you’re reasoning is a bunch of games that people could enjoy or not. Whereas Microsoft, ON TOP of showcasing all these games, comes out with AR, VR, and backwards compatibility. On top of that, FF7 remake? Meet RARE Replay, 30 RARE games in one package for XB1. Yea, that’s right, Final Fantasy 7 is less than Conkers Bad Fur Day, is less than Goldeneye, is less than Banjo Kazooie. It just doesn’t even compare this year, Microsoft won E3 by a landslide.

  • David

    Well fanboys will be fanboys I’ve come to accept that. But it seems the general populace has agreed that Microsoft stole the show. So I guess it’s ok

  • MG

    People can’t handle the truth. Fanboys will fanboy, nothing you can do about it. At least as a Sony fan you can admit when something is not in it’s favour, it’s important too, because you’re going to let Sony know that they need to step it up. Whereas all these fanboys crying that Sony won, would have Sony be complacent. Stupid.

  • ceramicsaturn

    I always love it when I’m called a fanboy. There’s hardly a system I DON’T own. Hell I’m probably one of three people on the planet still playing 3DO. That doesn’t change the fact that I have eye balls and can judge which conference had the most “holy crap” moments. I like Microsoft’s exclusives like anyone else, and it’ll keep my white X1 turned on quite a bit! But it didn’t come as a surprise. The only surprise, for me (games wise) from them was Rare’s new title. But Rare isn’t really Rare any longer, and I have my doubts (though I’m a sucker for pirate themed games). While YOU might not care about FF7, Halo, Mario, .. whatever.. not mentioning it, and the plethora of other titles that meant a lot to others, and caused quite a stir, is poor reporting. Period.

  • MG

    FF7 is not exclusive, Mario is amazing, I’m super excited for Mario Maker. I own a Wii U you know, you’d do better to not assume that I’m just some XB fanboy. I weighed it all out, Microsoft just came out on top because it was MORE than just games. That’s my honest opinion, not fanboying, just being completely unbiased.

  • Ahmazin


    When people react like this at watching the PlayStation conference, it’s hilarious to me, to read an article that said Sony’s conference fell flat, lol. Show me a reaction like this from Microsoft’s presentation, and then and only then, will I concede this article has any kind of merit (Not to mention, you got the whole order of Sony’s conference wrong). Microsoft had a very good conference, but Sony’s made grown men pee in the pants, prance around like little school girl happy!

    Oh and just for kicks:


    Yeah… the only thing that fell flat on it’s face, is this article!

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t an exclusive. At the end of the trailer it states, “First on PlayStation 4.”

    “Yeah… the only thing that fell flat on it’s face, is this article!” – You’re judging an article yet you have appalling grammar? Come on man you’re not lending credibility to your argument here.

  • Again, Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t an exclusive.

  • Agreed 100%. I’ve been following E3 for decades. Never missed one of them. Sony’s E3 2015 conference was one of the weakest in years. Microsoft blew them away: more exclusives coming THIS YEAR (I counted at least seven), more new IP, more new innovations, more new features, more new partnerships, and that HoloLens Minecraft demo was astonishing.

    In contrast, Sony’s major announcements were 1. a game you’ve been waiting six years now already is now only another year away (hooray?), 2. one new IP, 3. a remake of a two-decade-old game (yawn), and 4. a kickstarter for a game that has never even been on Playstation before and won’t arrive for another 2.5 years, at best. Sony has had one significant AAA exclusive in 2014, and no more coming this year. They really got embarrassed by Microsoft here.

  • Yeah, the Sony fanboy response online has been astonishing. It’s like they have some serious Stockholm Syndrome going on. Sony had one of the weakest E3 showings in years, and Microsoft brought everything: exclusive games, new IP, new features, new partnerships, and that absurdly exciting HoloLens Minecraft demo. Sony has no exclusive games coming this year. Microsoft has seven. It was a rout.

  • Not to mention Shenmue 3 is 2.5 years away, according to that Kickstarter page.

  • “I’ve hated the Xbox One for ages. It’s big, it’s bulky”.
    Do you carry your consoles around a lot? Can’t see why this would matter at all. I carry around a slim portable hard drive with all my Xbox One (and now Xbox 360!) games and apps on it. Plug and play, baby.

  • It’s like Sony spent all of their money hiring paid shills to cover E3 than on actually making a decent E3.

  • Seriously, right? That was some impressive propaganda. Complete FUD, of course, full of lies, but the effort he put into trying to spin it was impressive. Hope he gets paid by the word.

  • ceramicsaturn

    And again. Everything is being ported to pc. Under that logic, Nintendo is the only one with a decent list of “exclusives”.

  • ceramicsaturn

    Yeah that didn’t sound like a rant at all.

  • ceramicsaturn

    See how it feels when you’re called a fanboy and you’re not? Comes off as a dick move. I have an opinion. I’m not financially invested or married to ANY console maker. That would be dumb as hell.

  • Yup.

  • MG

    Agreed, fanboying is stupid. I really just do believe that showing more than just games was enough for me to throw in the towel for Sony. Microsoft just seemed to have more to show this year, and that in my opinion is why I believe they topped it. Of course this is my opinion, and you’re welcome to yours. I also agreed fervently that tying yourself to one console is stupid, except PC, that is the best gaming system.

  • Tied

    I’ll be excited about backwards compatibility on the One when it shows that it won’t be like the “backwards compatibility” on the 360.

  • JD

    Is this real life? do people actually believe this clearly biased nonsense ? Microsoft announces backwards compatibility and 2 games that everyone knew was coming with very niche fanbases, and that is great? I’m sorry, that is insane. All Microsoft did is prove their critics right, when it comes to gaming, all they have is shooters. I mean seriously. what do you have other than what everyone knew was coming? nothing. Sony announced things that people want, but as far as we knew, were not going to get.

    Microsoft did nothing but give people what they already knew
    they were going to get. It’s like getting a paycheck. It’s good, it’s great,
    but you knew it was coming. There is no surprise here.

    With Sony, you still get your paycheck your Uncharted, your
    last of us, Persona 5 , Star Ocean you usual stable of games of high quality in
    multiple genres.

    But you get more than that, you get Shenmue 3, you get the
    FF remake people have been asking for ,for decades.

    Oh, and on top of that Sony decides to announce that
    Microsoft’s buddies are jumping ship (Activision/COD).

    And Microsoft is somehow better? I’m sorry, but that is a
    really bad joke.

    I’m not going to say Sony’s was world changing, it wasn’t.
    It was just Sony establishing itself as what it has been known for. High
    quality games, in different genres, games every gamer can play. Whether they
    prefer shooters, RPGs, action, sim…..whatever.

    All Microsoft did is try REALLY hard not to lose what they
    already have, Sony did something to GROW their brand.

    They are not close, Microsoft didn’t fail at anything. But
    Sony is moving forward, Microsoft is looking back. i.e. halo, gears, literally
    backwards compatibility.

  • Ahmazin

    What exactly is wrong with my grammar? Perhaps it’s your reading comprehension. The fact that they work for a publication, has nothing to do with their authentic reactions. They are still people and their reactions are just as valid as anyone else’s

    But here:



    Did Microsoft’s presentation inspire people to make dedicated videos expressing their complete joy of what happened at Sony’s presentation?:


    Sony made the dreams of millions come true with the announcement of the remake of FFVII and Shenmue 3.Perhaps you and the author of this article just do not understand the depth and the breathe of what those two games means to the gaming community of gamers that grew up, when games were rock solid and complete, from day one.

    Microsoft’s conference, though very good, will be forgotten by the end of the holiday season. People will talk about the E3 that Sony announced the remake of FFVII and Shenmue 3 for years! I know I will NEVER forget it!

  • sleepyc

    This is probably the most delusional article I have seen in some time. Either that, or it is paid astroturfing.

    I actually laughed out loud, and had to login just to share the love.

    Oh well, maybe next generation for Xbox, since they lost this one.

  • Yes, people have been asking for a Final Fantasy VII remake for years — I’m one of them — but not decades. A game being released 18 years ago does not equate to decades, does it?

    I’ll reiterate this again: “Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t an exclusive. At the end of the trailer it states, “First on PlayStation 4.”” Did you not read that bit?

    Great, Sony let the developer on stage for a game we’ve all been wanting. Remember Shenmue 3 is now only on Kickstarter and coming end of 2017.

  • JD

    actually, Shenmue hit it’s goal in about 12 hours (surprised it took that long), so kickstarter is irrelevant. Sony is taking it from here.

  • Jimmy Jangle

    What a tit.

  • Jimmy Jangle

    Citation needed.

  • Jimmy Jangle

    And it already shows that, have you tried it?


    Well f*ck off then.

  • Jimmy Jangle

    You would, any retard who can’t spell ‘gimmick’ would to be honest….

  • brusselsproty


  • brusselsproty

    Quantum Break, Scalebound and Crackdown 3 were not shown as Phil Spencer confirmed they will be at the Gamescom show in 7 weeks time along with more new titles for Xbox One and Windows 10.

    Gamescom up until now was Sony’s big stage event, this year they will NOT be attending !!!!!!.

  • brusselsproty

    Oh dear is your Sony PS4 on it’s way down, never mind you will just have to finally accept people don’t only buy one brand of console and dedicate their life to it.

  • brusselsproty

    Bethesda’s partnership with Microsoft means that PC mods will arrive on Xbox One before the PS4 — a massive coup.

    Can that compete with some dlc for a dying game COD. Lol.

  • brusselsproty

    The reaction from real Xbox fans when Phil Spencer announced backward compatibility.

  • brusselsproty

    So how’s that now going to work, are the people who paid into Kickstarter going to be refunded by Sony or get the game for free on release ?.

  • brusselsproty

    Look and learn –


    Some frequent stuttering points in the 360 version run perfectly smooth on X1, but not all
    -Texture pop-in is vastly improved. While not perfect, there are many instances where it no longer happens at all
    -Load times are shorter. In this video it was 4 seconds, but when replaying the same scene later, it was as low as 2
    -Character lighting appears to be darker, except on their skin
    -ME1’s somewhat clunky controls are less of an issue with the X1’s controller
    -Some cutscenes appear to end slightly quicker, as a result of no momentary slowdowns when changing camera angles/animations/etc.

  • brusselsproty

    Gimmerick ha ha.

  • ceramicsaturn

    Thanks, I’ve already been called a Nintendo fanboy and a Microsoft fanboy on comments sections this E3, thanks for solidifying the Sony fanboy… now I’m a fanboy of everything!

  • so what if can’t spell some words right, at lease you can make out what i’m saying. name calling just going to make you dumb and have no respects to other, not that i cared anyway.

  • Andrew Edwards

    I really wanted to see the console refreshed based on 20nm chipsets, finally though with DLNA and media player the PS4 continues to grab my interest, I just hope for the ‘slim’ to be released before xmas15.

  • Swan Lee

    Yep glad to see a fair assessment of what really happened. Sony’s show was all fanboy fodder but it actually had very little about exclusives that were coming out anytime soon. Sony does this every E3, giving fanboys pats on the head while not really announcing anything worthwhile.

  • SmarterThanAll

    Dude seriously why do I always see you? Why don’t you read articles you actually like why do you hate on every single article that has to do with Microsoft? What they reject your job application and now you got a stick in your a**?

  • Jimmy Jangle

    And what you’re saying is utter TRIPE.

  • and again, it depend on how you take it. not everyone know the english word and spell them correctly. if you don’t know what it’s trying to say, than that your fault, for not understanding it.

  • Ahmazin

    Why are you stuck on the fact, that it’s not exclusive. Frankly, I don’t care about it’s exclusivity. I care that it’s being made. People have been wanting these games for years! The Last Guardian had become a myth… Then there it was, with a release year.

    My point is even though Microsoft had a good conference, it will be forgotten in a matter of months. Microsoft gave it fans what they typically give them. Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, with a sparse few new IP’s trickled in, that the fan base won’t buy anyway. (I’m probably the only person who plays Ori and the Blind Forest on my XB1 from my friend’s list). Everyone else is playing some kind of shooter or watching netflix. It was a nice presentation, but forgettable.

    Sony on the other hand, announced 3 IP’s that were pretty much considered NEVER going to exist. Games that people have been asking for and wanting for YEARS! Literally YEARS!

    I understand, you just don’t get it. You don’t get the passion and joy one would feel for something that you have wanted for so long, and you NEVER thought it would EVER happen… Then like magic, there it is. But not just one title, like The Last Guardian, Not just two, like FFXII, but Shenmue 3 as well!!!

    You can dismiss it if you want… But the videos I’ve shown everyone, are evidence, that those announcements at Sony’s conference meant something. It meant a lot, to a lot of people that had been hoping for so long… and their dreams finally are coming true! People with tears in their eyes! You think they care if it’s exclusive or not?

    That’s what you and the person that wrote this article, don’t understand. Microsoft placated it’s fans. Sony was the freakin’ Make a Wish Foundation during it’s presentation!!!

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Fantastic clickbait. The Xbone got slapped around, and everyone knows it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Sad you had to resort to this place to get your opinion fed back to you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    They showed off as many exclusives as MS did, the best looking new IP of the show and games people want against remasters, gimmicks and half-assed emulation.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Two exclusives.

    Easy to do when you’ve released nothing this year.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Or maybe the majority of people actually do think Sony won this year.

    But hey, you get another go next year. Try not to overhype it again.

  • Deeboy

    I watched it. Like I do every year. I agree with the writer. The last E3 Sony won was 2013. They won big that year but since then its been MS that’s outlined a better future for their console. We all have opinions but you have to acknowledge the truth. Some people just don’t know how to accept it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    They have, actually. The PS4 has more exclusives than the Xbone for the whole year. Sorry if this hurts you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Haha, shitlaslang, one of Tim Dog’s merry ass kissers.

    You got destroyed again. Deal with it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Xbox fanboys are going nuclear because once again MS failed to meet the hype. It’s such a shame.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You’re a known Xbox fanboy. Sony won 2013 and 2015, Nintendo won 2014. Sorry

  • Microsoft showed off seven–SEVEN–exclusive games coming to Xbox One THIS YEAR. Sony showed ZERO.

    Microsoft released the critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest as well as ScreamRide this year already.

  • Seven exclusive games coming out this year on Xbox One versus zero coming out for PlayStation 4. Now who got “slapped around”? Sony, and everyone who isn’t in denial knows it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Two. Halo and Forza. Everything else is multiplat.

    First major retail release. You know, those killer AAAAA blockbusters you solely got a Shitbox for. They’re the only things that count, right?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    First major Shitbox release is in August, and I’m being generous. That’s just pathetic. But then you’re a known Xbox rodent.

  • 1. Rare Replay (only on Xbox)
    2. Gears of War Ultimate (only on Xbox)
    3. Forza Motorsport 6 (only on Xbox)
    4. Fable Legends (only on Xbox)
    5. Gigantic (only on Xbox)
    6. Halo 5: Guardians (only on Xbox)
    7. Rise of the Tomb Raider (only on Xbox)

    Ori and the Blind Forest and ScreamRide are AAA games, financed by and published by Microsoft Studios.

    Any other fallacies or lies you’d like me to shred?

  • You know nothing about me or about gaming.
    Pathetic? Pathetic is your competitor having 7 exclusives coming out this year while you have 0. That’s pathetic.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. A collection of ported Rare games from the last 20 years.
    2. And 360 and PC.
    3. Correct.
    4. And PC.
    5. And PC.
    6. Correct.
    7. And 360 and PC/PS4 next year.

    So yeah, that’s two. Pretty shocking.

    Ori and ScreamRide were nowhere near AAA.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I already addressed this delusion. Go back to waiting for games. :)

  • 1. From the past 30 years, not 20 years. It’s an amazing deal: 30 games for $30.
    2. Gears of War Ultimate isn’t on Xbox 360; it’s only on Xbox One and Xbox for Windows 10
    3. I always am
    4. Fable Legends is only on Xbox One and Xbox for Windows 10
    5. Gigantic is only on Xbox One and Xbox for Windows 10
    6. Again, I always am
    7. Xbox 360 is still Xbox; there have been no announcements for PC or PS4; as of now, it’s Xbox exclusive, and that is all that matters.
    So, yeah, 7 versus 0, that is, indeed, pretty shocking.
    The definition of AAA is “funded and published by a major studio”, such as Microsoft Studios. Ori and ScreamRide were published by Microsoft Studios.
    Any other misinterpretations you’d like me to explain for you?

  • I don’t have to “wait” for games because I own an Xbox One, which has 7 exclusives coming this year, and will have 100+ additional games added to the library via backwards compatibility with Xbox 360, all of that versus 0 exclusives coming this year on PS4 and no backwards compatibility. Looks like Sony is taking their “Greatness Awaits” slogan a little too literally. Boom.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You are waiting if you’re using the future tense, dipshit. Meanwhile the PS4 had an excellent selection right bow and a thicker lineup for the rest of the year.

    $349 to play the games you played years ago. Greatness? Never coming to the Corpsebox None. :)

  • MG

    Xbox One has an excellent selection. PS4 has some shit no one cares about. Try again, next time take Sony’s **ck outta your mouth.

  • MG

    Dude, you’re just so plain wrong it’s hilarious. Take your Sony peasant ass out of here and get back on your knees.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. “We won’t charge you for games you already own.” So much for that.
    3, 6: congratulations, in those individual instances
    2, 4, 5: LMAO! Is that what you creatures are calling PC, now? That’s a new one. Then again MS is ditching consoles and turning Xbox into a PC service, so its prudent for you to start calling it that.
    7: It also doesn’t require the acquisition of a malignant Xbone. PC and PS4 versions are all but confirmed too.

    No, there are also A and AA games. Both of them are AA at most.

    God, coip, you really are an expert when it comes to Ratbox fanboyism. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Wow you sure convinced me with that hot rebuttal. Loser. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Xbone has a whole lot of nothing while the PS4 has the games people want. “But I don’t like it so it doesn’t count!!!” Get a grip. :)

  • Deeboy

    I rather be a known fanboy than a blind one like yourself. If it makes you feel better. Stay delusional my friend.

  • MG

    Incorrect. Microsoft has it both ways, the PC games and the XB1 exclusives. Sony has their exclusives, which are slowly but surely becoming not exclusives. Just like how FF7 remake will be on PC and XB1.

  • MG

    Lol, your comments are just too precious.

    Enjoy your ignorance.

  • ByAnyMeansLegendary

    Maybe Sony can bring you on stage to “pique the ponies interest” with a Kickstarter to then pay you anyways of your wonderful effort in trying to shit on every Xbox article that gets posted.

    -It’s amazing to see how many quality indies Xbox One seems to be getting with such a “shady arrogant parity clause”
    -And Recore is coming Spring 2016.
    -VR for M$ is them throwing themselves in that market without having to spend R&D and millions of $ on something that may not even catch on also while being able to compete with Morpheus.

    -You proud of a company showing you a 2009 PS3 demo on a PS4 stage? That was non-playable.. and is still having trouble running on PS4? There was absolutely nothing innovative about that.. Unique may be the word you were looking for.. I’ve never seen a 6 year old last generation game be shown on an next generation console’s stage.. Very unique indeed.
    -Is TV cool now? Cause I swore ponies were eRioting over M$ letting people connect their cable boxes to X1.. But as long as Sony comes up with a service charging you money for TV.. it’s all fine and dandy..

    Sony didn’t show off one exclusive that will make customers purchase that console this holiday season.. Are they stupid? Do they know how well X1 sold last year around that time? And now they’re going allow it to happen on an even worse level.. Not one retail exclusive this year? Amazing.. Sony kept it Sony and gave smoke and mirrors, took advantage of people just like you with pure hype..

    Exclusively there was Horizon and an unstable Uncharted 4.. Nothing else. No substance overall, congrats.

    Oh and a media player.

  • I’m not waiting, actually, because backwards compatibility got unlocked several days ago. The Xbox 360 titles are rolling in.
    You’re very confused. The Xbox One had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and is set to have more in 2015 as well. Go buy an abacus.

    I never owned an Xbox 360 before so all of those hundreds of titles are brand new to me.

  • 1. And they don’t. If you already own those games, you already own them. If you don’t, you can buy the collection.
    3,6. = 1-7
    2,4,5: That’s not a “new one” at all. Xbox is a platform, not a device. It’s been device agnostic since 2010 when Windows Phone 7 launched. You can only play those games with an Xbox gamertag. Ergo, they’re Xbox exclusives. Microsoft doesn’t care if you buy them from the Xbox One Store or the Windows 10 Store; they control both stores. Game. Set. Match.
    7. There have been no confirmation of anything other than it coming to Xbox. If you have evidence of official confirmation, provide it. Otherwise, zip it.
    You can holster your juvenile insults; they have no effect on me.
    The only fanboy here is the one who is trying to spin 7 exclusives vs. 0 exclusives as a win for the latter, when, in fact, it’s outright embarrassing for them (and for you).

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Meaning everyone knows you’re an Xbox fanboy, drophead. Sorry you fell for Uncle Phil’s hype again this year, maybe next year you’ll have a decent one.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yeah, Halo and Forza. Wow, what a lineup.

    You lost Killer Instinct as well. What a shame. Stay hoping you get FF7.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    20 emulated games for the unpaid guinea pigs. Suppose it gives you something to do while you wait for remasters.

    Learn to count. The PS4 has had consistently more games since launch. Deal with it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. “We won’t charge you for games you already own. Btw pls preorder Gears of War and Rare Replay :^)” And the bitter Xbox chimps they shipped in fell for it, naturally.

    3, 6: nope. But knowing your commitment to delusion, I can see why you think that way.

    2, 4, 5: you are literally the first one I’ve seen squeeze out this line. Fact is, you don’t need an Xbone to play these games and between that and the merging of Windows and hardware, MS is abandoning console hardware. Will be interesting to see how Xbox fanboys who have been vocal of their hatred of PC gaming react. Probably as they usually do: hypocritically.
    7. Uncle Phil, Square Enix and the marketing have all but confirmed it. Enjoy that rental. Crystal Dynamics won’t be now that TR’s out on the same day.

    Funny watching you try and spin two exclusives as seven after a year of no games. I wonder if you’re pulling the same lines on CinemaBlend. With any luck they’ll have banned you for being a shill.

  • Deeboy

    I’m not the one whose butthurt and delusional. Son you have a condition! LOL

  • oh okay, but english word thing part, it still stand.

  • Jimmy Jangle

    Oh ffs…

  • You are the one who needs to count. The Xbox One has destroyed PS4 every year in AAA exclusives: more in 2013, more in 2014, and now on pace for more in 2015. Just look at E3 2015 alone: 7 exclusives coming to Xbox One this year versus 0 for PS4. That’s merely a slice of the same pie that we’ve seen every years since both consoles launched. PlayStation 4 fanboys are in some serious denial. These are quantifiable measures. It’s a rout.

  • No one is forcing you to buy those games; if you already own the originals, you can still play them. Rare Replay is a superb deal. Don’t be a tool.

    Xbox ≠ Xbox One. Xbox has been device agnostic since 2010. It doesn’t matter if you need an Xbox One or not to play those games: you can only play them on Xbox. Xbox is available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, on Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows 10 computers, and on Windows Phones.
    There is no confirmation of Rise of the Tomb Raider coming anywhere besides Xbox. You’re in serious denial. Provide a source or zip it.
    Xbox One had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and more in 2015. Count them. I’ve never been banned from anywhere: you don’t get banned for being right.

  • MG

    You assume I care if games are exclusive or not. This isn’t some kind of cock waving fest, the XB1 is just the better system.

  • MG

    Dude anyone can post reaction videos of people being idiots. In fact I think this video is just detrimental to your argument. It seems like this game is essentially for retards.

  • MG

    No, you’d best just stop now. Your fanboyism is absolutely insane. Take Sony’s cock outta your mouth before you speak boy.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    So you can’t justify it then. Wow, what a weak console.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You do if you want to play them on the Shitbox Done. Being charged again, what a transparent con by MS.

    Not even. The merging of Windows and hardware has been a recent phenomenon caused by the failure of the initial Xbone plan and the new “mobile first cloud first” company strategy. It’s over for Xbox except as a digital distribution service again the Steam behemoth.

    Look it up. Uncle Phil, SE and the devs have pretty much said it is. Now it’s going to try destroyed by Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4. What a shame.

    Sorry, coip the shill, more and better games on the PS4 and it’s been that way since launch.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Still wrong, coip the shill. PS4 has more games this year, even after UC4 and R&C got pushed back. What a shame for you.

    That’s two exclusives no matter how hard you try and spin it. Between that and no games until August it’s been a spectacularly bad year for the Shitbox Done.

  • It seems you don’t understand what backwards compatibility means: if you own them already you don’t have to buy them again.
    No, it’s been that way since 2010, three years before Xbox One launched. Know history before you continue embarrassing yourself.
    Show me an official confirmation or zip it.
    No one cares about 4-year-old ports of puny indie games. We’re here for the big guns: AAA titles. Xbox One has had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and is set to have more in 2015. It’s a rout. Go buy an abacus.

  • Not even close–especially with backwards compatibility now in action. Xbox One has way more AAA exclusive games. It’s actually really embarrassing how far behind Sony is. The gap is widening. You’re in some serious denial.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Only thing embarrassing is seeing Xbox rodents try and sell emulation as a crutch for your piss poor lineup.

    The gap sure is widening – between reality and the ditch of denial idiots like you cower in. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    So why are you buying them again? Then again you’re probably 15 years old so you never knew Rare in the prime. What a shame.

    Not even trying. The joke that was Windows Phone had nothing to do with the 360.

    No one cares about your remasters, cross-gen and PC ports. Check the lineups and you’ll see the Xbone’s been weak since launch. Deal with it. :)

  • damian

    Game value is subjective. I hate forza but not because its a bad game. 24 car multiplayer, water and weather and day night are amazing. Sony first party and third party exclusives are very exciting too. The argument is which platform offered the most yay.

    Direct x 12 coming
    Updated interface with smart assistant
    Pro controller
    Backwards compatibility on ALL 360 games except kinect developer just has to say ok (legal issues not technical)
    Vr compatible (a surprise)
    7 exclusive or timed in the next six months
    Hololens this is a party trick at this point but still amazing to watch
    Preview program
    Mod support

    Xbox went above and beyond. Yes, they needed to. Both Xbox and PS communities were having a field day.

    Play station did well. I don’t think it was awful. They didn’t need to fix much and what they needed to fix they did. Looking at you dlna streaming.

    Microsoft has been a pain in the ass for three years. I personally understand why. They changed their minds, retreated, got lost, regrouped.

    If Sony had a console year one e3 they would have taken the conference. They didn’t, because they have a good console.

    Microsoft announced a brand new console and said if you buy it we will give you a 360. Trade in your old one or come back to playing it.

    Microsoft got a redo, Sony didn’t need one, however anyone announcing a new console always gets to claim the lion share of E3. Next year it will be Nintendo. I’m ok with it because all of these companies are made of people that work hard to do what they think is best, yes they have ups and downs. When they are up they should be acknowledged and when they are down they should acknowledge it.

    I mean yo momma and suck something and [insert platform here] rulzzz

  • Considering the PS4 has, every year, lagged behind the Xbox One in AAA exclusives, that’s a pretty ironic statement to make.

  • Most of those thirty games are not on Xbox 360; most of them date back into the 1990s and 1980s, and many of them were only available as arcade cabinets, meaning that this is the first time in history they’re available for home console purchase.
    Windows Phone has Xbox games. Xbox 360 has Xbox games. Ergo, they have in common Xbox. I know you’re pretty obtuse, but it’s not the GRE.
    Remasters, cross-gen and PC ports? You just described the PS4 catalog. Xbox One has had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and is set to have more in 2015. You look like a foolish fanboy repeatedly denying something that anyone with an abacus and simple addition skills knows is true.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yep, another MS lie. Selling remasters in the same hour as plugging lazy emulation. And you all swallowed it whole. Fantastic scenes.

    More like Xbone has mobile games. Only one to do so too. Funny that.

    To bury your delusion, finally –

    2013: Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack vs Ryse (later went to PC), Dead Rising 3 (same) and Forza 5. PS3 has far more AAA exclusives than 360 in the same year as well.

    2014: Infamous Second Son and Drive Club vs Kinect Sports Rivals and Sunset Overdrive.

    2015: The Order, Bloodborne and Until Dawn vs Halo 5 and Forza 6.


  • Revolver Ocelot

    Already dealt with. “Bu bu but dem deep MS pockets”

  • There’s nothing “lazy” about the engineering feat such as backwards compatibility via emulation. Let me know when you do something similar. Otherwise, just save yourself the embarrassment and put a lid on it.

    Mobile Xbox games are great.

    Try again –> AAA Xbox exclusives not on PS4:

    2013: Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Fighter Within, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, LocoCycle, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Peggle 2 (timed), Powerstar Golf, Ryse, Xbox Fitness, Zoo Tycoon

    2014: Plants vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare (timed), Titanfall, Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central Spotlight, Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Shape Up, Rabbids Invasion, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Kalimba

    2015: ScreamRide, State of Decay, Ori and the Blind Forest, Neverwinter, Rare Replay, Gears of War Ultimate, Fable Legends, Gigantic, Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Lying by omission, stemming from ignorance, is not “dealing with it”; it’s merely further embarrassing yourself.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Emulation is not splitting the atom. It has been done before. Don’t overrate it as though it is something new.

    Mobile Ratbox games, just like most of the retail stuff are terrible.

    Jesus wept, are you really calling Lococycle and Peggle 2 “AAA exclusives?” As much as you need to bulk up your library with PC ports, cross gen, Kinect shovelware, remasters and timed exclusives, it’s only retail release and console only that suffice here.

    Plants vs Zombies. Ya blew it, son. LMAO!

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Stay desperate. Peggle 2!

  • Emulation is extremely difficult. There is a reason (other than them trying to swindle you into paying for games you already own via PS Now, that is) Sony hasn’t done it with PS4 to PS3: it’s because they can’t. Neither can you. So I’d recommend you stop trying to belittle the engineering feats of actual computer programmers when all you do is sit in your computer chair and troll.
    There are some excellent mobile Xbox games. You’re missing out.
    AAA = published by a major publisher. Lococyle was published by Microsoft Studios; Peggle 2 (one of the best action puzzle games of all time, mind you) was published by Electronic Arts. Ergo, AAA.
    Even if you remove PC ports, cross-gen games, remasters, and timed exclusives, Xbox still destroys PS4 in AAA exclusives (especially since the majority of PS4’s exclusives are PC ports, cross-gen games, remasters, and timed exclusives). You’re in some serious denial.
    Kinect games are great. Don’t be douchebag. They enable disabled gamers to play games once again. That’s admirable. Your trolling, conversely, is not.

  • Peggle 2 is excellent. After a long wait, it’s finally on PS4 now. Sure, you can’t get it for free via EA Access like we can on Xbox One (because Sony won’t let you), but it’s still worth the purchase. I recommend it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Getting tetchy, bitchboy? Convenient for you to neglect that the PS3 architecture is more difficult and complex to the PS4’s than the 360’s is to the Xbone’s. But hey, you behave as though MS has just cracked nuclear fusion. It just makes you look more daft.

    Nope, they’re all crap. Keep shilling though.

    No, that is not the definition of AAA. If it was, Resogun would be AAA. “Even if you remove PC ports, cross-gen games, remasters, and timed exclusives,” you’d still get destroyed. Onlyonconsole.com shows that.

    Fairly sure the disabled wouldn’t want to tolerate the garbage that waggle has produced over the last five years too.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Dat hot AAA exclusive. Isn’t that the Puzzle Bobble rip off?

    “Free” on EA Access. I don’t have much time for that con, sorry.

  • Just because it’s technically more difficult to go to Mars doesn’t mean that it’s a cake walk to go to the Moon. Don’t be daft. You sound like a juvenile nitwit trying to diminish engineering feats that you could never do.
    How would you know? You’ve never played them. That means you’re merely a troll.
    That website is a farce. There are a ton of Xbox exclusives missing from that list that even fulfill their bullshit restrictions.
    Mocking disabled gamers is unconscionable. You’re disgusting.

  • Why don’t you instead tell me all about those great ‘free’ games on PS+. You won’t. Because you’re a hypocrite. Go back into your cave like the little troll that you are. The only think more pathetic than a paid shill is a volunteer one.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    The car analogy was always bad when it came to this gen. Space travel? Even worse.

    Lol mobile games will save the Shitbox Done.

    “Bullshit restrictions” = actually describing what a AAA exclusive is which is the foundation for your delusional fanboyism. Keep clinging to Crimson Dragon.

    No one’s mocking anything. What’s unconscionable is forcing dogshit Kinect games onto them as a way of justifying that gimmicky crap. They deserve better.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I won’t because EA Access and PS+ have little in common.

    Keep paying extra for stuff you should be getting with XBLG, drone.

  • No, it was a perfect analogy. You’re just too obtuse to get that.
    Mobile games have nothing to do with the Xbox One. Know reality.
    No, they’re completely bullshit. Anyone who tries to take away Xbox One exclusives just because they’re “motion-controlled” or not $60 is an idiot.
    You are. You just mocked Kinect–a device that helps disabled gamers stay in the game. There is no better device for motion-controlled gaming. You’re an ignorant nitwit.

  • You’re right: EA Access is a good deal; PS+ is a ripoff.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, a good deal is getting those deals with XBLG like you’re supposed to. But we all know Xbox rodents like taking it rough so there we are.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, it’s a terrible analogy. I can see how it might make sense in your messed up little mind though.

    You said AAA. Waggle and not full price means it isn’t. Atop moving the goalposts to try and save yourself.

    No one who is disabled wants to wade though the sea of unrelenting dogshit that is Kinect games.

  • No, it’s a perfect analogy. You’re just stuck in a logic trap trying to distract from the embarrassment you put yourself in for belittling engineering feats when all you know how to do is restart your PC.

    AAA means financed by and publish by a major publisher. Furthermore, even under yours and his absurd restrictions on operationalizing AAA by price tag, excluding motion-controlled games, particularly those that otherwise satisfy that flawed criterion, is hypocritical.

    You’re a terrible person for your insensitivities towards disabled gamers. I have no respect for egomaniacal sociopaths like you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    GWG is a part of XVLG, genius.

    You would say that, you happily paid for online for ten years and got nothing back, then you looked bad when MS copied PS+’s model.

    Keep paying for subscriptions.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Nah, it’s garbage, just like your damage control.

    If you think Lococycle and Halo 5 are on the same level I feel sorry for you.

    For all your griping and moaning, the only Kinect games in over a year have been fitness games. Add insult to injury, why not? Idiot.

  • Exactly. It’s a fallacy to refer to constituents as representing the whole. Just like PS+, Games with Gold is an idiotic system that wastes consumers’ money.
    You can throw you assumptions back into the dumpster. I’ve only paid for Xbox Live Gold since November 2013. Microsoft is stupid for copying an economically irrational system like PS+, and Sony is even stupider for coming up with such a moronic system. Worse yet, though, are the absolutely ignorant gamers like you who know nothing about socioeconomic exchange theory to realize that you’re getting swindled by both programs. They’re a farce. Get educated.

  • Maybe if you ask an adult to explain it to you, that might help. Probably not, though.
    Some people like LocoCycle more than they like Halo. I’m not here to judge them. I’m here to objectively evaluate a situation. Your subjective rulings about which games are deserving and which are not are exactly the reason why subjective rulings need be tossed aside: they’re subjective bullshit. That’s why we rely on objective measureables–the quantifiable. And that’s where Xbox One destroys PS4 in exclusives.
    Non-fitness Kinect games released in the last year: Dance Central Spotlight, Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Boom Ball Kinect, Just Dance 2015, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Rabbids Invasion, Blue Estate, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Slice Zombies. Any other lies you’d like me to shred?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    It’s not a question of like, its a question of scale. LocoCycle is nowhere near Halo 5. Deal with it.

    You’re right. Objectively, if you want quality, quantity and diversity you get a PS4. If you want excuses you get an Xbone.

    Start it off with a dance game. Good job, idiot. The rest of that piss weak lineup isn’t worth the effort to pick apart. Fruit Ninja, for pity’s sake!

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Sounds like you’re talking a load of shite because you’re angry PS+ has better value. No need to cry, turd boy.

  • john smith

    That’s called fanboy delirium! Also, keep in mind that opinions are just opinions.

  • If it were a question of scale then games like Kinect Sports Rivals would be on the list. But you are more interested in gerrymandering the discussion to retroactively suit your own biased arguments.
    PS4 is nothing but a boring spec upgrade from PS3. Xbox One plays Xbox 360 games, has more exclusives than PS4, and has way more features than a PS4. It’s a rout.
    Dancing is fun. It’s one of the oldest human traditions. Don’t mock dance games just because you’re some awkward, insecure nerd with no rhythm.

  • That you don’t understand that PS+ and Games with Gold are economically irrational merely reaffirms that talking with you is a waste of my time, literally $100,000 below my pay grade. If you want to get up to my level and have real, academic discussions, you can start by registering for some econ and sociology classes at your local community college. Then come back in a few years when you have a basic understanding of socioeconomic exchange theory. You’re getting ripped off, regardless of whether you’re foolishly funneling your money into PS+ or Games with Gold. They’re both terrible.

  • john smith

    MS showed many more big exclusives than Sony did and most of them will be released this year – fact. I don’t care what anyone’s personal preferences are E3 is about the games and MS showed more. Half of Sony’s big guns were in fact multiplats! I’m not hating on Sony but all the fanboy delirium over 3 outdated games (2 of which are multiplat) needs to stop for sanity’s sake.
    Also, Sony was the only one that announced things that people wanted? You’re clearly too far up Sony’s ass to take seriously.
    I’d also like to know what’s up with this “high quality” nonsense?
    Most of your points seem to be based off of personal opinion rather than fact.

  • john smith

    OMG! Did Phil Spencer break into your house and set you cat on fire or something? So much fanboy bullshit! Lmao! You are sooooooooo far up Sony’s ass you’ve actually lost touch with reality! Is it even possible to hate a brand that much? You’re the perfect example of why PS fanboys are universally hated. smh.

  • I’m curious to know your thought behind the programs being economically irrational. Would you mind explaining? (serious discussion here, no trolling or fanboy/girling).

  • john smith

    Because he’s a pathetic loser! Probably a Sony employee. The good thing is lots of gamers continuously call him out for it which really helps to maintain proper balance in these comment sections, in my opinion.

  • JD

    No they didn’t.they showed 2 exclusives a very small group of gamers in general care about(that group being Microsoft FPS fans).and aI bunch of games that amount to nothing really exciting. And I have to be up Sony’s ass to say that a new shenmue game is bigger than a new shooter from Microsoft.I’m sorry, that’s silly. What I mean by high quality is who’s games are everyone talking about year after year. You may get tired of hearing about how great last of us is, or how many awards uncharted got this time around. The reason for that is that Sony has better games. I don’t care if Microsoft announced two games everyone on earth knew was coming.That’s not exciting, that’s expected. Sony showed games large swaths of gamers wanted for years, and had no idea was on the horizon.no comparison.That’s why if you look around in the gaming media, do you know who’s E3 they are still talking about? Not Microsoft’s, why is that? Because they are an afterthought now. You can like Microsoft, and sing from the rafters Microsoft has more exclusives.sure in number, but what is the biggest exclusive of the year? Not from Microsoft. And it’s like that year after year.this isn’t new.having exclusives is nice, but not if they are forgotten inside of 90 days. Like literally every Microsoft exclusive has been this generation.except titan fall, and that’s because of how massive of a failure it was. Sorry buddy, time to wake up.there is no war, Microsoft did nothing at. E3 to be cheered, they did the bare minimum and looked to their past to try to hold on to what they have.It’s sad when you think if what they could’ve been.But reality check, they aren’t.Sorry

  • Absolutely. Decades of socioeconomic exchange theory have shown us that gift giving is economically irrational because the cost of the gift from the giver almost never equates to the value of the gift applied by the receiver (e.g. you spend $15 on a shirt for me that I don’t like at all and maybe would’ve purchased if it was $2, results in a -$13 loss). Keep in mind, that’s in dyadic exchanges (person-to-person) where usually one person actually knows a bit about the other person and the net effect is already economic irrationality (you’d have been better off just giving me $15).
    Of course, some of that net economic loss is compensated for my the social relationship that we presumably have (“Oh, wasn’t that thoughtful of him! I like him more now”), but these counter-benefits do not apply in situations of anonymous gift exchanges like PS+ and Games with Gold, which aren’t even gift exchanges: they’re actually anonymous spending programs. PS+ and Games with Gold, in reality, take the money you are giving to Sony and Microsoft and then use a portion of that money to rent you back a product you had no choice in selecting. That these programs exist is proof that we are being overcharged for the subscriptions in the first place, and to try to hide that fact, Sony and Microsoft attempt to distract us by convincing us they’re giving us “free” games. They’re not: we’re paying for those games. The worst part about it, though, is that we have no choice in which games they select for us, resulting in guaranteed economic inefficiency (i.e. they’re literally wasting our own money). Take those net losses and multiply them by the millions of subscribers and you have two vastly idiotic programs, from an economic point of view.

    A much more superior and economically rational program would be fore them to offer us choices: 1. take these games we selected as rentals for as long as you have an active subscription, valued at $20 MSRP (just an example), or, 2. take this Xbox Store or PlayStation gift card for you to spend on anything you like, valued at $5 (just an example), or 3. take neither and receive a refund on your subscription, valued at $2.50 (again, the pricing is an example–I don’t have access to Microsoft’s or Sony’s accounting books to know the true values).

    Instead, we have naïve gamers praising Microsoft and Sony for giving us “free games”, with those same gamers criticizing other gamers who complain every month when they are not interested in the games selected for them (which is not surprising). Instead, everyone should be directing their complaints against Microsoft and Sony for having such foolish programs in the first place.

  • There is a bit more to these two programs. In the PlayStation 3-aera Sony used PS+ to gain more customers by giving them “free” games and other goodies. What they didn’t state, and what they still hide in the fine print, is that these games aren’t free, but rented from Sony for the duration of your subscription.

    On the other hand, Microsoft does indeed give away their games on the Games with Gold subscription (part of having a general Gold Account). If you stop your account, you still have access to those games.

    Both companies are doing something similar for almost the same reasons. When the Xbox 360 launched, customers had to pay to play online. Microsoft eventually sweetened this deal by giving away games, albeit these are mostly older titles. In doing so they gain more customers who thought Gold wasn’t attractive at all.

    Sony allowed users to play online for free on the PlayStation 3, and still do. They obviously (I’m speculating here) found that running their servers cost them more than calculated. With the PlayStation 4, users have to pay to play online. It now mirrors Microsoft’s Gold model where the subscription pays for the online service and customers get free games.

    Everybody wins, right? Well, that’s a yes and a no, and even subjective at that.

    Yes, I’m getting these free games, but a lot of the time they aren’t great. As you mentioned these are games we don’t ask for. True, I’ve gotten to play Assassin’s Creed 3, Bioshock: Infinite, and X-COM on PS+, but I don’t own a PS4 or Vita so those titles are wasted. One could argue these games don’t make a huge financial impact on Sony due to their age and the theory that people who’ve wanted to play the games have already bought them. I cannot comment on Gold games as I haven’t been on it for long.

    No, for the companies it might not work out and be that viable. Unfortunately, neither releases this sort of information to the public so it’s hard to gauge their operational costs. I used to own and run an online store. While most of my competitors offered free shipping I didn’t. The difference came to almost nothing. Customers still purchased from me and in my four years of operation only two complained about the lack of free shipping. Then again I wasn’t a digital games company, or console manufacturer.

    Subjective. I see this as a benefit, but you don’t. It is indeed something we can argue to the end of time and probably not change each other’s minds. To me I enjoy the “free” games I get with PS+ and the free ones on Gold. It’s a way to keep the systems alive – so to speak – when there’s either nothing new or I don’t want to purchase any new games. Yes, I like them, and I’m not sure I’d pay for the services if I didn’t get any games. The offerings of online play and discounts for subscribers isn’t enough for me.

    Indeed, we’re paying for the games, as well as the online services we use. This should be something we see upfront, but it’s not. A better solution would be to incorporate the same programs and give customers a choice of titles or a voting system. Unfortunately, there are those – I’ve seen on the PS Blog – who think a company like Sony will just give them the latest titles, like GTA V, for free. (I’m not picking on Sony here. I just visit their forums more often)

    It’s a slippery slope.

  • john smith

    The first sentence in that wall of text told me everything I need to know about you. You’re a delirious PS fanboy! Move along asshole I won’t waist any time with you or anyone as irrational like you.

  • JD

    Translation, you can’t really debate the facts of the situation.And the gaming worlds responses more than back up what I’m saying. Because unless you believe halo fans make up 53% of gamers, you are clearly a fanboy.grow up buddy, just man up and admit you are wrong.no need to go all 3rd grade with insults. Microsoft just isn’t what you clearly want it to be.time to start dealing with that fact now.it’ll be ok

  • JD

    For future reference it’s ok to just day that you were wrong, and move in with life. I hope you get better at that one day

  • kingbain90

    You are absolutely retarded. Lol small niche fanbase? Have you seen how much Halo games sale? Go check the score board kid it’s sold more, won more award, has higher score reviews than all those games on PS. Jrpgs is a small niche market thats what Sony showed.

    You have a low budget kick starter, a puzzler thats been in development for years and look last gen, a multiplate indie we knew about, a multiplat remake and Uncharted 4 which we already knew about. Other than Horizon Sony had nothing.

    Halo the best selling console exclusive, Gears highly rated series, Recore a new action adventure, new pro controller better than scuf, BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY the show stopper, Rare replay, Forza 6 which just shit on all racers currently out, a handful of others, and most of these out in 2015! Unlike over in “sparse” land. And Crackdown, Scalebound, QB still coming.

    Your whole argument is laughable

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Because of the notorious complexity of the Cell processor, genius.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Nothing more sad than watching some loser dress up his fanboyism with theory.

    Why not explain it then? :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    KSR was so minor it was laughable. Reviewed poorly and flopped and now Rare is resorting to making a PC game in a saturated genre. What a shame.

    Every console’s been an upspec up to now. Well, until the Xbone showed up with piss weak hardware, no games and stuffed with gimmicks.

    Don’t try and change the subject, this is about your fobbing off crap games onto the disabled when they deserve better.

  • JD

    the situation.

    Halo is not the highest selling console exclusive. Not even
    close, it barely cracked the top 20 in highest selling games of the past. And that
    was Halo 3……aren’t you up to 5 now? The highest selling halo was halo 3 which
    sold 11 million. Out of 83 million
    Microsoft gamers that is BARELY over 10%. That is a small niche of gamers.

    And for the record, the ONLY halo game to win ONE game of
    the year is halo 2, NO OTHER HALO HAS EVER WON ANYTHING.

    Uncharted, the last of us, and numerous other Sony
    exclusives win awards in multiples of 10. Again, it’s not close. But that isn’t
    what this is about.

    If you want to like it, that’s fine. But please, PLEASE stop
    thinking it’s this transcendent better than everything else video game. Because
    it’s not even close.

    And in case you are curious, Mario dumps all over halo, it’s
    almost embarrassing in this day and age really. Even though Nintendo struggles
    EVERY Mario related game that came out during the same time span DOUBLED or
    almost TRIPLED halo sales.

    I don’t mean lifetime all time series sales, I mean single
    games released in the last 5-10 years.

    So like I said, it is a VERY small group of niche gamers. It’s
    LESS than 10 million, or I should say it WAS less than 10 million after the
    follow up to the best halo game came out. Now that is established.

    So we have halo and gears, two games everyone knew was
    coming that are niche games. We have a racing game which is an even smaller
    niche. We have backwards compatibility, which stopped nothing. Did you see the
    reactions from E3? See many people jumping around and excited about backwards
    compatibility? Get real. It’s a nice feature, but it’s not going to sell any
    consoles by itself. These are facts.

    Sony’s E3 is the one that everyone is STILL talking about.
    Take out the smaller titles announced, because they don’t seem like that big of
    a deal. But announcing 2 HUGE franchises that people have been asking for , for
    YEARS (technically 3 with the last guardian, but I’m with you, that is a pretty
    small niche too)

    Let’s be realistic, Shenmue was the biggest exclusive
    announced. It says a lot about a game that it makes 3 million dollars in
    essential pre-orders 24 hours after being announced. And of course FFVII sold a
    LOT more and was MUCH higher reviewed than any halo game ever has been (don’t
    forget FF7 was a PS exclusive, though the remake will be a timed exclusive).

    By comparison, Microsoft did very little. Microsoft did the
    bare minimum, nothing unexpected, nothing really new. Just a outdated feature,
    and a few old franchises that everyone knew was coming. Sorry, but they need to
    do much better than that.

  • JD

    Time to wake up and realize that halo isn’t what you think it is, and that microsoft isn’t what you want it to be.

  • I already did. See my reply to GrahamZA. Maybe you’ll learn something, like how you’re a pawn.

  • KSR was good. It was also a big-budget title, $60 at launch, by a major developer, published by a major publisher, exclusive to Xbox One, and not on that farce of a site’s gerrymandered exclusive list, thereby revealing how absurdly biased such farcical nonsense is.
    Indeed, except that some of them do more than just a bump in graphics, like the Xbox One. PS4 is myopic, has weak hardware, is overpriced, and has fewer AAA exclusive games than it’s immediate competitor.
    You’re continued insults about disabled gamers is disgusting. You’re a sociopath, and I have no respect or interest in any of your bigotry.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Because KSR was mediocre Kinect guff. It says up there that motion gimmick games don’t count and rightly so.

    So, just the one then? Maybe include the 3DO. That’s the class the Xbone is in. Manages to have fewer games too.

    Lol, it’s not an insult to think they deserve better than Kinect crap. Remappable controls like the PS4 has helps far more.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Like I’m gonna sift though all this crap for you. Copy paste it here.

  • The point that they’re gerrymandering what counts and what does not based on their subjective biases, many of which contradict each other. I do not tolerate bigoted gamers who try to devalue the importance of entire genres of games.
    Not even close. Perhaps we should exclude 3D action-adventure titles since you’re in the business of subjectively, condescendingly, and arbitrarily gerrymandering exclusion criteria.
    Xbox One’s Elite controller has the most advanced re-mappable control options of any controller, but that’s beside the point: for disabled gamers who cannot use controllers at all, that’s merely insulting. Kinect enables them to keep playing games and it’s the best device on the market. Let me know when you invent something better. Until then, you just look like a juvenile nitwit.

  • Nope. I don’t spam by re-posting stuff, especially stuff that’s so far ahead of your education level that you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend it anyway. If you actually care to know, learn how to use the refresh button on your browser and then ask your mom to help you interpret everything. Good luck.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Figured you wouldn’t havent have the nuts to type your crap in too much detail lest you get called out on it.

    Classic coip. Don’t pull a muscle shilling for a dead console too hard.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yes, by what’s exclusive and what isn’t. Stops you stuffing the list with Kinect shovelware too.

    And for just $150! What a rip off. No wonder Xbox rodents adore it. There are many facets to disability, not being able to use a controller is one of them. What about thoae who can’t move? Gonna expect them to tolerate waggle?

    Your argument fell apart long ago. If you had any self-awareness you’d quit. Shitbox Done. :)

  • It’s there for you to read if you ever learn how to refresh your browser and Ctrl + F. My guess is you already read it, realized you’re way over your head here and are trying to save face. Classic youareflatoutwrong.

  • Kinect games are exclusive. Ergo, they make the exclusive list. It’s quite simple.
    That is a comparable price to similar products. Dismissing one group of disabled gamers just because another group of disabled gamers are differently disabled is a fallacy.

    No, my argument is rock-solid. It’s just over your head and way below my pay grade in trying to dumb it down any more for you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Kinect games are also trash and mostly not AAA.

    I’ve punctured your worthless position so full of holes it’s amusing seeing you still give it attention. The more you drown the better, though

    Your argument is as garbage as most of your exclusives.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Go on. If your bullshit is so red hot you’d have no problem waving it about. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    “More technically advanced” You’ve said some dumb dogshit in your time but this is a new low. Poor, stupid little coip. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V.

    Again, not difficult. :)

  • You’re merely revealing more of your ignorance. Motion-controlled gaming that can track heart beats, has facial recognition, and can track up to 26 individual joints on 6 separate individuals, in the dark no less, is far more technically advanced than using a controller (which we’ve been doing since the 1970s, there, bub). Get a clue.

  • Re-posting is spamming and is against the terms of service.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t.

    I stumbled upon your post anyway, it was a load of crap. IGC and GWG aren’t “gifts” in the strictest sense of the word and there are a lot of games I wouldn’t have played without it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And yet with the exception of facial recognition I’ve seen none of any of that on action. More bullshit hype. Kinect is a joke.

  • Exactly, they are not gifts: they are paid for by consumers who then have no choice over what is purchased with their money. It’s akin to handing money to a stranger outside of GameStop and telling him to just buy you some games–whatever he chooses for you. It’s moronic. That you are trying to rationalize it here as a good system is proof that you don’t understand basic socioeconomic exchange theory. They’re wasting your money and you’re a fool for complacently accepting it.

  • All of that is already in action in Xbox One Kinect games. That you have admitted to having “seen none of any of that [in] action” is just further proof that you’re blindly bashing a product that you know nothing about and have never actually used. That’s pathetic.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Does he give me cloud saves, discounts and other benefits as well?

    I’ll take bullshit about “wasting money” from the same people who paid for something everyone else got for free for a decade very loosely

  • Revolver Ocelot

    What’s pathetic is the total lack or support for waggle from developers now. Remember when it was da fuchur?

  • Support has been stronger than it ever has been, actually. Know reality: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/

  • I don’t know who “he” is, but if you’re referring to the other constituents that compose the Xbox Live Gold or PS+ subscription services than that’s a classic fallacy of justifying the parts by evaluating the whole. Regardless of the varying degrees of economic efficiency of other constituents in the service, the fact remains that the glorified rental programs that consist of Games with Gold and PS+ are economically irrational.

    If you’re not going to actually read what I write, then why are you having this discussion? You raised that baseless assumption days ago and I shot it down by pointing out that I have only been a Gold subscriber since November 2013. So whatever “decade” you’re referring to is irrelevant. If you’re insinuating that Games with Gold isn’t economically irrational because the price of the Gold subscription didn’t change when they added it in, that’s a fallacy too. All that means is that the original subscription price was inflated, as is the current price, as is the price of PS+.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Kinect for Windows and it doesn’t talk about games.

    Another grand cock-up.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yes, disregard the other parts of it because it doesn’t conform to your narrative.

    Never change, coip.

  • There is only one Kinect SKU now. The world is bigger than just gaming.

  • It’s not a “narrative”; it’s decades of empirical science.
    Know reality: you are flat out wrong, as usual.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    It’s your narrative, and it’s a joke. Just like the console you shill for.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And it’s moribund on the Bone.

  • It’s not a narrative; it’s empirical science. Get educated.
    I shill for no one. I’m an academic.

  • Except that it’s not: 15 fully Kinect-supported titles and counting. Compare that to the number of fighting games or first-person shooters on PS4 and it’s a rout.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    15 out of how many total?

    Kinect is dead.

  • If you’re going to make accusations, actually make them, expound on them, contexualize them and the like. I don’t have time for junior-high-school-esque name-calling battles. If you want to play with the adults, act like one and actually make a cogent argument. Until then, you merely sound like a 14-year-old who is in way over his head. It’s embarassing for you and annoying to me.

  • There are more Kinect games on Xbox One than first-person-shooter games on PS4. PS4 must be dead.
    You have the deductive reasoning skills of a mouse.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, that would mean first person shooters are dead on the PS4.

    Try working on your own deductive reasoning skills, clown.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Then again I shouldn’t be surprised an Xbox rodent omits information to push a narrative, considering the same people disregard PS4 games for arbitrary reasons then disregard them when listing Shitbox games.

    You can keep eating sh*t like a good little Xbox fanboy. You can join the rest of us when you decide to stop being a spiteful scumbag.

  • No, because you were not claiming that the genre of motion-controlled games on Xbox One were moribund; you claimed that Kinect was. Kinect is hardware, not software. So, the analogy holds: it would be PS4 that is dead in that case. Remember this quote? You made it: “Kinect is dead”. It refers to the hardware, not the software. Try working on your reading comprehension skills.

  • See my previous reply. If you’re going to make assertions, actually expound on them. Right now you just come off as a frazzled school bully who just got popped in the nose and doesn’t know what to do. Your comments have no substance or coherence to them.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Only one incoherent here is you: try to make yourself look good with obscure theory then when presented with evidence that discredits your theory, makes excuses to disregard it. They basically puts you en par with a religionist, which figures. Shitbox has become a demented cult, with its proponents crawling to websites like Examiner to preach discredited guff like seven exclusives (you have two), the cancer that is Early Access and the laughable idea that anyone cares about another MS hardware gimmick: WaggleSpecs.

    The more you’re backed into a corner, the more shrill and desperate you get, and it shows. This puts you less on the level of the educated man and more on the level of the animal, or more appropriately – the rodent. A shame for you.

  • Yes, as expected. I shred your fallacies and your rejoinder is to spew out juvenile insults like a junior-high-school bully who just got popped in the nose.
    This is how stupid you sound. –> “PS4 games may as well be their own genre, a big steaming pile of dogshot [sic] no one but the most demented CrapStation fanboy cares about. Best you’re gonna [sic] get out of that crap is furiously rubbing the light bar and wondering why it doesn’t work”.

  • None of that is obscure. It is one of the tenets of socioeconomic exchange research. I have not been presented with any evidence that discredits it. And, furthermore, it’s not “my” theory: it is based on decades of empirical research built up by social scientists. Equating science with religion just makes you look even more foolish.

    The irony of this statement is unparalleled: “The more you’re backed into a corner, the more shrill and desperate you get, and it shows.” This perfectly describes every one of your unintentionally comical replies.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Because what’s involved in PS+ isn’t strictly a gift. There are benefits given out in exchange for a subscription. Your theory does not match the practice. I expect that from someone trying to dress his fanboyism in a thin thread of intellectualism. Sad.

    Crawl back to the Examiner, rodent. You’ve been suitably pistol whipped here.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Only thing you’ve shredded is my patience. The Kinect is not a games console. I expect your worthless analogy to sound stupid when you are attempting to stretch your “arguments” beyond the bounds of credibility.

  • Exactly. The fact that it isn’t a gift makes it even more egregiously irrational, from an economic efficiency perspective. Again, it’s not “my” theory. It’s the field’s theory. And, yes, it matches the practice to a tee. Games with Gold and the games ‘given out’ via PS+ are stupid programs that are wasting consumers’ money.

  • That’s not the only thing I’ve shredded. I’ve also shredded your pride and every one of your fallacies. You’re in way over your head here, buddy, and it is glaringly obvious.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yeah, you shredded any illusion I may have had that Shitbox fanrats would be able to accept their status in the gutter with any dignity.

    It’s a shame CinemaBlend lacks your excuses these days.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yeah, its a subscription. But hey, you keep justifying taking it up the ass for a decade by insisting the new business model is somehow worse. I’ll just sit here and laugh at you like the haemerrhoid you are.

    Only thing wasting consumer’s money is Microsoft’s presence in the console industry.

  • I’ve disillusioned you about everything, really, even if you publicly–and pathetically–feign otherwise.
    CinemaBlend is a joke and always has been. Once I realized that my two-year-old-niece had better writing skills than the journalists there and better cognition than all of the pawns commenting there, I’ve stopped wasting my time. I’ll gladly continue calling you out on your bullshit, though, anywhere I see it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Nah, you’re just another Xbot mong in denial. The whole Internet thinks the Xbone is a as joke; CB was just the tip of an iceberg. Keep shilling, maybe one day it might make a difference.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yes, and you cannot apply the whole theory to the subscription, mouthbreather. Cherrypicking is not academic.

    So why did you sign up in the first place, loser?

  • 7 exclusives vs. 1

  • I’m not. It’s applicable to the constituent part that it’s relevant to: Games with Gold and the Games with Gold equivalent of PS+. Boy, you’re really in over your head here if you can’t even understand that much.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Two vs three.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And it isn’t for the rest of it I’m also subscribing for.

    If you’re going to rant about something, its best to know what it’s called. Instant Games Collection. You’re welcome, jebend.

  • kingbain90

    After all that and you still failed. Sells more than any PS exclusive and can only be touch by Mario thanks for admitting. 11 million buys isn’t considered niche? While Sony exclusive are lucky to sell past 5 million.

    I’ll take Halo 5, Recore, BC,Sea of Thieves, Elite pad, Gears 4, Fable, Forza over a Japanese indie kick starter, Uncharted 4, a timed remake, Horizon and a delayed ps3 game that will release after almost a decade.

  • JD

    Really? It was said halo was the biggest selling, best reviewed, most award winning exclusive franchise. I point out that only I’ve game in the series cracked the top 20 (19) of console exclusives for that generation.point out it’s won a total of one award, and point out that 11 million out of 85 million (the 360 sales total) is a minority…..But I fail? Wow, delusion is strong with you isn’t it? And you are more than welcome to prefer the lineup, but as pretty much proven by game and console sales, you are very much in the minority. Which is pretty much what I’ve said the whole time, thanks for making the point for me.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Deflect harder, coip. Your application of the theory doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Two vs three. Seems you have difficulty with reading and counting.

  • It does. You just aren’t educated enough to know that. If you’d like to attempt to debunk it, by all means, please try. But do know that I will absolutely shred apart your empirically and theoretically uninformed assertions.

  • Xbox
    1. Rare Replay
    2. Gears of War Ultimate
    3. Forza Motorsport 6
    4. Fable Legends
    5. Gigantic
    6. Halo 5
    7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
    1. Uncharted collection
    For anyone with an abacus or the cognitive capabilities for simple addition, that’s seven, count ’em, SEVEN, versus one.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Oh look, repeating that guff again. Even then you missed out games on the PS4.

    Bloodborne, The Order and Until Dawn versus Halo 5 and Forza 6.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, according to Xbox scum the first eight months of the year don’t count.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Already have done, by pointing out the massive flaws in your desperate attempt to apply theory to practice. But we’ve already established you’re an ignorant cretin so there’s no need to retread like Microsoft did at E3.

  • Facts always bear repeating.
    We’re talking about the future, not the past. This article was about E3 2015. If you want to go back in the past, that’s to your disadvantage, as the Xbox One routed the PS4 in AAA exclusives in 2013 and 2014, but, even if you want to focus on the future, that’s a rout too, with 7 more exclusives coming to Xbox One this year.

  • The only thing you pointed out was that you don’t understand the argument. I already debunked your misunderstandings. If you want to talk about theory of practice, go start with Bourdieu (1972), Outline of a Theory of Practice. You’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on. You’re so far over your head here that it’s not even fun for me to continue taking you yard like Prince Fielder facing a Little League pitcher.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I understood your vacuous, feeble argument. I easily punched an Xbone sized hole through it. You keep telling yourself it has any rigour though, it helps you sleep at night and it doesn’t hurt anyone. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    We were talking about 2015, drophead.

    In that case, you can include the first six months of 2016 as well, which includes at he minimum Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank and Street Fighter V against AA ReCore (whatever it’s supposed to be) and Quantum Break if you’re lucky. Another embarrassing year for the Shitbox Done.

  • If you think you’re misunderstanding of the argument at hand somehow tore apart decades of empirical science, I don’t know what else to say to you other than that you should probably seek professional guidance.
    Try again. List your rebuttal points right here, right now, and I’ll eviscerate them once again for you.

  • Look at the title of the article you’re on, Einsten. It’s about E3 2015, not “things that happened before E3 2015”.
    Even if you graciously extend it to June 2016, it’s still an Xbox rout. You need me to show you how to use a calculator?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You want to gloat about about your precious 2015 “killer lineup” you have to take into account the whole thing. I can see why you don’t want to though, looking at all the no games on the Shitbox until August.

    It appears the gimp with the numeracy issues here is you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    It’s right up there. Move your fat finger a couple of inches and you can easily find it. This way you can delay actually addressing it, I suppose.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Funny how you didn’t graciously extend it to 2016 there. Difficulty figuring out how time works, huh?

    Funny thing is, those three games you added aren’t even AAA, and no, we aren’t going by your tortured definition of the word. But if we do, there are 12 of them on the PS4 this year. Sucks for you.

    Should be funny to see what remasters MS squeeze out at Gamescom. I’m looking forward to PGW, TGS and PSX, three more solid kickings you’ll be getting. :)

  • I’ve already debunked it. It’s right up there, immediately below the non-sequitur you posted. I’m sure you can easily find it if you ask someone for help.

  • We can extend it to 2016 if you want to; the gap exacerbates even further:
    1. Sea of Thieves
    2. ReCore
    3. Quantum Break
    4. Gears of War 4
    5. Scalebound
    6. Forza Horizon 3
    7. Crackdown
    As the 2013 and 2014 gaps are already badly lopsided in favor of Xbox, and the 2015 and 2016 gaps are set to widen, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that Sony will ever catch up.
    They are AAA: fully funded by and published by Microsoft Studios.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Once again, you cannot read. I said “up until E3 2016” because for Xbox scum that’s the arbitrary deadline for something counting. You listed two games listed for Q1, two for your precious hollydayz, two that’ll probably end up on 2017 and one that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST!

    I was wrong about the number of “AAA exclusives” on the PS4 in 2015 according to your dogshit definition. There are 15 this year! A third more! Now that’s what I call a rout. I guess what the say is true: the Xbone has no games. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Nope. You skirted around the issue because confronting it would mean having to address the fact you cherry pick your data to meet your thesis.

    You’re a pathetic little specimen, and the more you carry on this rigmarole the more you expose yourself as a stupid shill.

  • None of the 2016 games on either platform have hard deadlines yet, so your argument is moot.

    Microsoft Studios announced a year ago that Forza is an annualized franchise alternating years between Motorsport and Horizon. Do your research.
    Name the 15 AAA PS4 exclusives in 2015.

  • Wrong. I called out your lack of comprehension for exactly what it was. That you don’t understand the basic logic behind a whole comprising constituents is telling.

    Nothing was cherry picked. They are not my data, nor my hypotheses. Socioeconomic exchange theory has been developed and supported for decades by thousands of empirical studies, robust across thousands of situations, from micro- to macro-, from dyadic to multi-actor, from strong ties to weak ties to anonymous exchanges across a plethora of cultures. You’re out of your league here, and it’s embarrassingly conspicuous.

    The verdict is in and has been for decades: Games with Gold’s and PS+’s glorified rental schemes are economically irrational. That you are defending them means you sucking a little too much from the corporate teat and should probably turn off your TV and go to the library and read some books on socioeconomic exchange.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    They do have releases quarters. Then again hope is all you have at this point.

    Hahaha, the milking is real. What a shite franchise. No wonder about the lack of hype.

    The Order 1886
    Until Dawn
    Tearaway Unfolded
    Uncharted Collection
    Persona 5
    Disgaea 5
    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Tales of Zestiria
    Super Stardust Ultra
    Omega Quintet
    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
    MLB 14 The Show

    The best thing is, I missed out a few games because they didn’t conform to your dogshit definition. I look forward to your damage control. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You’re attempting to apply certain aspects of a subscription to a theory in order to justify getting ripped off. Instead of bothering to address that, you shrillly deflect by arguing to authority. I do enjoy watch you getting rattled over having your sad fanboyism held to account, coip the little turd. :)

  • Oh my god, that’s the cutest list of games ever! Never mind that some of them aren’t AAA exclusives (Disgaea 5, Omega Quintet, etc.), but, man oh man, what a sad collection of old ports and remasters. No wonder the PS4 has been tagged with the “indiestation” moniker. Take away the fluff and you have two new IPs (unless you count Bloodborne for what it really is: Dark Souls 2.5) and a deluge of ports, remasters, and puny Japanese games. At least when Microsoft remasters stuff they do it right (Halo: MCC = 4 games in one package; Rare Replay = 30 games in one package, many never available on consoles before, etc.).
    Thank you for reminding me why I have no interest in getting a PlayStation. That was truly adorable.

  • You still don’t understand what’s going on here. I am not justifying getting ripped off: I’m lampooning Sony and Microsoft for having crap programs that waste gamers’ money. You’re the one defending them like some sad Stockholm Syndrome-esque groupie. Get a clue: their programs are economically inefficient and decades of empirical evidence support that. Go sign up for some classes at your local community college or something. You have a long way to go, but that’s a start.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Coip the dumb little gobshite moves the goalposts again after being embarrassed by the PS4’s thicker lineup. AAA exclusive = not playable on the other console, funded by a major publisher. ALL those games fulfill your criteria.

    Take away the fluff and ports? Go for it. That leaves you with -TWO- exclusives on the Shitbox Done and -THREE- on the PS4. No matter how you try and twist reality, the Shitbox Done will always end up in the lurch.

    I’m not even going to address the Disaster Chief Collection, which was broken for seven months and is now in “Well, it kind of works now so we can bundle it” status. Doing it right!

    Is it any wonder the industry sees you Xbox roaches as the joke of the industry.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Only thing that wasted people’s money is Kinect. Idiots actually paid a premium for that garbage!

    But hey, keep appealing to authority in lieu of being able to actually defend your position without cherry picking.

  • Oh, I didn’t move the goalpost. I just think it’s adorable that those are the “AAA exclusives” on PS4. You can definitely have those cute little has-beens and shout all about them from the rooftops. I just didn’t realize how poor the PS4 exclusive lineup was until you posted that list. Wow.
    No, the Xbox One still has way more AAA exclusives even when you remove the ports and remasters. We’ve been through this: original Kinect games count, despite your disgusting bias against disabled gamers and odd vendetta against an entire genre of games.
    You want to talk about DriveClub instead? Halo: MCC is the greatest bargain in gaming history.
    Oh, by the way, now that backwards compatibility is here, Xbox One has even more AAA exclusives than the PS4, and Microsoft didn’t even have to pretend they’re new games and port them!

  • Surprise, surprise: another classic and predictable digression by youareflatoutwrong (which you are, as usual).
    Kinect is the most advanced gaming peripheral in the world and the leader for motion- and voice-controlled gaming. Mocking something when it is the best, by far, just makes you look like a nitwit. It’s the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time. In addition to numerous award-winning games, Kinect has enabled disabled gamers to game, it’s aided surgeons in surgery, physical therapists in treating stroke victims, maestros conducting symphonies, teachers improving learning retention of students, deaf people communicate with non-deaf people via real-time sign language, turned any surface into a touch screen, improved health via heart rate monitoring, has been used by artists to create new art, improves fitness, and adds a ton of features to Xbox One that PS4 could only dream of: “Xbox, on” turns on the console from sleep mode and then IR blasts on the TV and set-top box, facial recognition signs you in automatically–even in the dark–and presents your custom dashboard, keeps track of which users are using which controllers, Skypes in 1080p with auto-digital zoom, adds voice and gesture navigation–including to live television viewing, allows you to stream to Twitch with an inset, allows you to record original character animations and dialogue in game creation games like Project Spark, etc.
    Anyone who comes online to mock a revolutionary invention like Kinect is, simply put, an imbecile. Let me know when you invent something 1/1 millionth as impressive.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Oh, you are rattled, coip. Apply the same qualifiers you use on the Shitbox to justify your fanboyism on the PS4 and you’re crying foul. We’ve already addressed your sad little 2015 lineup, but hey – repost it again so I can shred it using the same logic you’re now disowning.

    Kinect is a dead peripheral. Even the most die hard Xbox roach has accepted it. It’s time for you to do the same.

    Yeah, let’s talk about Driveclub with inoperative MP for a few weeks and a glitch-free SP against the Disaster Chief Collection’s multitude of game breaking gliches for months on end. Make my day.

    And then you top it off with limited emulation. Mass Effect at a silky smooth 10fps, then 10% of the 360’s library playable at an unknown quality in December. Maybe 50% by the end of the gen. Xbone – $349 for games you played years ago. You roaches are a joke. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Wow, is it still 2013? Are Xbox roaches really still trying to sell voice commands? Skype in 1080p – at least something on the Shitbox Done managed it!

    Cute marketing spiel you copy pasted there. What’s it got to do with videogames, Microshill? This is a videogame discussion. :^)

    At least you aren’t appealing to authority anymore.

  • Even in 2015 Sony’s console is years behind Xbox One in voice control functionality. “PS4, on. PS4, on!”. Oh, right, it can’t, so we’ll just let Sony fanboys “wallow in their limited voice control functionality”.

    Yeah, enjoy that 720p Playstation camera.
    Kinect is way more than videogames. Your myopia is your downfall.
    I don’t have to “appeal” to authority. I am an authority. You are out of your league when it comes to academic discussions, particularly those around socioeconomic exchange theory. Really, stop embarassing yourself and get back to what you do best: rolling out non-sequiturs and tallying up ports of ports.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You know an Xbox roach has got rock bottom when they try and talk up shouting at your console. Even MS has given up on that.

    Where’s all them Kinect games gone then? Even minor Kinect functionality has gone the way of Lord Lucan.

    Hahahah, yeah, an authority on bullshit. Let’s see all our published papers then

  • Revolver Ocelot

    It’s gotta sting to be hoist by your own petard. Depending on ports for your own dogshit list. Keep floundering, maybe one day MS will release a game on the Dustbox Done. At least you have Mass Effect at a silky smooth 10fps to pass the time.

    Again, where’s all dem Kinect games? Oh man, another Just Dance soon. Get hype.

    Disaster Chief Collection should have been delayed a year too considering how utterly wrecked it was. Then again that’s what happens when you build your entire yearly lineup around one game in a few months. Same thing with Halo 5 – missing features and sub-720p but it has to be out on October 27th come hell or high water.

  • Halo: MCC should’ve just launched as the campaign mode first (as all of those worked fine from the get-go) and added in multiplayer a few months down the road. That said, it is the best bargain in gaming history and it was, by far, the best FPS offering of not only 2014, but ever. In contrast, DriveClub was just a huge embarassment after the massive delay and the flood of bugs and glitches, but, most disheartening, a much better game–Forza Horizon 2–had already launched a month earlier. Ouch.
    1. Ori and the Blind Forest
    2. ScreamRide
    3. Forza Motorsport 6
    4. Fable Legends
    5. Gigantic
    6. Halo 5
    7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
    8. Sea of Thieves
    9. ReCore
    10. Quantum Break
    11. Scalebound
    12. Forza Horizon 3
    13. Crackdown

    1. Helldivers
    2. The Order
    3. Bloodborne
    4. Until Dawn
    5. Persona 5
    6. Dragon Quest Heroes
    7. MLB: The Show
    8. Uncharted 4
    9. Street Fighter V

    This quote sums up the PS4’s library in a nutshell: “It may be called Super Stardust Ultra but, other than a handful of new modes, it’s practically the exact game that developer Housemarque has released *counts fingers* three times now.” (Gamesradar).

    Here is a list of full-on Kinect games released in the last 9 months (and recall, it doesn’t include the dozens of games that incorporate Kinect optionally):
    1. Dance Central Spotlight
    2. Dark Dreams Don’t Die
    3. Just Dance 2015
    4. Rabbids Invasion
    5. Shape Up
    6. Fantasia
    7. Boom Ball Kinect
    8. Blue Estate
    9. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
    10. Slice Zombies
    11. Q

    Halo: MCC should’ve just launched as the campaign mode first (as all of those worked fine from the get-go) and added in multiplayer a few months down the road. That said, it is the best bargain in gaming history and it was, by far, the best FPS offering of not only 2014, but ever. In contrast, DriveClub was just a huge embarassment after the massive delay and the flood of bugs and glitches, but, most disheartening, a much better game–Forza Horizon 2–had already launched a month earlier. Ouch.

  • You know you’re argument has hit rock bottom when you’re literally trying to bash convenient features that your console lacks.

    I have a ton of peer-reviewed research articles in prestigious journals, but you don’t become a doctor by being an idiot: I’m not posting my personal information online. If you’re well read in the field, you’ve already read my work.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I’m mocking worthless gimmicks, coip. Shitbox is loaded with them.

    Yeah, sure, jebend. And I’m an astronaut posting this from the ISS. See how this works, gobshite? Sorry, doctor gobshite?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I was hoping you would. Time to apply the coip rules to the Shitbox Done.

    1. PC port
    2. PC port
    4. PC port
    5. PC port
    7. 360 port
    8. PC port
    12. Doesn’t exist.

    Yep, Kinect is dead. Thanks for confirming that with that abject list of dire piss.

    The Disaster Chief Collection should have been delayed or scrapped. Wolfenstein athe New Order was the best shooter of the year, and the less we say about that regurgitated 360 port FH2 the better, for your sake.

  • Devices and features that help disabled people are not “gimmicks”, you egotistical sociopath.
    I think you already know the answer to that one, considering how you ran away with your tail tucked in between your legs at the first instance of actual academic discussion. You’re out of your league but you’re too dimwitted to realize it.

  • It’s so fun debunking your canards. Here we go.

    1. The game is native to Xbox One. It was ported to PC, not vice versa. Furthermore, if you want to remove PC ports, your PS4 list is going to shrivel up pretty quickly.

    2. Screamride isn’t on PC.

    4. Fable Legends is exclusive to Xbox on Windows 10. You can’t get it if you don’t have an Xbox account.

    5. Gigantic is exclusive to Xbox on Windows 10. You can’t get it if you don’t have an Xbox account.

    7. Rise of the Tomb Raider is being developed natively for Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version is a port of that. Furthermore, if you want to remove PS3 and Vita versions, your PS4 list is essentially dead.

    8. Sea of Thieves is exclusive to Xbox on Windows 10. You can’t get it if you don’t have an Xbox account.

    12. It’s already been announced by Microsoft that Forza is an annual franchise, alternating between Motorsport and Horizon every other year.

    Nippon Ichi Software is not a “major publisher”. Tales of Zestirial is a port of a PS3 and Windows game. Ratchet and Clank is a remake. Compile Heart/Idea Factory International are not “major publishers”. Try again.

    There are more Kinect games for Xbox One than First-Person Shooters on PS4. Ouch.

    Wolfenstein The New Order wasn’t even the 2nd best shooter of the year. Halo:MCC followed by Titanfall. You wouldn’t know this though because neither of those games are on PS4 and all you have for reference on PS4 is Killzone…

    Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One were completely different games built by different developers. Do your research.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. PC port. Thank you for the confirmation.
    2. Ah, it’s on 360, like most other Xbone “exclusives.” Not surprised I blurred it into something else considering its obscurity.
    4. F2P MMO version of a franchise most people stopped caring about years ago. Ouch
    5. Also on PC. Thank you for the confirmation. They’ll also be playing it online for free. :^)
    7. Looking at those gameplay videos they’re exactly the same, just like Titanfall and FH2. Thank you for the confirmation.
    8. Also on PC, thank you for the confirmation.
    12. Doesn’t officially exist. Thank you for the confirmation, and your expectation that the IP will be milked.

    Kinect is failed hardware for a failed console. Speaking of failed hardware, two WaggleSpecs are now dust in the upper atmosphere after SpaceX exploded. Best place for them.

    Yes it was. Titansnore was forgotten after a week and the Disaster Chief Collection went down as the debacle of the year. After the very good Old Blood this year, even more people are talking about Wolfenstein, and in ways other than “I was conned, this is very overhyped” and “This doesn’t work, I want a refund.”

  • No one is forcing anything on anyone. Holster your absurd hyperbole and your disgusting anti-disabled rants.
    Post me your full name and mailing address and I’ll mail you my credentials.

  • Repeating lies doesn’t make them truth. Here you go:
    1. You need me to do your research for you? Sounds about right. The game is published and owned by Microsoft Studios. The difference between games on the Xbox list that also go to PC is that, unlike all those outdated PS4 exclusives you listed, they didn’t come to PC first.
    2. Again, would you like to remove all the PS3 and PS Vita ports from your ever-thinning list of PS4 exclusives? We can definitely do that. Either way, Xbox Won.
    4. Fable Legends isn’t an MMO. Right, buddy. Maybe some day Fable can be as popular as Omega Quintet…
    5. It’s not on PC: it’s on Xbox for Windows 10, only available via the official Windows 10 Store, requiring an Xbox account, and using Xbox Live servers. This is the future of Xbox gaming–device agnostic–so you better get used to it.
    7. Considering that Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 were two of the best games of 2014, that sounds great.
    8. It’s not on PC: it’s on Xbox for Windows 10, only available via the official Windows 10 Store, requiring an Xbox account, and using Xbox Live servers. Cross-play and cross-buy of Xbox games across consoles and computers is something they should’ve done a decade ago but now that they’re finally doing it right, Sony is in trouble. Microsoft is the only company out there in the enviable position to unify their Xbox brand across all devices: consoles, computers, tablets, and phones.
    12. It’s already been announced by Microsoft that Forza is an annual franchise, alternating between Motorsport and Horizon every other year.

    That doesn’t make them major publishers. They’re not major publishers.

    Kinect is the best-selling gaming peripheral of all tiem and the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time. If the “best ever” is your definition of “failed”, then everything has failed, including your fallacious arguments.

    Wolfenstein wasn’t even good enough to get runner-up in Gamespot’s Game of the Month in May 2014, losing out to Super Time Force (winner) and Mario Kart 8 (runner-up). Ouch. Titanfall won way more awards than Wolfenstein and, collectively, Halo 1-4 trounces them both. The Titanfall servers are still active, 15 months after launch, but you wouldn’t know that because can’t play it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You’re forcing crap games on people who don’t deserve them because they might not be able to use a controller. That’s sickening.

    Sh*t or get off the pot, doctor gobshite. I’m waiting to see your published work.

  • Please show me the video evidence of my tying disabled gamers to a chair and forcing them to purchase and play games they don’t want to purchase or play.
    You trying to mock a device that enables disabled gamers to play games when they otherwise could not play games at all is despicable.
    If you’ve read all the literature on socioeconomic exchange theory like I told you to, then you’ve already read my work. If you’d like, though, I’ll mail you some copies directly. Please provide your full name and mailing address, and I’ll send those out in 1-2 business days at no charge to you.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Another fantastic meltdown from doctor gobshite.

    1. They just go on PC at the same time, making the Xbone version just as redundant.
    2. Go for it. It’ll still be two Shitbox exclusives versus three for the PS4. Shitbox lost.
    4. Looks like it combines the crap parts of MMO with the crap parts of MOBA. Even worse.
    5. So on PC. I look forward to Xbox’s continual marginalization to a digital distribution service playing third fiddle to Steam and GOG.
    7. Classic delusion.
    8. See 5.
    12. How sad it is when milking is to be expected from an IP even when the next installment doesn’t officially exist.

    They are. Deal with it.

    How cute, sales matter again. The industry backlash against Kinect and the lack of games make it a failure. Kinect is MS’ Sega CD.

    All those awards and Titansnore fell away after a week. Remember when it was supposed to save the Shitbox Done? I suppose you have to hate on an excellent multiplat like Wolfenstein when it stamps on the thing Shitbox is supposed to do well.

    FPS games require further hardware on the PS4? Come crawling back when you work out an actually appropriate analogy.

    I was mocking WaggleSpecs for their awful FOV and lack of relevance to games. How terrible for astronauts they can’t sample their tiny holographic field on their WaggleSpecs.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    That’s basically your justification for crap games and a gimmick. Pretty sad people have to suffer just so you can save face.

    You’re just desperate now. Show me your credentials.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Strong reading comprehension from doctor gobshite as usual. You must have got that tertiary education out of a catalogue. Pretty sad that a gimmick and crap games is all you have to suggest improving disabled people’s access to games.

    Don’t think you’re worming out of it that easily. Show me your credentials.

  • 1. Explain how a simultaneous release is better than it coming to PS4 years after PC.
    2. Wrong. You’re trying to eliminate Kinect games from the list, which is not acceptable. Xbox Won either way.
    4. There is nothing about the game that constitutes either MMO or MOBA. Even if there were, what’s your point? Just another example of you condescengingly and unilaterally deciding the merit of any given genre? The world is bigger than you.
    5. Nope. On Xbox for Windows 10. Xbox became device agnostic in 2010. Get educated. You can’t play the game unless you (a) have Windows 10, (b) get it from the official Windows 10 Store, (c) have an Xbox account.
    7. Check the awards.
    8. See 5.

    They’re not. Not even close. And really, just stop embarrassing yourself: it’s really pathetic trying to watch you desperately try to spin things just so the huge gap in exclusive games that Xbox One holds over PS4 looks a tiny bit smaller.

    More Kinects have been sold than PS4s. There is no “industry backlash against Kinect” anywhere other than inside your biased head. There are more Kinect games for Xbox One than FPS games for PS4. How are you going to spin that one, other than ignoring it again?

    Awards are permanent. I suppose you have to cling desperately to a multiplatform game that is also on Xbox One when your only exclusive choice is the atrocious Killzone (from 2013 no less). Ouch. PS4 gamers have some serious Napolean Complex when it comes to FPS games.

    Again, let me know when you invent a holographic computing device with a better field of vision. Until then, you just sound like a buffoon.

  • Kinect games are great. You’re spiel is the gimmick. Disabled gamers deserve to play games too you egotist.
    I’m trying to show them to you. I just need your name and mailing address first.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. It nullifies your pathetic Shitbox list after your using the same logic on the PS4. Truth hurts.
    2. Waggle’s been such a pointless gimmick it eliminates itself. 2 vs 3. :)
    4. Two crap genres slammed together in an IP that should have been dropped in the landfill years ago. I can already smell the final product.
    5. Thank you for confirming my original point.
    7. You mean those E3 awards? They’re a joke, mate. The lack of actual awards post-release speaks volumes.
    8. See 5.

    Huge gap? Where? We’ve already established the PS4 piledrives the Shitbox. It still does so even if you apply your ridiculous restrictions. Take your frustration out on Uncle Phil and not me.

    Sold on a lie. Funny how that sales number stopped getting updated when the games ended up crap and you could start picking up a used Kinect for $5. Where are the games? Where are the multiplats with token waggle functionality?

    So is shame. The Disaster Chief Collection will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. But hey, keep downplaying multiplats because they make your exclusives look like garbage.

    I probably wouldn’t waste my time tbh.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Kinect games are terrible, and the disabled deserve better than that dogshit.

    Just post your name here, doctor gobshite. No one else is reading this anyway.

  • Here’s a new round of refuting your canards:
    1. No, it doesn’t, because simultaneous release is better than PC release first. Try again.
    2. A device that enables groups that otherwise could not play games to play games is, by definition, not a “pointless gimmick”. How about we remove 3D Action-Adventure games from the list of PS4 exclusives? That makes as much sense as your biased attempts at curation.
    4. Again, Fable Legends comprises neither of those genres.
    5. I refuted your point. It’s an Xbox exclusive.
    7. You can see a list of all the awards that Titanfall won that Killzon did not right here: http://www.titanfall.com/news/titanfall-awards. Likewise, Forza Horizon 2 was named Racing Game of the Year 2014 by nearly every major gaming publication. DriveClub got none.
    8. See 5.

    Yes, a huge gap. Here:
    2013 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Forza Motorsport 5
    2. Killer Instinct
    3. Dead Rising 3
    4. Ryse
    5. Zoo Tycoon
    6. Crimson Dragon
    7. Lococycle
    8. Xbox Fitness
    9. Zumba Fitness World Party
    10. Fighter Within
    11. PowerStar Golf
    12. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
    13. Peggle 2 (timed)
    14. Halo: Spartan Assault

    2014 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (timed)
    2. Titanfall
    3. Kinect Sports Rivals
    4. Dance Central Spotlight
    5. Dark Dreams Don’t Die
    6. Forza Horizon 2
    7. Project Spark
    8. Fantasia: Music Evolved
    9. Sunset Overdrive
    10. Halo: MCC
    11. Shape Up
    12. Kalimba

    2015 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Ori and the Blind Forest
    2. ScreamRide
    3. State of Decay
    4. Rare Replay
    5. Gears of War Ultimate
    6. Forza Motorsport 6
    7. Fable Legends
    8. Gigantic
    9. Halo 5
    10. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    2016 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Quantum Break
    2. Scalebound
    3. Sea of Thieves
    4. ReCore
    5. Forza Horizon 3
    6. Crackdown

    More Kinects have been sold than PS4 consoles. Ouch. More Kinect gams have been released on Xbox One than FPS games on PS4. Ouch.

    Because you wouldn’t even know where to start.

  • Killer Instinct isn’t a lost exclusive. Like all of Microsoft’s forthcoming “PC” games, it’s only available as an Xbox game for Windows 10. It will be sold in Microsoft’s Windows Store only, require an Xbox account, and use Xbox Live (just like Project Spark does now). So when biased fanboys in denial like Revolver Ocelot try to downplay the fact that Xbox is destroying Playstation when it comes to AAA exclusives by trying to claim that many of Xbox One’s exclusives are on “PC” or are going to be, it’s okay to point out that that is not the case. The new state of Xbox is device agnostic: Xbox games will be cross-play and cross-buy, available on many Windows 10 devices (consoles, computers, tablets, and phones). They’re still Xbox exclusives.

  • Did EA really announced that they are going to add Xbox 360 games to the EA Access Vault? That is huge, if true.

  • Microsoft showed off 7 exclusive games coming this year, and 2 new exclusives coming next year, in addition to the 4 exclusives coming next year they already had announced.

  • kingbain90

    Lol Halos won one award you say? Learn your facts

    have you seen sales of games at all even multiplates done sell as much as halo does on 2 let alone 1 platform. Halos sold more than any PS exclusive sooo…..what does that tell you? TR sold 8 million last gen and was considered a hit. Halo 4 sold around what? 10-11 mill on just 1 console. Compare Halo to any exclusive or even multiplates and it’s numbers competes with just about any game. 1 out of 7 360 owners bought Halo, that sounds pretty good to me. Very few games can say this.

  • JD

    I’m not sure you understand reality here.let me repeat it, ONE game of the year award, for halo 2.That’s it. And it’s nowhere near the best selling exclusive for any console.It’s the 19th best selling exclusive. So yeah, no. Sorry junior, you can like halo and that’s cool.But it’s not the greatest in any regard, not one.do ayou quick Google search, it’s not hard to confirm.You like it, that’s cool.But in the world of gaming, it’s barely a blip to anyone but hardcore halo fans.time to come to grips with reality. 11 million out of 85 isn’t one out of seven.your math fails. Funny you mention PlayStation exclusives not being on the radar, especially since PlayStation exclusives win HUNDREDS of game of the year awards. Uncharted the original won at least 10. You know last of us won hundreds. You have a really funny definition of “not on the radar”.lol

    Sorry buddy, Microsoft and halo isn’t what you want it to be. Face facts, it just isn’t

  • kingbain90

    Go read halo 3 and halo 4 wiki page, it’ll do the talking for me. You’ll see the game of the year awards, the sales records, ect. Call me when Uncharted sell over 9 million.

  • JD

    LOL, yes. It’s 19th on the list of exclusive sales.But the only thing beating it is multiplats and Mario….That makes sense.What a joke.lol

    And what other award is there for games that matters? I mean seriously?

    You can keep repeating it all you want, it still has 18 other exclusives (not multi plats) that sold more than it.

    And saying halo hasn’t sold a lot is easy. 11 million out of 85 million….those are facts. GTA sold that in less than 2 weeks…..not in the same league at all.

    It’s not hard, Google “highest selling console exclusive” and you’ll see halo at damn near the bottom of the list.Because it doesn’t sell me, it doesn’t win awards, it just doesn’t matter.

    Higher reviews…LMAO!!!! Seriously, you crack me up.your delusion is coming down around you and it’s hilarious!

  • JD

    Go ahead and Google game of the year winners. Not wiki pages were gamers like you put whatever they want.lol

    Sorry junior, halo has NOTHING other than a single game of the year award for halo 2.

    Halo is nothing compared to basically anything that matters

  • John Henry

    I dont care what micro wimp shouts /They been screaming ,most of this for years , and we will never see half of it , windows 10 instantly sucks 2 and half maybe 3 gig of system memory away from the xbox one performance . Which it barely has any performance as it is now . All I can see is even worse frame rate bottle necks and memory errors on the xbone front . This is just microwimp tossing money around trying to “APPEAR” tp know what they are doing . focus on the word “APPEAR” it is all they have .

  • 1. Microsft Studios thanks you for your purchase either way.
    Microsoft doesn’t care about hardware sales. Consoles are loss leaders. Software sales are where all the money is, and this is why the Xbox brand is wisely device agnostic and has been for years.

    2. Implying that the games disabled gamers can play are
    “inspid shite” makes you a patronizing, condescending, egotistical
    sociopath. You sound like an idiot. Seriously. You cannot win in a tirade against disabled gamers or the devices that help them.

    4. This is a digression and devoid of meaningful substance.

    5. Nope, it’s an Xbox exclusive. Learn to read.

    7. Titanfall = more awards than Killzone. Forza Horizon 3 =
    more awards than Mario Kart 8. It’s pretty sad when you need to cling to multiplatform games (Wolfenstein) and games not even on PS4 (Mario Kart 8) to try to distract from the fact that Xbox One’s exclusives trounce PS4’s.

    8. See 5.

    You’re despotically curated list is fanboy rubbish. I have you the complete list. I know it’s embarassing for you to look at since the PS4 list isn’t even half as long, but sometimes you just need to swallow your pride, stop embarassing yourself, and holster that FUD you keep vomiting all over the Internet. You are a disgrace to the gaming community.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. Good. The sooner MS get the f*ck out of hardware to carve itself a 6% stake of the PC games market the better.

    2. No, it makes me someone who recognises that Kinect games are insipid dogshit and the disabled deserve better than it. Keep using them as a crutch to justify the Kinect’s existence, it just exposes you as the selfish scumbag you are.

    4. Like your posting.

    5. Thank you for confirming my statement.

    7. Keep deflecting by bringing up Killzone. Fact is, Titanflop got shilled as the game of the year and the saviour of the Xbone and everyone forgot about it within a fortnight.

    Fuckza Horizon 3 doesn’t even exist either – the thirst for games is so deep you’re getting confused. Keep slighting the Wii U’s excellent library and other fantastic third party games so you can try and justify the Xbone’s exclusives that aren’t actually exclusives.

    8. See 5.

    You gave me a bunch of multiplats and ports. Fact is, you can’t seriously back your own position without cooking the books. You’re basically a Greek government accountant circa 2007. Well, the moneymen have started poking around and they’re already seeing the emperor has no clothes.

  • 1. You clearly don’t understand their business strategy. They’re not leaving one market for another. They’re expanding to more markets:
    Xbox is gaming on consoles, computers, tablets, and phones, all running Windows 10. Somebody’s a little jealous that Microsoft is the only company that can pull that off.

    2. No, quite frankly, it makes you a sociopath. Kinect is a great device for people who enjoy motion-controlled gaming, including those disabled gamers who couldn’t otherwise enjoy games. Anyone who mocks that is, simply put, a terrible person. Your preferences for games is irrelevant. You’re not that important.

    4. No, everything I write is cogent and substantial.

    5. Incorrect. Your statement is false, borne out of a failure to comprehend the concept of a device-agnostic platform. This game,
    along with all of Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 10 games, are Xbox exclusives.

    7. Titanfall sold well, reviewed well, and innovated one of the most hard-to-innovate genres out there. Your repeated dismissal of a game you’ve never even played reaks of envy. Again, I know PS4 gamers have a Napolean Complex when it comes to FPS games, but you’re just embarrassing yourself here. We were talking about Forza Horizon 2–2014’s Racing Game of the Year. But if you want to talk about Forza Horizon 3’s existence, we can do that too: “It’s already been announced by Microsoft that Forza is an annual franchise, alternating between Motorsport and Horizon every other year.” It’s already in development and is a lock for 2016’s Racing Game of the Year.

    8. See 5.

    “You gave me a bunch of multiplats and ports.”
    The irony of this statement is astounding, considering you
    just described your previous list of AAA PS4 exclusives. No, I gave you a list of Xbox exclusives that are not and never will be on PS4 and that came to Xbox first. What you gave me was a list of outdated PS4 games that were ported from PC and PS3. You’re better off just swallowing that FUD you keep regurgitating
    back up.

  • kingbain90

    Lol dat denial your deny halo 3 and 4 won goty award. Hell halo 4 has a goty edition lol dumbass. Your links aren’t working. go look at gta sales on 360 and go look at Halo 3s identical. Go look at uncharted 5.5 million lol. Go look at Halos 97 meta score. It kills you on the inside knowing Halo is the highest selling exclusive on 360 and more than any on ps3. Live with it

  • kingbain90

    Halo has won countless awards such as game of the year, best first person shooter, best online multiplayer, ect. It’s a fact Halo 3 and 4 has won game of the year awards and more. It’s a fact its one of the most highest selling games on xbox. It’s a fact it’s sold twice as much any uncharted and god of war game. It’s a fact halo has sold as much as gta V on 360. Get your head out your @$$

    Why the hell am I even going back and forth with you. Anyone that says Halo barely sales isn’t worth the time. Stay thirsty my friend.

  • JD

    Your joking right? Lol. Just because a game gets a game of the year edition doesn’t mean it actually won a game of the year award.lmfao….Are you new to gaming? Seriously?LMAO!!! Game of the year editions is a way to get people to buy all the dlc long after release. Good Lord bro, you are hilarious. Yes, halo is the best selling exclusive of Microsoft…..The problem is, it’s also the only game worth a damn on the system.hence, the joke status of this article.get it now?

  • JD

    Yes, one game if the year for halo 2= countless.lol. I’m sorry bro,I don’t know if your Google is broken or what. But halo is the 19th best selling console exclusive. That’s not me saying it doesn’t sell, that is reality punching your argument in the face. Everything I’ve said you can Google and verify for yourself.Sorry kid, you backed the wrong horse

  • 1. One could listen to you, who knows nothing, or one could listen to Satya Nadella: “We will bring together Xbox Live and our first-party gaming efforts across PC, console, mobile and new categories like
    HoloLens into one integrated play. […] We will build the best instantiation of this vision through our Windows device platform and our devices, which will serve to delight our customers, increase distribution of our services, drive gross margin, enable fundamentally new product categories, and generate opportunity for the Windows ecosystem more broadly”. Sounds pretty healthy to me.

    2. Kinect is the best-selling video game peripheral of all time, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time, and the most
    technologically advanced mainstream motion-control device. No amount of sociopathic ranting from juvenile trolls like you can undermine that. Let me know when you invent something better. Otherwise, seriously, just shut up about it. You sound like an idiot. You cannot win a battle against disabled gamers–although, to be fair, no one respects your opinion anymore anyway, so it’s not like you have anything left to lose.

    4. You are not qualified to evaluate logic. You don’t understand it.

    5. I corrected your statement. Refutation is not confirmation. It’s the opposite. Xbox is not losing any exclusives: it’s exclusives are becoming more appealing with cross-play and cross-buy. No more
    will my games be myopically tied to one box. I’ll be able to play them across Windows 10 devices. It’s greatly exciting.

    7. The dynamic interplay between pilot vs. pilot, pilot vs.
    titan, titan vs. titan, and titan vs. pilot is unparalleled. Forza Horizon 2 = 2014 Racing Game of the Year. Where was DriveClub at? That’s so adorable that you’ve now thrown Sony under the bus and are desperately clinging to Nintendo instead in a pathetic attempt to undermine Xbox’s superior exclusive lineup.

    8. See 5. Also, see the quote from Satya Nadella in 1.

    I know you have a hard time understanding basic concepts,
    but if you ask your mom to help you, that may elucidate things: claiming year-old ports of PC games as PS4 exclusives is pathetic and not the same as having exclusives go to PC later on. The Xbox One had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and is set to have more in 2015 and 2016 as well. You should be used to this by now–Greatness Awaits, after all. Have fun continuing to wait for games like starving puppy begging for slop.

  • 1. Then you need to ask someone to help you because your
    reading comprehension skills are inept. Expansion of a platform is the exact opposite of “getting the chop”. Logic 101.

    2. I’ve addressed your incorrect assumption about its lack
    of games by demonstrating it to be false: it has a lot of games. In fact, more Kinect games have been released for Xbox One in the past year than FPS games have been released for PS4. So, if you want to mock a platform and a genre for a paucity of releases, you have to mock PS4 first, lest you be a hypocrite. If you were “on their side”, you would support devices that enable them to play games. Instead, like a sociopath, you’re disparaging it. That’s despicable and hypocritical.

    4. Vapid and empty, like nearly all of your tedious sentences.

    5. No games are geing removed. I can still play all of them
    on my Xbox One. You don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “removed”.

    7. Better exclusives on other platforms? Name a better FPS
    exclusive on PS4 than Titanfall. Name a better racing game exclusive on PS4 than Forza Horizon 2. You can’t. You’re drowning in dirt. Titanfall is one of the most awarded FPS games of 2014. Forza Horizon 2 was the most awarded racing game of 2014. You’re in denial; it’s sad to watch.

    8. See 5.

    No one is lying about exclusivity except you. Satya Nadella
    made it perfectly clear that Xbox is a platform, not a console. You’re idolatry of Sony has resulted in an antiquated mindset. It’s too late for them. Only Microsoft has the ability to bring Xbox to all devices: consoles, computers, tablets, phones, virtual reality headsets, and mixed-reality headsets. Game. Set. Match. Xbox Won.

    Actually, I’m rolling around in 21 new games right now thanks to backwards compatibility. You wouldn’t know what that’s like, though, because it’s not on PS4 and likely never will be.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. And Shitbox is all set to be ignored and marginalized on all platforms. Dat 6% doe.

    2. Wow, that’s a reach considering all consoles have been bundled with controllers which didn’t bump up the SKU price and all games need a controller anyway. Then you go off on another non-games tangent. Another failed Doctor Gobshite analogy.

    4. Something you’re more of an expert in than economic theory.

    5. Thank you for confirming my initial statement. Keep being a bitch for Uncle Phil, maybe one day he’ll let you swallow.

    7. Lol, not even. In terms of all those genres Nintendo and PlayStation dominate except for FPS (lol of course) and RTS (which is better on PC anyway thanks to KB/M). Good job rattling off a bunch of mediocre and irrelevant IP anyway which were released long before you ever bought a console, as you admit.

    8. See 5.

    No. It’s going to add maybe 400 by the end of the gen with haphazard functionality. Considering you’re a massive MS shill, it’s no surprise games are the least of your concern until the Cablebox Done turned up.

    As if I’m giving you my address. Post your name so I can confirm you’re little more than a desperate shill.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Still got the tinfoil hat on, huh, shitlaslang? When’s the Xbone getting some games? When’s Quatman gonna stop pissing the bed?

  • Hello

    Clearly this guy is a stupid fanboy, I kinda agreed until u talked about holo lens and vr. Also I don’t know how much it matters to others but I’d rather unrushed titles rather than rushed ones, if they happen to come out around November they are over or under developed to be released at that time js

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. No exclusives is the opposite of “we care about encouraging people to buy this underpowered cable box.”

    2. An extra one, maybe. Consoles have always been bundled with a controller and sold at the base price. “Not all games need a controller.” Lololololololol

    4. Yes, I imagine if you applied it to something with some actual academic rigour you’d look like even more of a berk. Still waiting for those credentials btw.

    5. Just as well you didn’t refute anything then, Doctor Gobshite.

    7. Really stings your ass that little Nintendo has better games than the Shitbox Done and its useless billions, doesn’t it? Off the top of my head: Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet, Guilty Gear, Bloodborne, Helldivers. Note how I used active, relevant IP and not corpses that have been dead for a decade like Lost Odyssey, Kameo and Perfect Dark. But then you’re well trained in trying to make the Shitbox brand look better than it is.

    Hahah. Still trying to talk up limited emulation. Looks like “hype” for that had fallen away already now everyone knows what the small print is.

    Just type in your name, Doctor Gobshite. Far easier than having to post a load of crap.

  • 1. Wrong. Xbox had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in
    2014, and more in 2015.

    2. That doesn’t mean they don’t contribute to the cost. Seriously, Econ 101, buddy. Any Kinect game doesn’t require a controller. Other games only require voice or touch controls. You’re lost.

    4. You did not. Send me your address and I’ll pass along that info.

    5. Nope.

    7. Nintendo has nothing to do with this discussion. It’s called a digression, and a pathetic one at that, given the context and your previous claims.

    No, they aren’t. Check the list of genres listed above. Forza is the highest-rated racing franchise of all time. Minecraft is the most popular game of all time. Sony doesn’t own Bloodborne but even if it did, that genre wasn’t on the list either.

    Yes, that is the outcome. Do your research.

    CinemaBlend is a farce and so are you.

  • 1. You didn’t disassembly anything except your already thin credibility.
    2. Controllers cost money to make. Those costs drive up the cost of any console they’re bundled with. Econ 101. The Kinect, like any peripheral, also drives up the cost of anything it’s bundled with. This isn’t the GRE. It’s pretty simple: things cost money.
    4. Please provide your home mailing address and a SASE and I will gladly mail you my credentials. In the meantime, please read some published work on socioeconomic exchange theory to get familiar with my scientific contributions. Thanks.
    5. Your nescience has produced denial. It’s embarrassing to watch. You’re out of your league here.
    7. No, we were never talking about the “best” anything. We were talking about which company–Microsoft or Sony–had a stronger lineup of AAA exclusive games for their respective platforms. If you cannot even follow a simple discussion, stop wasting my time. Microsoft Studios is one of the strongest publishers in the world, with a much broader swath of games than Sony puts out. If we limit it to the launch of 8th-gen consoles, the gap is even more conspicuous. Nintendo never had anything to do with this discussion. You trying to tag-team them in simply undermines your already0weak argument.

    Backwards compatibility and HoloLens were the two biggest stories coming out of E3 2015, according to content analyses of mainstream news publications. Let me know when you pull of engineering feats like either one. Until then, seriously, just shut up. You sound like an obnoxious child, consumed by envy. It’s not flattering.

  • 1. This comment was devoid of meaningful substance. Save your words if you have nothing substantial to say.

    2. This is a digression. The original discussion was about whether a bundled controller contributes to the price of the console SKU it’s bundled with. The answer is: it does. Kinect is the greatest motion-caming peripheral of all time. Mocking the packaging of military-grade technology to the masses simply undermines your credibility.

    4. You don’t get a PhD and somehow still be stupid enough to post personally identifiable information online, genius. Probably the only thing stupider than that is someone repeatedly asking for it to be done. You’re either incredibly naive or incredibly annoying.

    5. Xbox became device agnostic back in 2010, long before Phil Spencer got control of the brand. It’s a brilliant move: the only dumb part about it is that it took them so long to go all in. Microsoft is the only company in a position to unify their gaming brand across all devices: computers, tablets, consoles, smart phones, and HoloLens. Game. Set. Match.

    7. That was the original topic, but not the topic to Sub-point #7. Stay with me. I know it’s hard to follow complex discussions, as is evident by your digressions and non-sequiturs. Regardless, if you want to return to that, we can certainly do so, but we’ve already established that Xbox wins the AAA exclusive war. They had more in 2013, more in 2014, and are set to have more in 2015 as well. I can re-post them for you again, if that helps, but I recommend just scrolling up and having your mom help you read.

    Content analyses of mainstream news coverage following E3 reveal that Microsoft–particularly HoloLens Minecraft and backwards compatibility–dominated E3 press coverage. It was a rout, actually, just like the actual conference. Sony’s was one of the weakest in years.

  • 1. They are facts. Anyone who knows hot to count and follow basic operationalization schema know that. It’s not my fault you lack the methodological training and intellectual skills needed for basic addition.

    2. It doesn’t matter if they’re loss-leaders or not. They still contribute to the cost of the bundle. Econ 101, Logic 101. Go to your local community college and sign up for those classes. You badly need them.

    4. So you’re are afraid. Quite a pity, but not a surprise. You’re all talk. I was really looking forward to stopping by.

    5. My timeline has always been right. Games For Windows Live did not carry the Xbox branding in the way that Xbox for Windows Phone and Xbox for Windows 8 did.

    No one can follow your convoluted, serpentine digressions and non-sequiturs that compose your “argumement”, not even you. You’re a terrible writer and an even worse debater. Nothing is being shuttered. Those services still exist. They still work on Xbox One. Xbox One is still a media hub. You’re lost and your “arguments” are moot.

    7. I did provide it: Microsoft received statistically signifantly more mainstream media attention for their E3 announcements than Sony did. This is proven via content analyses in the form of text mining press coverage and social media analytics. This is the proof. Now, if you’d like to see that on your own mahcine, I am offering to do your homework for you by teaching you, pro bono, six figures below my pay grade, how to replicate the results. Are you ready to eat crow? Start by following the steps I delineated already and then I’ll hold your hand through the rest, including writing the programming code needed to conduct the analyses.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. Already dismantled it, Doctor Gobshite. Stay in denial though, only thing it does is make you look like more of a jebend.

    2. It does if it hikes up the RRP or not. But we’ve already seen you badly miss the point or willingly try and change the subject so this point going the way it has is wholly unsurprising.

    4. Haha, what is that? Some internet tough guy attempt? Yeah, you aren’t published.

    5. Neither does Windows 10. At least this time MS isnt dumb enough to charge

  • 1. Incorrect. The only thing you dismantled was your razor-thin credibility. I’ll re-post the list of AAA exclusives on Xbox so far and we can go through them again, one-by-one, if necessary. Just say please. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Xbox had more AAA exclusives in 2013, more in 2014, and is set to have more in 2015, than the PS4. Facts.
    2. No, you’ve missed the point (again). Here it is: bundling extra equipment drives up the price of the bundle. That is a fact.
    4. Provide your address and I’ll mail you all of my publications.
    5. Yes, Windows 10 carries Xbox branding. See the official Xbox app, see the games demarcated with Xbox branding, see those same games have Xbox achievements and employ Xbox Live. These are facts.
    Disproving your lies is not “deflection”. You insinuated that Xbox One is no longer a media hub because of a forthcoming renaming of two media apps. That’s an asinine insinuation: those apps still function just as they always have. It’s still a media hub.
    7. It is proof. I ran the content analyses. Those are the results. I’ve offered several times to walk you through the methods so that you can independently confirm them. You’ve ignored this generous offer every time: put up or shut up. Accept my offer and see for yourself. But we all know you won’t, and we all know why you won’t: you’re a poseur.

  • 1. Xbox One destroys PS4 every year in AAA exclusives. Go grab a box of tissues and then start reading:

    2013 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Forza Motorsport 5
    2. Killer Instinct
    3. Dead Rising 3
    4. Ryse
    5. Zoo Tycoon
    6. Crimson Dragon
    7. Lococycle
    8. Xbox Fitness
    9. Zumba Fitness World Party
    10. Fighter Within
    11. PowerStar Golf
    12. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
    13. Peggle 2 (timed)
    14. Halo: Spartan Assault

    2014 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (timed)
    2. Titanfall
    3. Kinect Sports Rivals
    4. Dance Central Spotlight
    5. Dark Dreams Don’t Die
    6. Forza Horizon 2
    7. Project Spark
    8. Fantasia: Music Evolved
    9. Sunset Overdrive
    10. Halo: MCC
    11. Shape Up
    12. Kalimba

    2015 AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Ori and the Blind Forest
    2. ScreamRide
    3. State of Decay
    4. Rare Replay
    5. Gears of War Ultimate
    6. Forza Motorsport 6
    7. Fable Legends
    8. Gigantic
    9. Halo 5
    10. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    2016+ AAA Exclusives on Xbox, Not on PS4, First on Xbox
    1. Quantum Break
    2. Scalebound
    3. Sea of Thieves
    4. ReCore
    5. Forza Horizon 3
    6. Crackdown

    Poor PS4.

    2. Kinect is the best-selling gaming peripheral of all time, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time, and the most advanced mainstrea motion-control camera on the market. Calling it “shitty” just makes you look like a nescient moron. Invent something better.

    Great: glad you admit that bundling controllers drives up the price of SKUs. Good job.

    4. Send your address, and I’ll gladly send you the information you seek. What are you afraid of? Not so tough once we take away your armchair anonymity, I see.

    5. Wrong. Windows Phone 7 (2010), Windows 8 (2012), and Windows Phone 8 (2012) all carried Xbox branding for select games.

    If your argument is that the Xbox brand is being abandoned then you are flat out wrong, as CEO Satya Nadella called Xbox key to Microsoft’s future. Read it and weep: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-one-games-and-hololens-are-key-for-microsofts/1100-6428459/

    7. Are you seriously that obtuse? This isn’t a “search”. This is original, statistical research. And I’m offering to hold your hand through the entire process so you can replicate the results and eat crow. Seriously, it is like I’m conversing with a kitten with a brain tumor. I summarized the results for you in previous posts (hint: Xbox Won) and offered, numerous times, to teach you how to replicate the analyses so that you can confirm the results for yourself. There is no magic link to provide you. You will have to actually do some work here, like a real researcher instead of a baby bird who merely regurgitates methodologically flawed crap from the Internet. Geezus. At first I thought you were just playing dumb because you knew you’d be eating crow and wanted to try to delay the inevitable, but now I realize youre too obtuse to even understand what I was talking about, making me wonder why I’m wasting my time talking to someone six figures below my pay grade. Oy ve. Community college would be a good place for you to start.

  • 1. You didn’t address anything. You merely curated the list without explanation. Explain yourself. You also failed to provide an annual list of AAA exclusive PS4 games that are not on Xbox and came first to PS4. Ergo, that was a comparison of nothing.

    2. Kinect is the best-selling video game peripheral of all time, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time, and the most advanced mainstream motion-controlled device on the market. No where else in the world can you buy that technology for $100. Ergo, the premium is justified.

    4. I can prove it. I just need your mailing address to send you the publications.

    5. Wrong: cross-buy, cross-play, cross-sync via the cloud. Try again.

    This is a digression and has nothing to do with Xbox. Terminating redudant positions is what healthy corporations do.

    7. What would copying and pasting output provide without context? You’d just idiotically dismiss it (without even understanding it) and pull off one of your classic non-sequiturs. I’m avoiding that this time around by making it 100% impossible for you to dismiss the results by walking you through the analyses. What are you so afraid of? Oh, I know, being exposed as a poseur.

  • 1. Wrong. That was the list of AAA Xbox exclusives. Xbox One had more in 2013, more in 2014, and more in 2015. You’ve never posted anything proving otherwise.
    2. There are more Kinect games for Xbox One than there are FPS games for PS4. I guess PS4 is “gimmicky shit with no FPS games”, by your logic.
    4. I’ll be happy to mail you a list of every publication and where to find it. I just need your mailing address.
    5. Halo: Spartan Assault launched as Xbox games for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 with cross-sync features long before they came to Xbox One.
    I’ll listen to the CEO of Microsoft before I listen to a nemesh like you.
    7. Are you really that obtuse? A screen shot proves nothing. I could steal it from anywhere or easily fabricate it. That you are even asking for such non-evidence is proof that you are not qualified to even be having this discussion. I’m offering to hold your hand through the entire process so that you can replicate the results yourself, making it impossible for you to deny them. Are you going to continue to digress so that you can try to save face or are you going to man up, swallow your pride, and eat some crow? Stop being a coward and accept the challenge.

  • 1. Great, now we’re getting some where. You conceded so we can move on now that you’ve stopped ignoring reality: Xbox One has more AAA exclusives than PS4. Proceeding to the next issues.

    2. We’re in an endless loop because you keep vomiting out the same fallacies, requiring me to point out the holes in your logic.

    4. It’s mind-boggling how obtuse and hypocritical you are. Regarding the former, me linking you to random articles published online is not proof of anything, so it’s moronic that you keep requesting that. Regarding the latter, it’s cynical for you to expect me to eschew anonymity while you do not (regardless of the fact that what you’re requesting is meaningless).

    5. Cross-sync is integration. That’s one platform; one account; one Gamerscore. Those are inarguable facts.

    7. The more I converse with you the more astonished I become at how obtuse you are. It’s impressive, actually. What you’re asking for is the equivalent of “taking [my] mindless word for it”, nitwit. You want me to post a screenshot that could easily be fabricated or filched. That’s called “taking your mindless word for it”. It doesn’t prove anything. In contrast, I’m offering the exact opposite of that: I’m offering to assist you in conducting the analyses so that you have no grounds to dismiss them. Don’t be a hypocrite: put up or shut up. I’ve put up on my end, now follow through with it.

  • 1. You didn’t provide a detailed explanation of your operationalization of your curated list, nor did you provide a comparable list of PS4 exclusives. Unless you do these things, you’ve conceded.

    No, you didn’t. All you did was reveal that you don’t understand socioeconomic exchange theory.

    2. Everything I write is cogent. That you don’t understand basic logic is the reason we’re in a loop. I’ll keep repeating these facts until you comprehend them.

    4. Two things. First, you’re a hypocrite. You demand others reveal their identity but you won’t reveal yours. Second, you’re obtuse. Linking to a published work online isn’t proof that the linker is the author of the published work. It only proves that the linker knows how to copy and paste hyperlinks. That you’re even asking for this as evidence indicates you’re not intelligent enough to be conversing with doctors, or even high school graduates.

    5. Wrong. It started in 2010.

    7. Sentence fragments aside, the fact that you are requesting non-evidence is evidence enough of how obtuse you are. In contrast, I’ve repeatedly offered you instructions on how to replicate the analyses first-hand. That you continue to dodge this generous offer belies your quest for accurate information.

  • I’ve searched for your list. Not once have you provided a list of all AAA PS4 exclusives from 2013, from 2014, and from 2015. You haven’t done this because you already know the Xbox One list bests it and you don’t want to eat crow.

    If a device with more games for it than the PS4 has in one of the most popular genres in the industry is “dead”, then the PS4 is dead. You need to take a course in logic.

    What I’ve written above regarding socioeconomic exchange theory is evidence enough that I’m educated in the subject matter. What you wrote in response to that is evidence that you’re lost in the woods. My demonstrated expertise and understanding of the empirical and theoretical evidence on the subject matter speak for themselves, as do your clueless rejoinders. Furthermore, that you don’t even understand how the evidence you request does not constitute evidence is just further proof that you’re out of your league here. Even a junior high schooler knows what does or does not constitute irrefutable evidence.

    You’ve done no such thing. You’ve merely ignored facts and then attempted to shout your way past them. It won’t work with me. I don’t tolerate ignorance. I’ll re-state these facts as many times as necessary.

    I’ve kindly offered to walk you through the entire process of replicating the analyses for the sole purpose of watching you eat crow when you cannot dismiss the results that you will have recreated on your own machine. Either accept the challenge or shut up. You asking for non-evidence only makes you look scared or stupid.

  • Xbox One has more AAA exclusives than PS4. They had more in 2013, had more in 2014, and are set to have more in 2015. These are facts.
    This paragraph was devoid of meaning.
    Nothing I wrote can be found on a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia is not a valid source.
    This paragraph was also devoid of meaning.
    Since you’re too cowardly to accept the challenge, despite my generous pro bono offer, I’ll give you the screenshot evidence you’ve been begging for. Here you go, champ: a content analysis via text mining of mainstream news outlets, using inverse document frequency weighting. Sorry to break it to you, but Microsoft won E3. Don’t choke on the crow. Sinew can be tough to masticate:

  • Revolver Ocelot

    More denial. Yep, keep telling yourself that, coip. We’ve demonstrated the Shitbox time and time again has no games and all you have is your empty insistence. Poor coip. :)

    Your entire worthless existence is devoid of meaning, shill.

    And you yet you still provide no proof of your so-called scholarship. Yep, you’ve got that Wikipedia glow to you, coip.

    As before.

    Oh coip, I gave you so long to put some effort in and once again you’ve failed to pass the smell test. One bar graph with no context, no methodology, no attempt to show your own working like I asked. When the highest you can get to for your unknown frequency is 40, we know you’re half-assing it. But hey, at least we all know your commitment to your so-called scholarship.

    Your embarrassment is complete, coip.

  • Fantastic! You’ve completely outed yourself as a poseur with just the response I was hoping for: one that reveals your nescience and lack of methodological training. I listed the context and the method behind (the fact that you mix up the words method and methodology is already evidence enough, amusingly). Furthermore, for more than a week I offered to fully walk you through the entire replication process–i.e. “showing one’s work” to a tee–but you tried to stall and digress because you knew you’d be humiliated. Now that you’ve been presented with the results you have, predictably, tried to dismiss them even though you clearly don’t understand them, as is evident by the fact that you’re incorrectly claiming that no context was provided or method was listed, even though both were, and furthermore by the fact that you don’t understand how to interpret the y-axis: it’s a weighted inverse document frequency, Einstein. Forty doesn’t mean forty.

  • You didn’t ask for a “proper results table” (whatever that is). And for you “to analyze”? Oh my. That’s adorable seeing as how you couldn’t even understand basic text mining output and clearly exposed yourself as a fraud. But I’ll tell you what: my pro bono reproducibility offer still stands. I’ll still hold your hand through then entire process. You can orgasm all over your “results tables” (here’s a shocker: the results will be the same whether in text form or visual form). Truth is you doubled down on your own logic trap and the dealer just pulled 21. You’re chips are gone. The girl just left. And the cocktail waitress isn’t bringing you drinks any more. It’s game over for you: you gambled and you got embarrassed, badly. You agreeing to reproduce the results will make the house’s victory even sweeter. You going to man up this time or continue to deflect like the insecure coward that you are?

  • The graph was a screen capture, bub. I offered you, more than a dozen times, in advance, all of the step-by-step directions, which would’ve included all of the information you are now, retroactively, scrambling for. The “mainstream media outlets” involve all major newspapers in the English-speaking world, as captured by the New York Times Developer API. I already explained the “low numbers”: it’s not a frequency; it’s a weighted inverse document frequency. If you knew anything about content analyses and text mining, you’d have understood that the first two times I told you. Why are you embarrassing yourself by continually exposing yourself like that?

    Fantastic! Hook, line, and sinker. Let’s get started:
    1. Start by downloading R (you’ll want the 64-bit version) on a machine with at least 8GB of RAM: https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/
    2. Gain access to the New York Times Developer API to gather the data (http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/read/article_search_api_v2), searching the archives for the week of E3 2015.
    3. Pull that data into R and then install and run the tm package.
    4. Convert the text data into a corpus, then convert it into a document term matrix using tf-idf, removing English stop words.
    5. Cry when you realize that not only did Microsoft win E3, but even Minecraft alone along fared better than Sony.

    Those are the core steps. I’ll give you more detailed instructions as you progress (sine the R code alone equates to several pages of text), it’s better to piecemeal it. Get as far as you can on your own and let me know when you get stuck. Buena suerte.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Maybe the sentence “show your working” is too difficult for you. No doubt it is, considering your nature as a fraudster. Alas I am perfectly aware of a weighted inverse document frequency, it means you found a grand total of 40 individual Shitbox articles, which is in the grand scheme of things, sod all.

    Checked out that API. WOW, it’s nothing in terms of range of sources. Hopefully it doesn’t include the laughable LA Times who couldn’t get crucial details right in 2014 (http://www.destructoid.com/-nintendo-s-white-playstation-4-debuts–276493.phtml). Try that as representative of wider opinion and you’d get laughed at. But then we always know about your pisspoor approach to scholarship.

    Hopefully those few mainstream outlets printed the SHOCKING revelation that Hololens is aimed at enterprise and not gaming, making that misleading demonstration of theirs ultimately pointless. Then again I guess they had to fill out that conference with something.

  • No, the sentence “show your working” doesn’t make any sense. If you mean “show your work”, then that is what I’ve literally offered for you more than a dozen times over. But, seeing as how you’re too obtuse to know that, attached you’ll find an excerpt of my work.
    Wrong. That is not what inverse document frequency weighting means. If you had bothered to actually try to pull the data from the New York Times Dev API you’d have seen exactly how many articles there are (hint: way more than 40). Furthermore, the data are complete; they’re not limited by scope (e.g. “Xbox articles”). The more you open your mouth the more it gets filled with crows’ feathers. You’re so far out of your league here that it’s almost pitiable to watch you expose yourself like this. Almost. Ultimately, it’s still oh-so-satisfying.
    You clearly did not check out the API or you’d have known that it covers nearly all major newspapers since it incorporates Reuters and the Associated Press, among other newspapers and aggregators.
    Did you just cite a Destructoid article as evidence of a superior approach to scholarship? You are beyond hope.
    Oh look, another digression. I guess it’s good to see that your reading comprehension skills are consistently lacking, rather than sporadically so. Mr. Nadella qualified those words with “at first” and then reaffirmed the importance of gaming to HoloLens. Don’t be so upset that Minecraft and HoloLens separately scored higher than Sony and Playstation did combined in the analyses. Furthermore, limiting revolutionary technology like HoloLens to something as trivial as gaming would be foolish–but fools like you don’t see this.

    Have you even completed Step 1 yet? Because you clearly haven’t completed Step 2.

  • You don’t understand what the word ‘cuckold’ means.
    No, that’s not what it shows at all. Seriously, this is, what, the fourth time now you’ve pretended to know what tf-idf means and each time you’ve gotten it wrong. Why would you not research that before replying so you could at least pretend you know what it means? Again, let me reiterate, forty doesn’t mean forty and it has nothing to do with the number of sources. The raw data comprised thousands of articles. The dirt walls of the hole you dug yourself into are caving in.
    You also clearly didn’t check–or you did and don’t understand–the NYT Dev API. There are way more than three sources, and two of those sources (Reuters and AP) are the biggest newswires in the world, themselves encompassing countless sources). You further embarrass yourself with every reply by exposing yourself as an uneducated poseur who doesn’t understand common research methods.
    I find far more errors in every Destructoid article I read. Regardless, that error is irrelevant to the discussion at hand, and you metioning it–twice now–is a fallacy. It would’ve helped Sony’s weak results, actually. Not enough, though, as they couldn’t even score as high as Minecraft. Ouch.
    Oh you don’t have an API key? I thought you just said that you checked out the API details. Not fully, apparently, as you don’t even have access.
    Digression, digression, digression, digression. Where are you on your homework assignment? Have you even downloaded R yet? Step 1 still? Really? You can digress all you want, but I’ll reign you back in every time. Cowardice is not admirable. Own up to the challenge so we can all finish watching you choke on crow.

  • Well then look it up again because you’re flat out wrong. You are in over your head and don’t understand basic text mining methods, yet you’re desperately trying to pretend that you do. Anyone who knows the methods, though, will read your replies and laugh at you. Forty doesn’t mean forty.
    Right, because reading the first sentence constitutes thorough research. Do you want a medal for reading the first sentence? The NYT Dev API comprises all major mainstream news publications from the English-speaking world. Let me repeat: there is no more robust archive. Not one.
    Put them in context? Do you know nothing about text mining? Please list your approved method for analyzing data. I can’t wait to hear it. Where’d you get your methodological training? Remedial Math 001 at your local community college?
    The error listed in the LA Times article you cherry-picked has no bearing on the text-mining analysis I conducted, “you moron”, and the outlet has much more esteem in the journalism world than “Destructoid”. Geezus, you’re a hot mess right now–reaching for anything you can as the dirt collapses around you.
    The irony of someone who has buried himself in a hole trying to desperately deny reality just to defend his weird Stockholm Syndrome obsessive love for Sony accusing a scientist who proved him wrong of being a “fanboy” is hilarious.
    If you’re not even intelligent enough to get your own API key, you’re not intelligent enough to converse with me, let alone beg me for favors. Have you completed Step 1 yet? Of course not. Because you do nothing but talk. You’ve not once offered anything of substance.

  • Again, that’s not what it means. I didn’t think anyone could possibly be this bad at basic research, but this is like your sixth attempt to understand inverse document frequency weighting and you still don’t have a clue what it means. It has nothing to do with how many “whole examples” there are. You embarass yourself further with every reply you make.

    You don’t understand what the description means, nor that descriptions are compendiums. Their own example on the page confirms that it comprises the most complete archive of newspaper sources in the English-speaking world. But, hey, clearly you’re the expert in text mining here, so why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and suggest a better data source. I’ll gladly analyze that one for your too.

    As I suspected, you have no idea how to text mine. Subjective determinations of “context” are anathema to the objectivity of science. Even if it were possible to sift through thousands of articles and individually code them for “context”, that would only result in warped, subjective results. You’re lost.

    Cherry-picking one minor error–one that had no bearing on the results–and therefore concluding that a farcical outlet like Destructoid is more reliable and prestigious is not only a fallacy, but it’s asinine. You have zero credibility.

    Wrong. That’s called legitimacy. It’s a long-tested concept in the social sciences and has enormous effects on all sectors of society. You clearly have never taken a social science course.

    Send me your home mailing address and I’ll mail you by API Key. Or, better yet, you can stop stalling and get one yourself: http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/reference/keys

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Inverse document frequency weighting = “Raw term frequency as above suffers from a critical problem: all terms
    are considered equally important when it comes to assessing relevancy on
    a query. In fact certain terms have little or no discriminating power
    in determining relevance. For instance, a collection of documents on the
    auto industry is likely to have the term auto in almost every document.
    To this end, we introduce a mechanism for attenuating the effect of
    terms that occur too often in the collection to be meaningful for
    relevance determination. An immediate idea is to scale down the term
    weights of terms with high collection frequency, defined to be the total number of occurrences of a term in the collection. The idea would be to reduce the weight of a term by a factor that grows with its collection frequency.” Yep, clears out all the chaff to give a more representative result. And it only got to 40. God, you are thick, cuckold coip.

    “Bu bu but that’s not what it means!!!” Literally right there, in plain English. It seems the only person who doesn’t understand here is you. The example consisted of the newspaper, the newspaper’s international version, Reuters and AP. What a sad cross-section to try and gather some kind of market-wide reaction.

    Yes it does. You can pull the word “Xbone” out of a thousand articles and try and fashion some kind of win out of that but if 90% of those articles are about how much of a joke the console is, you’ve backfired big time. You seem to think the world operates in some kind of bubble. Understandable, considering how much time you’ve spent in one, cuckold coip.

    Pretty major error if they can’t get the name of one of three console manufacturers attached to the console they produce. Didn’t say Destructoid was more reliable either – I used that to show you what happened. But hey, here’s GameTrailers if it makes you less butthurt. http://www.gametrailers.com/news-post/75815/la-times-thinks-the-white-playstation-4-is-nintendos-new-console

    No, it’s appeal to authority, a rhetorical fallacy that if used in an academic thesis would get it laughed into the landfill. More and more you expose yourself as a fraudster, making basic logical mistakes a first year undergraduate wouldn’t make.

    Home mailing address? This isn’t 1953. Post it here so I can copy paste it into the code. No one else is here so no one else will steal it. Stop digressing and let me do what you want me to do. Come on, cuckold coip. You’re so desperate for vindication.

    Keep floundering and flailing as you attempt to rehabilitate your substandard attempt at scholarship. Maybe after you can go back to begging Disqus for a Windows Phone app.

  • That is a classic: that was the line that exposed you as a poseur, pretending to understand a basic concept and then giving the incorrect answer 6 times over. That was brutal to watch, but oh-so-satisfying when you kept doubling down on your own incompetence.

    I gave you all the instructions you need. You’re stalling because you know you don’t have the IQ to pull it off.

    The guy who failed 6 times over to understand a simple methodological concept is trying to belittle scientific disciplines that are millennia old. Classic.

    Here’s an idea: you could stop stalling and sign up for an API Key yourself so we can get started watching you fail.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yep, can’t adequately explain your poor results. Though unsurprising, we’ve known you were a fraud for weeks.

    I have the instructions. You are impeding my ability to follow them. Stop digressing and allow me to falsify your precious work, lest you get dismissed as a crank for the eighth and final time.

    And yet you can’t explain how this “scientific” concept is being researched by non-scientific academics. Follow that up with another appeal to authority and I’m wondering why you’re still wasting your time trying to cover your incompetence with more incompetence.

    I don’t fancy wasting money on an NYT subscription just to be proved of what I already know. Give me your API key or I will take that as your admittance that you are a liar and a cad. :)

  • I already told you how to interpret it (proportionally). But this is actually the first time you’ve swallowed you pride, stopped embarrassing yourself by guessing incorrectly six times over, and asked for an explanation. It’s simple: first, you calculate the logarithmically scaled term frequency as one plus the log of the raw term frequency, then you calculate the logarithmically scaled ratio of the document frequency containing a given term, and the final weight is the quotient of the two.

    Your intellectual impotence is the only thing impeding you. I’m facilitating. You have the instructions, so follow them.

    The scientific concept of legitimacy is researched in myriad ways in dozens of fields, and has been for millenia. You can’t even understand one simple method (text mining). Now you want a list of every method ever used to study legitimacy? Go sign up for a sociology or political science class. While you’re at it, sign up for Introduction to Logic, as you don’t know what ‘appeal to authority’ means.

    Any legitimate university or library has a NYT subscription, beggar. Stop stalling. The sooner you start the sooner we can all watch you fail. You haven’t even completed Step #1 yet.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    There’s that awful reading comprehension of yours again. YOU can’t adequately explain your poor results. Range that low would get laughed at by any serious academic. But you’re not a serious academic, are you? You’re a fraud.

    No, your constant failure to give me what I need is impeding me. Cone on, cuckold coip.

    There’s that appeal to authority again. Of course, you can’t explain how a non-scientific field can be scientific. Hence your trying to shuffle me off to sociology, another non-science. You aren’t very good at this, cuckold coip.

    Again, more deflection, typical of cuckold coip. Give me your API key. If you cannot, give me your university’s API key. Stop being worthless for one day in your life. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    So don’t put an number irrelevant to the issue at hand. When you can’t even explain the dodgy results of your own graphs, you’ve duffed up, cuckold coip. Come back when you think of a decent way to hype up the Shitbox. Then again it’s no surprised a cuckold as muddled as you can produce work as muddled as that.

    Yeah, you’ve gave me instructions. I followed them. I can’t go on without an API key. Provide it so I use it once, humiliate you, and move on. :)

    Yes, cuckold coip, keep exposing how little you know about academia when you try and call the humanities “sciences.” Protip: they aren’t. Then again when you have difficulty understanding a rhetorical concept 13 year olds learn at school it’s hardly surprising when you expose your core lack of understanding of the academic setting. That’ll be because you’re a fraud. :)

  • @youareflatoutwrong:disqus and @coip:disqus Guys, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but you’re the last two left; the last two keeping the lights on. Since neither of you are backing down maybe it’s time to call it quits?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Yeah, this has all become pretty pointless. coip pretty much got shut down a long time ago. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to know how to be dignified.

  • Wrong. The NYT Dev API covers thousands of sources.

    It omits context for a reason: scientific objectivity. Subjective coding of subjective writings is anathema to empirical science.

    Statistically speaking, you’ve demonstrated that you don’t understand statistics.

    You don’t have to spend any money: any decent university or library has free access. If you want my API Key, send me your mailing address. I am not risking my account for your incompetency.

    Social sciences are not humanities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_sciences
    Social sciences use the scientific method, mathematics, and statistics to conduct quantitative, empirical research, as do many researchers in the humanities too.
    Any other fallacies you’d like eviscerated?

  • No, that’s another example of you denying reality. Everything I say is easily fact-checked by anyone with an ounce of investigative competence.

    “You can’t be objective over something subjective, especially when you have to make conclusions based on that subjectivity.” This is coming from the same criticaster who was harping on “context, context, context”? Your self-contradictions are seemingly endless. This is exactly why I chose the text mining method I did: it’s objective. There is no subjectivity in numbers.

    “Considering your inability to properly evaluate statistics.” This is coming from the poseur who, eight times over, incorrectly interpreted the inverse document frequency weight? How ironic. It’s painfully obvious that you’ve received no methodological or statistical training.

    You could’ve signed up for 3 dozen API Keys in the time you’ve spent stallling over this one. Then again, you still haven’t even concluded Step #1, so it’s no surprise you haven’t been able to figure out Step #2.

    They’re not humanities, but even if they were, you’d still be wrong, because many academics in the humanities also use the scientific method and quantitative analyses to conduct their research.

    Legitimacy is more than a legal concept, might I add. It’s also a sociopolitical one. Your nescience regarding of millenia-old disciplines and millenia-old concepts is only burnishing the Statue of Humility that you’ve erected for yourself in the town square.

    It’s not surprising you learn your fallacies form dubious sources like Wikipedia, because you clearly don’t understand what they mean or how they’re applied. You’re as incompetent at logic as you are in research methodology.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I did check the facts, it says there in the developer page the limits of that API.

    No contradiction there, loser. My central argument has been the same this whole time. Funny thing is, your beloved objectivity you cling to doesn’t match the reality, so you aren’t being objective at all. You hide behind your numbers because if you did actual analysis you’d see the Xbone getting blown out hard.

    Clinging to his precious frequency while failing to match the inadequately-sourced data to his delusion and making conclusions based on a poor range of sources. That’s a lack of statistical training and a misuse of the scientific method.

    Could have, but that would be a waste of money. Give me your API key. Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t have one. You are a fraud. :)

    They are the humanities, and you can keep telling yourself that until you’re blue in the face.

    Not a scientific concept, then. Whoops! Thanks for confirming my arguments about your guff.

    There’s your reading comprehension in action. I said that’s what you had done, fool. Not an unreasonable conclusion to make considering you cited Wikipedia yourself a few posts ago. Your credibility is shot and your hypocrisy is exposed, coip.

  • No, it doesn’t. The entire catalog isn’t listed on the introduction page. You also don’t seem to know what Reuters and the AP are. The AP alone comprises thousands of sources, nitwit.

    I did the actual analyses. I provided you the output and the methodological description to replicate them. Numbers don’t lie: Microsoft won E3. You’re nescient criticasting of that only serves to expose you as a poseur, trapped by your own contradictions.

    Any decent university or library can provide you access free of charge. If you want my API Key, give me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you directly. Otherwise, stop stalling. I won’t let you weasel your way out of this. You talked the talk, now walk the walk so I can watch you choke on even more crow feathers.

    I’ll tell you what, if you can convince every university, think tank, NGO, and governmental organization in the world to re-taxonomize those fields from social sciences to humanities, then you can be right. Until then, you’re flat-out wrong and you just come off as a douchebag, quite frankly. Furthermore, even if you did convince every organization in the world to re-classify them as humanities, your point would still be moot because many academics in the humanities employ the scientific method to conduct their research.

    Legitimacy is a scientific concept, empirically tested and theoretically developed for millennia.

    Do I really need to point out the irony of you trying to talk about fallacies–a concept of logic, which is itself a subfield of philosophy, which is part of the humanities–while simultaneously trying to dismiss the humanities? I guess I do need to do that, since you’re too obtuse to realize you’ve once again caught yourself in a logic trap.

    Have you completed Step #1 yet?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    It says right there that it constitutes NYT articles. Try harder. I know exactly what Reuters and AP are, they are news agencies. They are not writing thousands of articles about E3 in a week.

    Nope. You merely established the NYT talked about the Shitbox and HoloLens (not gaming related) a lot. You did not establish if these references were done in a positive or negative fashion. Your thesis does not match your findings. That is a fallacy. This goes against the scientific method you pride yourself on. You have failed.

    Again, this is not the 1950s. Post it here and stop digressing.

    Don’t need to, they were already humanities. I can’t even call this an appeal to authority at all, because it isn’t. It’s just your usual mindless bullshit. Nor is legitimacy a scientific concept, something you don’t really seem to understand. Nor am I dismissing the humanities, I’m dismissing your inherent inability to recognise that they are not scientific fields because your lack of knowledge caused you to mesh them all together because, in your prejudice, that is what you thought they were. Another fallacy.

  • You clearly don’t know what they are, then, or you’d know that the AP alone comprises thousands of sources. They don’t write articles. They gather articles from thousands of other publications. You are really so ignorant that you don’t know this already, and you’re really that ignorant that you couldn’t have looked it up?

    No, I demonstrated that the entire English-speaking news world talked more about the Xbox, HoloLens (gaming related, since it happened at E3 and showed off a demo to a video game called Minecraft), Minecraft, Halo, Tomb Raider, Gears of Ware, Rare, and backwards compatibility than they talked about any of Sony’s crap offerings. No one cares about a multi-platform remake of a two-decade-old niche game that is another two years away. They care about holographic computing, Minecraft, and backwards compatibility. The text mining analyses proved that.

    Give me your address or go to the library. Stop stalling.

    So you’re right but Harvard (and every other university in the world) is wrong for having a social sciences division (http://socialscience.fas.harvard.edu/)? Yeah, it’s pretty obvious you don’t understand what legitimacy is.

    Legitimacy is a scientific concept, empirically tested for millennia. That you are ignorant of those studies and the methods behind them is irrelevant. Many academics in the social sciences and humanities employ the scientific method to their research. Ergo, they are science and you’re an idiot. Try arguing with the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (http://www.nsf.gov/dir/index.jsp?org=SBE) and let me know how far you get. Seeing as how you haven’t even gotten past Step #1 in your little homework assignment tells me you won’t get very far.

  • Wrong. The AP is a cooperative, comprising more than a thousand-and-a-half publications in the U.S. alone.

    My thesis was supported by the data: Microsoft had a more noteworthy E3. The data comprise a great deal more than four sources. If you knew anything of the NYT Dev API, you’d know this, and you merely look like a fool trying to argue otherwise. Go sign up for your API key, run the analyses I’ve generously offered to help you with, pro bono, and see for yourself.

    Context is anathema to objective science. That is not proper a proper research method. There is a reason that scientists developed text mining the way that they did. No one cares if some author at some paper “cares” more about Sea of Thieves than Shenmue 3. And no one cares about some scientist’s subjective interpretation of that author’s subjective opinion. That’s not science. Science is objective, and that’s how text mining is done.

    That’s a lie. I’ve done nothing but bend over backwards trying to help you replicate the analysis, but all you do is stall. How about you provide evidence of you completing Step #1?

    The URLs work fine. It’s not my fault you’re using a crappy browser incapable of following a simple hyperlink.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    AP is a wire service that produces articles which are republished. There are not thousands of different articles about E3. Deal with it.

    Oh, you’ve changed your thesis. Noteworthy in that its content was weak and many of their “megatons’ had massive caveats attached to them, then Sony came along hours later and ate their lunch. Congratulations for confirming my thesis.

    Keep repeating it, coip, it doesn’t make it true. Loser. :)

    Funny watching you deny context and analysis as a key part of the method. Your data does not exist in a bubble, but I can see why you would want to keep it like that so you can deny the Xbone got blown out.

    Produce the API key, fraud.

    “They work for me.” When both link to “page not found,” you haven’t proven anything other than you found something irrelevant.

  • I never said there were thousands of different articles about E3. Learn how to read. I said that the NYT Dev API comprises thousands of sources. Not every newspaper article from every newspaper in the week of E3 was writing about E3, you nitwit. That’s the point of text mining: weeding out the irrelevant work and tallying up the relevant stuff, and that’s also a reason for using inverse document frequency weighting–you know, that concept you failed, eight times over, to comprehend, just as you are now repeatedly failing to understand that the data source comprises thousands of sources.

    My thesis is the same: Microsoft won E3. They got more press coverage than Sony did, but quite a lot. That’s a fact. There are no caveats.

    Oh the irony of a criticaster trying to dismiss social sciences and humanities as “not real science” (they are) and then continually begging the scientist to inject subjectivity into the analyses. Not only is that anathema to the objectivity of science; it would also take a non-trivial amount of time to code all of those data. I tell you what, that’s a great follow-up project for you. Once you stop stalling and actually get an API Key, you can delineate (you don’t know what this word means, by the way, as is evident my your misusage of it in a previous post) your operationalization and then start manually coding “context” into the equation. Then you can post your results here and I can eviscerate them. I’ll give you a hint at what will happen: 99% of the data will be coded as “neutral”. These are newspaper articles at major publications, not op-eds at some puny online gaming blogs. Real journalists keep their opinions out of their articles, reporting only facts.

    I gave you the information necessary to get an API Key. If you’re not intelligent to complete even that step, there is no way you’ll be able to replicate the rest of the analysis, or even tie your own shoes.

    Again, the links work fine for me. It’s not my fault you use an inferior Web browser that can’t handle basic links. Even more pathetic than that, though, is that, despite having already provided you with the key words necessary to find the sources, you are unable to open a search engine and type in “National Science Foundation Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences” or “Harvard University Division of Social Science”. Even a kindergartener could’ve figured that out.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    So just the same article being republished over and over? Hahahaha! Even more sad watching you try and pull this garbage into some kind of respectability. I looked up the AP’s actual E3 coverage, it’s pretty meh on Xbone and talks up the PS4 a fair bit. Makes you look even more daft.

    Oh look, and we were getting somewhere before. Good job changing your thesis again. And it’s still wrong. Sorry.

    Not begging, cuck. Actually analysing the data and putting into context is a part of the scientific method. Like I said (and like you continue to deny) your data does not exist in a bubble. You can repeat the same buzzy lines all you want, makes up for the fact you can’t deliver what I ask, even if I did give you a mailing address. Here’s what people were actually looking at instead of isolated words – http://bigstory.ap.org/search/site/e3%202015, this one in particular will be of interest to you: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/ce987394b353491db1cd188c467c0e56/winners-and-losers-e3-video-game-show. I await your excuses.

    Maybe you should have thought of that before giving me pages which read “The page you tried to
    access does not exist on our site OR an internal error has
    occurred.” Too desperate to make non-scientific subjects look scientific, I guess. I actually looked into those links, by the way. Harvard’s FAS department features humanities subjects and the NSF link goes to the above quote. Thanks for confirming just how much of an MS shill you are – no one uses Bing.

  • If you think that the NYT Dev API comprises four sources, then you don’t understand what a source is. It comprises thousands of sources.
    My data already had everything the AP produced about E3. You’d have known that had you stopped stalling and actually conducted the replication analysis.
    My thesis has never changed: Microsoft won E3. An objective examination of the data support that.
    Again, find a new browser. Whatever one you’re using is incompetent, which, I guess, is actually quite fitting. The links work just fine in my browser. Then again, you’re not even intelligent enough to copy and paste key words into Bing and press enter.
    Post your address and I’ll send you my API Key. Otherwise, stop stalling and get your own key. I’ve already handed you enough freebies. Stop stalling, take your foot out of your mouth, and run the replication analyses that you begged for.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I don’t think, I know. The NYT, the International Herald Tribune (which is just the international version of the NYT anyway), AP and Reuters. If it’s the same articles laughing at the Xbone across thousands of sources, it just makes it worse for you.

    Apart from the context in which these words were used. I take it you haven’t clicked on the link to try and deny yourself the pain of total embarrassment. Here’s some choice cuts: “Sony’s announcement of a remake of 1997’s “Final Fantasy VII” drew rapturous applause. But there are still plenty of eye-catching new titles on the horizon, from the universe-spanning “No Man’s Sky, “Five years ago, Microsoft introduced its Kinect motion control device with a flamboyant E3 extravaganza starring Cirque du Soleil. This year? Kinect didn’t even merit a mention at Microsoft’s Xbox show. One presenter blurted a Kinect voice command, but the device itself doesn’t even appear in most pictures of the Xbox One,” (who’d trust MS’ empty words on peripherals now?) “Sony’s ‘Uncharted 4,’ ‘Last Guardian’ capture E3 attention,” “WINNER: Sony if the long-awaited “Last Guardian” lives up to its promise.”

    Well it’s the same as the last post you did. Not the same as the post before that. As you have failed to analyse the data, your conclusion is substandard and unacceptable. You present that in a formal academic article and you would get laughed at. But then we already know you’re still a high school student. Not going to address the fact that humanities subjects are under the Harvard “social sciences” umbrella? Of course you won’t, because you know you’ve lost.

    And we’re back to the 1950s. Are you really so obtuse you want to send API keys through snail mail? Post it here and stop delaying.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    There’s that classic coip reading comprehension again. And again! Obviously it escapes coip that if thousands of newspapers print the same article it means they’re getting the same piece about how the Xbone is a load of old guff.

    I’m providng you with what peoole are actually reading, not just isolated words you can use to try and lie to yourself about the Xbone getting blown out.

    Nope. Analysis of data and testing your thesis is a key part of the method. I can see why you would not want it to be though.

    Hahaha, this is an API key, not the contents of an intelligence dossier on a foreign power. Post it here and stop being a digressing dullard. Seems you can never quit getting humiliated either. Looks like it’s at least three times ITT. You’re looking pretty ridiculous.

  • And now we’re back to you still not understanding what inverse document frequency weighting is. That’s what, ten times now?

    You’re providing me with subjectively selected, cherry-picked excerpts of your subjective interpretations of someone else’s subjective interpretation of an electronics show. That buffoonery is completely irrelevant to science and wouldn’t even fly in a junior high school class. That’s why we have objective methods like text mining. You’re out of your league.

    I’ve offered you, for weeks now, guidance on analyzing the data and testing the hypothesis. I know why you keep stalling, though: 1. you aren’t intelligent enough to pull it off and think that by stalling you will somehow save face (wrong), 2. you’ve already seen the results and know that you’ve lost: Xbox Won.

    It’s just your home address, not the top secret location of a CIA bunker . Post it here and stop being a stalling stooge. The only person looking ridiculous is the cowardly subordinate who has digressed for weeks hoping that the superordinate would let slide the fact that he is stalling. I won’t. You talked the talk, now walk the walk. I get too much enjoyment from watching you choke on crow feathers, and now I want to watch as you slip and bruise your coccyx.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    “40 doesn’t mean 40.” Fantastic stuff. Round in circles with your duff scholarship, isn’t it? You rival a dog in terms of chasing your own tail. No doubt you have no concussion considering your multiple failures of logic, basic practice and reading comprehension.

    Nope, I’m committing a necessary part of the method. Four sources sending out articles published in hundreds of client news sites about how the Xbone disappointed once more and the PS4 blew you out and millions are reading them while you sit in your corner, bawling and screaming against the tide. Poor lad.

    Nope, your “more noteworthy” is rooted in your initial precious frequencies and isolated text scraping. “Better” came far later, even though it is impossible to discern such from your frankly lame data collection. Your refusal to do the necessary analysis speaks volumes. I won’t post my home address because I don’t want to give personal details to a psychopathic fanboy loser. Post it here, nice and fast, quick and easy. Hell, you can edit it out in a few days to deny it ever happened. Go on, coip. Put your money where you mouth is. Let your data be falsified. :)

  • The only reason I’ve repeated that fact is because you still don’t understand it. You’re the one chasing your own tail.
    The NYT Dev API comprises thousands of sources. Your continual insistence on lying about it merely indicate you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    More noteworthy = better.
    Instead of armchair criticasting like a buffoon, why don’t you come up with a “better” analysis then? At the moment, you’re merely a poseur who, trying to draw attention away from the fact that you’re out of your league, tosses out endless digressions and misinterpretations that, instead, expose yourself as a fraud. Put up or shut up: replicate the analysis yourself and, once you’ve done that, come up with a more scientifically valid analysis. Otherwise, stop embarrassing yourself and wasting everyone’s time with your nescience.
    So you’re a coward and a hypocrite. Glad you finally admitted that. So perhaps now it has finally entered into your tiny brain why I would never give you any of my PII, including my API Keys. I gave you instructions on how to get your own. Stop stalling and do it.

  • Wrong. Better means that having a more noteworthy conference is preferable to having a less noteworthy one. Being of “higher quality” is subjective, which is anathema to science and has no place here.
    Your N=1 subjective anecdote is statistically meaningless and merely exposes you as methodologically incompetent. You don’t understand science.
    Wrong. The NYT Dev API comprises more than NYT articles, the AP, and Reuters. Perhaps if you had signed up for an API Key and actually examined the data base, you’d know this. Regardless, the AP alone comprises more than a thousand sources. This is a fact.
    As I mentioned, repeatedly, you can access the NYT Dev API, for free, via any reputable public library or university. Regardless, I already said I’d send my key to your mailing address, but you keep stalling, refusing to provide it. Put up or shut up.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You’ve been wrong about everything, little cuck. Sorry if this breaks your cholesterol-ridden heart.

    Like this. You keep on repeating the same inaccurate guff, hoping that if you do so it suddenly becomes true, while ignoring the reality that the AP produces a few articles which are then republished by thousands of news producers. You really are utterly clueless, cuck.

    No. You used your algorithm to scrape through a few dozen articles then presented this data with no context of its use and without analysing if it constitutes if MS had a better E3 or not (to which the answer is “they didn’t,” as I have so ably demonstrated with the actual articles). Your failure to produce anything other than a bar graph (which is not an analysis for what you are attempting to show) demonstrates that you will use any justification to maintain your bubble of delusion – very unscientific, cuck. :)

    Bwaahaahahha! Oh, if that’s all it takes for you to throw a fit, I’ll be doing that more often. That superiority complex of yours really is razor thin. I hope you wasted hours doing that, loser. :)

  • I’ve been wrong about nothing.

    I keep repeating facts. You try to ignore them, or flat-out lie about them, so I repeat them. The AP is a cooperative, comprising more than 1,500 newspapers alone. That’s a fact.

    First, the word data is plural, so you should write “these data”, not “this data” [sic]. If you don’t even know that, you’re not qualified to analyze them. Second, the data comprised significantly more than “a few dozen articles”. Third, context requires subjective assessment, which is anathema to empirical science. Fourth, the subjectively determined, cherry-picked excerpt of an N=1 subjective interpretation of E3 is statistically meaningless. You “ably demonstrated” only that you don’t understand statistics or research methodology. Go sign up for a stats class at your local community college. Fifth, that wasn’t a bar graph: it was an weighted inverse document frequency histogram. Sixth, that wasn’t the only thing I produced: I posed the numerical output as well, since you don’t know how to read graphs.
    Have you completed Step #1 yet? Or are you scrambling to register for remedial English lessons instead after your gambit backfired?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1,500 newspapers that print the same article. You really aren’t very good at this, cuck. You should keep trying. :)

    No, I’m laughing at you for only doing half the method because to do otherwise destroys your fanboy bubble. Meanwhile I showed you what one of four of those sources of yours actually published – multiple news articles, which fly in the face of your attempt at a hypothesis – and you stick your head in the sand even deeper. You can’t handle the fact that MS, after months of overhype, failed to deliver once again. Small piece of advice: take it up with Uncle Phil and don’t take it out on the people who actually have a clue. :)

    Hahaha, yeah, I’m giving my address to a psychopathic loser. Looks like you don’t have an API key and I can’t test your results. What a shame. Thanks for confirming you’re a fraud. Anything else you want to repeat over and over to cover for a floundering brand?

    Keep up wasting your time on another deflection, loser. :)

  • MG

    No, we’re all laughing at how stupid you are Revolver, you’re the ignoramus of ignoramuses. The epitome of Sony fanboy, with his head so far up his own arse that he doesn’t even get how stupid the things he says are.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1,500 newspapers that print the same article. You really are irretrivably thick, cuck. Expected from a Shitbox fanboy, I suppose.

    Yes, half the method. Your analytics consisted of assembling a bar graph then building your hypothesis around “more noteworthy” which you then tried – and failed – to pass off as mean “better”. As I have demonstrated, 1,500 newspapers printed that the Xbone was meh and the PS4 beat it. Shitbox lost hard. Sorry, cuckold coip. Once again you have failed to commit to your own standards – actions to be expected from a fraud.

    No, I’m laughing you for not having enough sources. Gonna have to try a bit harder than 4, cuck.

    You have about as much knowledge of what you are doing as your average Xbot mouthbreather: none. Now post your API key so I can test your results. Go on. You’re so desperate to be proven right, probably the result of a harsh childhood.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Considering you still don’t know how the AP operates, it’s amusing watching you rant on about misinformation. Even Reuters and the NYT, the rest of the sources you mined, disagreed with you: the Xbone got BTFO. :)

    Funny how that hypothesis of yours changed from “more noteworthy” to “better” and seems to alternate between the two with merry abandon even though they’re both different standards. Funny how that “more press attention” doesn’t actually equate to anything once it’s apparent the PS4 got better write ups. But hey, half-assing it and exposing yourself as an academic fraud is a small price to pay to maintain your sad little delusion

    Why should I give you my address, cuck? This isn’t the 1950s. Post it here so I can do it. Put your money where you mouth is, I dare you. :)

  • You have no idea what the NYT Dev API is, how it works, what it’s composed of, or how to even get access to it. You’re merely embarrassing yourself, arguing with your teacher that the alphabet doesn’t contain the letter G.
    My hypothesis never changed. It’s always been that Microsoft won E3 because their received more press coverage than Sony did. More press coverage = more noteworthy = better.
    You’ve provided no evidence that the PS4 got “better write ups” [sic]. Despite already having eviscerated your statistically meaningless, unscientific method of subjective cherry-picking, I’ll play along and reiterate my challenge to you: if you have a better method, then conduct your analysis and provide it here. You want to talk the talk, then walk the walk.
    Why should I give you my API Key? This isn’t a soup kitchen. Go get your own. Be a big boy. You haven’t even completed Step #1 yet but are begging for handouts on Step #2. Order of operations are important.

  • MG

    Oh look, another insanely stupid comment by a person no one takes seriously.

    Go home Revolver, no one likes you, and no it’s not because you’re a rabid PS4 fan, it’s because you’re a liar and an incredibly ignorant person.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Even though what the API is is described on the developer page. Stay stupid, cuckold coip.

    “More noteworthy” and yet I have demonstrated that the PS4 got better writeups out of more articles from the AP, which get published in 1,500 newspapers. You know, actual news articles. See, it helps to know what context people are reading your mined, isolated words in. It helps to not get completely destroyed when reality comes knocking. I have linked to these articles multiples times in this comment thread, which shows just how much denial you live in. I might just do a formal investigation just for you but unlike your typical Xbox rodent I have a life which involves more things than crying on the Internet because no one likes your plastic box.

    Because I need it to do your text mining, cuck. Cough it up. Let me falsify your data. Your neglected childhood means you pathologically need all the validation you can get.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You keep screaming that. You don’t even bother explaining why whereas the NYT developer page explains it clearly. Guess which one has the more convincing position here? Spoiler alert: it’s not you.

    You keep screaming that long after I debunked your mindless bullshit. That’s what happens with the superstitious though. I did an analysis of what the NYT published this year concerning E3, it’s the articles your text mining algorithm would have gone through. There were 27 articles with 13 concerning both, 5 concerning Sony or Sony products exclusively (the majority usually referencing Morpheus) and 1 concerning MS or MS products exclusively. Of them, there were 11 positive, 7 neutral and no negative references to the PS4 and 6 positive, 6 neutral and 2 negative references to the Xbone. So, we have discovered that the PS4 received more references in total (though that is accounted for by simple Morpheus mentions in VR articles) and more positive references (largely due to their excellent press conference). Contrariwise, MS had far fewer articles dedicated solely to the Xbone and received negative press for its sidelining of the Kinect. However, it got a decent chunk of good press, which has that going for it. These are not “anecdotes” or “subjective” but simple reporting from professional journalists in news articles. It’s easy to replicate my results with a quick search on their archives which is free and open to everyone. :)

    Your turn, cuck boy! Give me your API key so I can laugh at you. Come on, hurry up, you’re a dull human being! :)

    You seem to have experience of soup kitchens. Heading into your teenage years now, cuck? :^)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And 1,500 sources did not write different articles about E3. They took one published by the AP and printed it. Deal with it, Doctor Gobshite.

    Unfortunately considering the NYT does not categorise AP articles as well as the phrase “E3” appearing in many articles that do not evaluate the separate press conferences, your attempt at source control is a miserable failure. Text mining is no substitute for actually looking at the articles and ensuring they are saying what you think they are saying. Once again, your half-assed attempt at research has come back to damage your already destroyed credibility.

    Yeah, it’s different, mine seeks to see which had a better E3 by media reception, yours counts how many times words or phrases show up. Pathetic display.

    You can easily run them yourself using the NYT search function. Shouldn’t take long, even a fraud like you can count to 29. On the other hand, I can do a trade for an API key. Go on, shill. :)

  • I’m not backtracking on anything. The AP comprises 1500 sources. That’s a fact.
    Another digression. We’re not talking about console-purchasing decisions. We’re talking about press attention from E3. Stay on topic.
    Wrong. Sony’s E3 conference was weak, in comparison. Microsoft showed off 7 exclusives coming THIS YEAR, two new IP coming early next year, a new controller, new VR partnerships, mods coming to Xbox One, game preview, backwards compatibility, and a demo of holographic gaming of the most popular game of all time. In contrast, Sony showed a game that they announced six years ago that is now only another 1.5 years away, and they showed two multi-platform games that are another 2.5 years away. Hooray…
    Consequently, the press wrote about Microsoft’s conference and largely ignored Sony’s non-event, as the text mining analysis demonstrates.
    I’m still waiting for you to 1. replicate my analysis, 2. offer evidence that you have completed your unscientific analysis. Get to it, skippy.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Hilarious. Even after you realised you got showed up, even after we already established the nature of the AP’s articles, you still insist on being utterly wrong. It’s incredible. You actually are nuts.

    Yep, there’s that reading comprehension again. My research had nothing to do with my subjective opinion but the objective findings of people who were actually there. Sorry, chuck. You’ll have to do better than scraping through a bunch of articles, many of which had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Loser. :)

    Yes you can. I’ve given you my method. You can easily replicate it. You won’t, though, you’ve been made a fool of enough already. I’ll have that API key of yours while you are at it. :)

  • Failed comprehension again, on your part. Those sources are in the data base. You do not understand the difference between sources and cases. Your next sentence contains a double negative and is therefore devoid of meaning.

    No, what you posted was a cherry-picked, subjective analysis of a statistically meaningless and statistically unrepresentative sample, providing improper operationalization, incomplete replication steps, no methodological compendium of the statistical techniques employed, and no proper output. That’s not how science works. Try again.

  • Maybe you should actually replicate the analysis so you can actually see the data and actually have an inkling of a clue of what you’re talking about, instead of embarrassing yourself by continually vomiting out fallacies and misunderstandings like a kindergartener.

    The NYT alone is not a robust data source. Your method is flawed. You didn’t operationalize your coding scheme; nor did you publish your input or your output here; nor did you address how your ‘study’ is scientifically unsound due to its reliance on subjective interpretations of subjective interpretations. In short, you’re a poseur, and it’s felt wonderful exposing you.

    Now, if you can get around to completing Step #1 of the replication analysis, that’d be great. I’ll be waiting right here until you admit that you’re too incompetent to do it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Cuckold coip monitoring disqus every minute of the day. What a loser! Hahahahahaha!

    Yeah, I’d love to if you’d give me the API key. Your continual refusal to do leads me to conclude you are a liar. Oh well.

    Oh? It’s one third of the total sources you mined, loser! Stay in denial about how my findings blew out your delusion and you’re so angry you monitor your notifications every waking moment for my next slap. So good.

    Give me the API key and I’ll do it. I’m still waiting for you to do mine. Any minute now. :)

  • Maybe you complete Step #1 before you spend three weeks harping on Step #2. That’s how progression works.
    They don’t get republished by “other news sources”. They get republished by their own news sources. Regardless, I have already reiterated, numerous times, that duplicate articles are excised from the data base. Learn how to read.
    No, all you gave me was an unscientific, statistically invalid, subjective interpretation of subjectively cherry-picked subjective interpretations. If you are trying to pass that off as valid research, you need to take your toy caboose and go home, because that is a joke. Furthermore, despite the farcical nature of that ‘research’, you still failed to provide proper operationalization for coding replicability. Try again. And try to do better than a kindergartener this time.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I’m not weaselling my way out of anything, cuckold coip. I’m waiting for you to give me your API key. If anyone here is acting the weasel, it’s you.

    You’re the one who keeps getting the AP wrong. But hey, it suits me. I love watching your flounder and drown. You’ve been doing it for two months now. Pathetic behaviour.

    What you did was nowhere near applicable for answering the question of which console had the strongest E3. Combine that with the revelation you continue to try and ignore that you included articles that had nothing to do with the subject at hand and your “research” has been utterly compromised and your reputation in abject tatters. Stay desperate, cuckold coip. At this point I’m just toying with your remains. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I was following your instructions and couldn’t advance without the API key. So stop digressing and provide it, shill.

    Which is why you’ve constantly and utterly got it wrong for the last two months, just like everything else. Hey, keep at it, maybe you’ll get it one day. Maybe.

    Unfortunately for you, you half-assed your research in order to tell yourself what you wanted to hear. Still, it was amusing when it turned out your algorithm included articles that wasn’t relevant to your research question and you needed to take a few days working out an excuse. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being, cuckold coip. :^)

  • @coip:disqus @youareflatoutwrong:disqus Microsoft just announced a 1TB Xbox One with SSD hybrid. Enjoy :) http://gearburn.com/2015/08/microsoft-announces-xbox-one-elite-bundle/

  • No, a key part of scientific research is to be replicable, not falsifiable. Only those that are wrong can be falsifiable (which isn’t applicable here), but all need to be replicable.
    You can replicate my analysis starting with Step #1, as I delineated several months ago in a post above and which has nothing to do with API keys. Do that first before harping on subsequent steps. You talk, talk, talk, talk, but you have yet to walk. I’ll wait forever. I don’t let puny criticasters stall their way out of the holes they put themselves in. Do Step #1.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And you expose just how little of the method you actually know. Congratulations on exposing yourself once again. Thankfully, my research is both falsifiable and replicable. You won’t do it though, because you are scared. Not surprised, the Shitbox is still lagging after PS4 won E3 and you got hammered at TGS. There’s still two shows left to go too. What a shame for you.

    Cough up the API key, cuckold coip. :)

  • No, all it shows is evidence of another misnomer exposing you as a poseur who doesn’t know anything about statistics and methods. You brush up on your inverse term document frequency weighting yet? Probably not. How about Step #1? You completed that yet? Nope. Stall, stall, stall. It won’t work. I’ll call you out on it every time.

    It is mind blowing that you’re bragging about TGS. Sony’s TGS was one of the weakest conferences in years. It was almost as weak as their Gamescom presence and they didn’t even attend Gamescom. Microsoft is obliterating them in every parameter that matters: games, apps, and features.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    You know what falsifiable means but you don’t know what it means in a scientific context. Fantastic stuff. Keep digging that hole, cuckold coip, you can do it simultaneously along the one where you fruitlessly deny the Xbone got the shit kicked out of it at TGS. Makes me laugh that you think your PC RTS spin off has any power. :)

    Sorry, cuckold coip, you need to make your research completely replicable and not hide necessary factors. The API key. Provide it. Now. :)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Hahahahha, cuckold coip back to trying to cite that theory he made up to prop up his dead console. You were a joke then and you are a joke now. It’s cute you’re still frightened of my research that left you scrabbling for excuses for days. Pathetic job, cuckold coip. :)

    That is not how replication analyses work. Present the full tools I need to use to replicate your sad little experiment, like I did and which you still will not do because you are scared. Come on, cuckold coip. This isn’t WinBeta. You will keep getting called out. :)

  • You aren’t qualified to analyze my research. You’ve proven that repeatedly already as you 1. don’t understand the methods behind it, 2. don’t know how to interpret the output, 3. don’t understand basic scientific principles, and 4. have no demonstrated knowledge of statistics, methods, or theory building.
    Furthermore, you are nothing but a charlatan, who yaps, yaps, yaps away, challenging others and then shriveling up like a worm when that person unexpectedly shows you up. You asked me to walk you through the replication analysis, I provided the steps and offered to hold your hand through it, despite knowing how painfully tedious it would be given your incompetence. Now follow through and do the work. Start with Step #1. The directions for Step #1 were posted months ago. I’ll wait right here. I will not allow you to stall your way out of this, as I enjoy watching how you’ve embarrassingly dug yourself in a giant pit of hypocrisy.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And you’ve demonstrated multiple times that you barely qualify as a human being. A human being is capable of self-awareness, for instance. You nearly accomplished it when you had that bout of realisation after your sad attempt at research got destroyed by actual analysis, but you managed to put the blinders back and continue on your merry fanboy way, in denial of all reality. Classic cuckold coip. Go back to crying to other Xbox fanboys about how your latest crap exclusive can’t be bothered with the cosmic joke that is Kinect. :)

    Only stalling here is done by you. Give me the API key and I can start to replicate your sad damage control. Who knows, I might find out just how much of it was scraped from articles that had nothing to do with the subject matter. :)

  • That you think your unscientific, cherry-picked, N = 1, subjective interpretation of another buffoon’s subjective interpretation constitutes an “analysis” is evidence of the Dunning-Kruger effect. It’s quite fascinating, really.
    The API key has nothing to do with Step #1. Learn to follow directions. Complete Step #1. You will not stall your way out of this.

  • You need to check your glasses, then, because I don’t get rattled. I’m just sitting here, calmly calling you out on your criticasting.
    You said the data for your analysis was the complete data set. If that is so, then you have the data for ‘my’ analysis too. If that’s not the case, then 1. you are a liar, or 2. your analysis was flawed, based on incomplete data. So which is it, hypocrite?

  • Incorrect. Microsoft not only had the strongest conference at E3 2015–they had the strongest conference of any company in years. They showed off an incredible number of AAA exclusives coming THIS YEAR (Sony showed zero noteworthy ones), more new IP, more new hardware, more new partnerships, more new features, including bomb shells like backwards compatibility, and holographic Minecraft. In contrast, Sony showed that they don’t have any games coming this year and the biggest games they do have are multi-platform games coming 2.5 years later. It was an embarrassment, and text mining analyses subsequently proved that: no one in the mainstream media cared about Sony’s boring conference but they couldn’t stop writing about Microsoft’s superior one.
    You can find this all out for yourself by replicating my analysis. I provided the steps for you several months ago. I suggest you start with Step #1. Post proof here when you’ve completed that step.

  • Not up late at all. You don’t know what time zone I’m in. Back to Square One because that Square is the right one. That’s the compendium of E3, supported by empirical analyses of mainstream press coverage. The said thing is that, despite Sony’s embarrassing E3, followed by their total lack of presence at Gamescom–thus, falling hard at the two largest gaming shows in the world–they completely bombed at TGS too, with one of the thinnest, most boring Tokyo Game Shows ever.
    No, we didn’t “establish” that. We established that you you’re a criticaster who understands neither science nor methods.
    So now you’re admitted again that you have the full data set. Great: then complete the replication analysis.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, cuckold coip, your half-assed shotgun approach will not do. Actually looking at the articles revealed that the PS4 ate the Xbone’s lunch this E3, and looking at events since have showed that the industry at large still regards the Xbone as a joke. No, the really said thing is that even though Sony had a larger booth presence than Microsoft did (“Total lack of presence?” Join me in reality, cuckold coip, it’s comfier here) and even though Sony announced four times as many PS4 games as MS did at Gamescom, you’re still there on your lonesome fighting your worthless little fight for a brand that crawled up and died a long time ago. PGW and PSX is going to make you dweebs apoplectic. I love it.

    Your reading comprehension is a failure, cuckold coip. I have the data set for my research, not yours. Provide the API key. :)

  • ” Actually looking at the articles…” Boom, and right there you just admitted that your “analyses” are anathema to science, doomed by subjective interpretation.
    Sony did not announce a single AAA exclusive at Gamescom. Microsoft, in contrast, did, thereby exacerbating the gap that was already exacerbated by E3 2015, Gamescom 2014, and E3 2014. Xbox is obliterating PS4 in AAA exclusives, and it’s only getting worse.
    I don’t understand why you’re asking for the API key. First, you just claimed that you had all the data. Now you’re intimating you don’t. Which is it? Are you a liar now or were you a liar then?

  • “I made sure the articles published were positive, negative or neutral based on the language used”
    This is completely anathema to science, bub. You know nothing about statistics, empirical studies, or objectivity. Your ‘analysis’ is a joke.
    No one cares about PS4’s years-old, puny mobile ports. AAA exclusives. Those are what matter. And Xbox Ones is obliterating PS4. You’re essentially saying Sony having 89 pennies is better than Microsoft having 23 dollars.
    If you do not have the data set that I used, then you do not have the full dataset, meaning your (already statistically meaningless) ‘analysis’ is based on incomplete data.

  • Your entire modus operandi is to digress and stall, hoping that eventually your interlocutors tire of your jejune nonsense. That won’t happen with me, though, because you are flat-out wrong and I have no tolerance for criticasting poseurs like you.

    Next up in the ongoing tale of you embarrassingly exposing yourself as completely nescient when it comes to science and statistics: you just cited Metacritic as a valid source. What’s next, Destructoid? (I can’t wait until your post tomorrow where you thereafter claim Metacritic isn’t credible, by the way. Those blunders are the most enjoyable to watch you make). Metacritic is statistically meaningless.

    Still waiting for you to complete Step #1, bub. You begged for the analysis, it came and punched you in the gut. Clean up your vomit and take your medicine: do the replication.

  • Even in an entry-level stats class at the worst community college in the world, you learn enough to know why Metacritic is statistically meaningless.

    “Metacritic is measurable”

    Ha! Another logic trap you’ve caught yourself in! Excellent. So, suddenly you care about things being measureable? Great: then explain how your filched operationalization is measurable. Explain how your subjective interpretations of others’ subjective interpretations are measurable. Slapping numbers on something doesn’t automatically make them measureable.
    You still need the API key? Why? You said before you had complete data for your ‘analysis’. Are you suggesting that you didn’t have complete data before and therefore you analysis was meaningless? Which is it?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Metacritic is actually measurable unlike your butthurt bluster and your worthless operationalisations cooked up with bad information. Sorry if this upsets you. Sorry if it upsets you that most articles on the PS4’s E3 conference were better than the Shitbox Done’s, too. Sorry if it upsets you that scraping through articles without looking at their context is an ineffective and insufficient way of gauging reaction to an event. But hey, keep flailing, watching you fail hard every day gives me immense joy, cuckold coip. :)

    I need the API key to analyse your sad attempt at research, cuckold coip. My research was done properly and doesn’t need whatever pathetic fanboy desperation you cooked up. When are you going to finally get that into your thick head? Stupid fanboy fraud. Now cough it up. :)

  • Measuring something incorrectly doesn’t make it valid. Anyone who has taken Stats 101 at their local community college knows that much. Metacritic is a farce.
    You need the API key? So you don’t have the full data, meaning you’re admitting that your ‘analysis’ was based on incomplete data?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Nope. You took a bunch of words out of context and in doing so scraped through articles that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. When that happens, your “objective science” is totally compromised, just like all the rest of the crap you spouted including your made up concepts. Nothing to say about your gimmicky gesture controls getting killed off? Poor cuckold coip. I suppose if you ignore it as best you can, you can keep the pain away.

    Oh look, cuckold coip cannot read, so I’ll have to post it again: My analysis is based on my data set which is complete and verifiable.
    Your analysis is based on your data set which is pathetic and
    unsubstantial. Produce the API key, cuckold coip. Oh wait, I forgot: you can’t. :)

  • Why do you need the API Key? You said before that your ‘analysis’ was based on the complete data. If that is true, then you already have the data. If that’s not true, then you are admitting your ‘analysis’ was a farce. Pick your poison.

  • The data sets are supposed to be the same. Mine comprises the largest and most robust English-language newspaper database in the world. If you don’t have access to that, then your “analysis” was flawed. If you do have access to that, then you already have the data and can proceed with the next step in the replication analysis. So, which is it: are you lying then or are you lying now?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    There’s your toddler-age reading comprehension again. How are they supposed to be the same if they’re different, cuckold coip? Mine was done properly, yours was half-assed with a text scraping algorithm that wasn’t even confined to articles about the conferences. We also already established your precious API goes through the NYT, AP and Reuters, sources I also checked which left your sad bluster seriously wanting. If you want the data set to be the same, I need your API key. Problem! You won’t provide it, so it cannot be done. Provide the API key and stop stalling.

    But then I expect this from the same loser who’s keeping quiet about the death of his precious gesture controls. Come on, cuckold coip. Be honest about your overwhelming disappointment. You’ve shilled for them for years. :)

  • If they’re different that means that your ‘analysis’ is flawed, as you’re admitting it’s not conducted on the full dataset.

    You do not get the privilege of talking to me about other topics until you close this one by admitting you’re a pathetic criticaster intellectually incapable of conducting the replication analysis.

  • Are you seriously trying to argue that data manipulation after the fact has anything to do with data quality?

  • ” I did it properly. You half-assed it”.
    Again, what is done with the data after wards is irrelevant to data quality. So the question remains, do you or do you not have the full data?

  • “For me to get full access to your data set, I need your API key”.
    Okay, now we’re making progress. So, you admit you do not have “full access” to the data. This means that whatever sham of an ‘analysis’ you vomited out is not based on the full data set, and, therefore, is worthless.
    Following that, the API Key is Step #2 of the replication process. You’re still on Step #1.

  • “I have full access to my data from my research which I did properly, unlike you who half-assed it to fit his sad fanboy agenda. ”
    Again, manipulation of the data has nothing to do with data quality. You either have the data or you do not. What you did to it or what I did to it after that fact is irrelevant to this question: do you or do you not have the full data?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, it is not a fallacy, it is the reality of the situation. My properly done research produced a data set which is not compatible with your half-assed text scraping. For me to do the replication, I need access to your data set which means access to the API key. Enough of your reading comprehension deficiencies. Provide the API key, cuckold coip. In your own time. :^)

  • “My properly done research produced a data set”.
    This is incorrect. You did not produce original data. You used a secondary source. This is literally Day One material in any high school statistics course. If you cannot understand the difference between basic data types, it’s no wonder you are completely lost about everything else.

  • “I have the full data set for my research which was done properly.”
    In that poorly constructed sentence, the independent clause is methodologically discrete from the dependent clause. However you did your research is completely irrelevant to the raw data set, so you can toss the dependent clause to the side, leaving only the statement: “I have the full data set”. If this is true, then you already the full data set and you can proceed with the replication analysis. If it is not true, then you’re a liar. Which is it?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    No, my analysis was done properly and didn’t scrape through articles that had nothing to do with the subject at hand like yours did. Stop digressing and provide it, cuckold coip.

    Three days of no gesture controls! Has the vomiting started to subside yet? Poor lad. Of course if you were intelligent you’d be able to discuss two topics at once, but you aren’t, so you won’t. :)

  • “my analysis was done properly”
    We’re not talking about your analysis. Stop digressing. We’re talking about the raw data set. Do you have it or not?

  • Not at all. I’m merely calling you out on the fact that you have not completed Step #1 yet–and never had any intention of completing it–and have since spent months trying to distract attention away from that fact by harping on a step you’re not at yet.

  • If you do not admit that, that means, logically speaking, you do have the full data set already in your possession and therefore can proceed with the replication analysis. Sucks being caught in a logic trap, doesn’t it? You should be used to it by now.

  • Prove you’ve done Step #1 first. That’s how it works.
    I’ve detailed your wrongdoings daily for five months now. The evidence is there: scroll up and (have your mommy help you) read it.

  • Did you just tell me to be “transparent” while simultaneously refusing to provide evidence you’ve completed Step #1? Really? Do you even think before you vomit out this crap?

  • “the onus is not on the replicator to show their working, it is the role of the replicatee.”

    Ha ha ha, you don’t even understand that the neologism you tried to coin there in the latter clause, by the rules of the English language, contradict what you wrote in the former clause. You’re absolutely right: the onus is on the “replicatee”. That’s you. Now prove it.

  • Show me how much you value this “bedrock of objective science” (I won’t even get into how ironic it is that you’re suddenly championing objectivity when, for weeks, you tried passing off your statistically meaningless, cherry-picked subjective garbage as a valid analysis) that is “transparency” by proving you’ve done Step #1, lest you be a hypocrite for the eightieth time over.

    You do not have the privilege of digressing. If you want to discuss another topic, close this one.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    I’ll take that as your concession, cuckold coip. Good job spending your life being completely wrong. Unless you want to continue to be useless and clingy, good luck with your online begging for waggle games. :)

  • “I’ve done it”.
    Great, then it should be easy for you to provide proof you’ve done it. So, provide proof you’ve done it.

  • “I did it long ago.”
    If you did it long ago, then it should be very easy for you to prove it. So prove it.

  • Another pathetic stall attempt. To recap:
    “I’ve done it”. <– Then prove it.
    "I did it long ago". <– Then prove it.
    "No stalling here" <– Yet, I'm still waiting for you to prove it.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. No moving goalposts there, fake doctor. More like making the walloping I gave your worthless operationalisation even worse. But hey, I expect from someone with your reading comprehension.

    2. Your explanation is worthless because it does not address the fact I cannot ram my data set which was collected properly into your worthless research which was improperly done with a text-scraping algorithm, which wouldn’t be replication because it’s -my- data set and not -yours-. Then there’s the fact I need the API key to do the replication of your worthless research which you continually refuse to provide. Once you have addressed these factors , I will start to take you seriously. Get on with it, fake doctor.

  • 1. Explain how linking to an About.com page with an operationalization that did not mention distribution method and then, months later, subsequently trying to splice in that criterion is not moving the goalposts.

    2. “it’s -my- data set and not -yours-” <- No, it's the New York Times's data set, dipshit. And it has nothing to do with your methods or my methods. Do you understand what the concept of 'raw data' means? Go sign up for that remedial stats class at your local community college immediately before you continue to embarrass yourself.

  • 1. Oh does it? Then prove it:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold.
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of
    categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold.

    2. If the source is the NYT, then it’s the NYT’s data set, dipshit. Furthermore, it’s “the data are”, not “the data is”. Even a D-average undergraduate knows that data is a plural word.

    “We both used two different methods to analyse the New York Times” <- The methods of analysis have NOTHING to do with the raw data. This is Stats 101 stuff. You're really embarrassing yourself here.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. Hilarious coming from you! I’m still waiting for proof of your academic credentials and my lying. Provide the API key, fake doctor. :)

    2. Address the point, fake doctor, for once in your life. Oh wait, you can’t, you’d need to admit I was right and then give me the API key you’d be forced to admit you don’t have. :)

  • 1. “PhD, you’d have a webpage and you’d have your thesis on a database too.” First of all, it’s called a dissertation. Theses are for puny bachelors and Master’s students. Second, these are called ‘uninformed assumptions’. If you want my personal information, I’ll mail it to you. That is the only way you will get it. So if you don’t want to give out your personal information, then stop asking for mine you hypocrite.

    2. “Oh, I’ve got the data, bucko. My data.” Your data? Really? You’re the one that compiled the data on every English-speaking news article published during E3 week 2015? That conflicts with what you wrote before, where you said you got the data from the NYT. So, which is it, are you lying now or were you lying then?

    “We’ve already established it takes into account articles with nothing to do with the subject anyway.”
    How would you possibly know this if you don’t have the data? So, again, are you lying now or were you lying then? How many logic traps are you going to get yourself caught in before your head explodes? This is getting embarrassing to watch.

  • 1. Wrong: you’re digressing. You see, this is what is happening here. You caught yourself in a trap in which you demanded to do a replication analysis. I provided you the requisite steps and you, realizing you now had to do them, have since spent months trying to digress your way out of it. It’s not going to work. Step #1 has nothing to do with any API Key. You have not completed Step #1. Ergo, anything you write that isn’t you providing evidence of Step #1 being completed is a digression.

    2. “You’re right, they need to be the same. That’s why I need the API key”. This is you admitting that you do not have the raw data, which means you are admitting that your ‘analysis’ was a farce. Do you finally acknowledge that now?

  • 1. “your failure to provide the API key prevents me from doing so” <- Explain how this has prevented you from doing Step #1, which has nothing to do with any API key.

    2. "your failure to understand basic concepts" <- Identify a basic concept I have failed to understand and explain how I have failed to understand it. This is the most ironic claim you've ever made, considering how little you understand about methodology.

  • 1. You didn’t explain how I’m preventing you from doing Step #1. Anything other than you doing Step #1 or explaining how I’m preventing you from doing it is a digression.

    2. You haven’t “explained” anything. You merely vomit out the same nonsense and digressions over and over as part of your last-ditch effort to stall your way out of the logic traps you’ve caught yourself in.

  • 1. The API Key has nothing to do with Step #1. You haven’t completed Step #1. Until you do that, you have no clout.

    2. “Put your money where your mouth is.” <- Says the poseur who hasn't even attempted Step #1 of the replication analysis. The irony of this statement, coming from you, is laughable.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. Your refusal to let me past step 1 is how you are preventing me doing the replication analysis. It’s very simple, fake doctor. Provide the API key. I will not let you wiggle out of your anti-science behaviour.

    2. See above.

    Poor fake doctor, can’t handle the fact that SCE has almost as much market share as MS Studios with fewer games in the top 50. Any more delusion you need smashing? Maybe Edgy Raider 2? Horton’s sudden departure and the ongoing purge of Tomb Raider’s creative team is further proof of its miserable failure.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Hahahaha you replied to an old post you absolute moron!

    1. No API
    key prevents me from going past step 1. You have no credibility, fake
    doctor. Build some by providing the API key and letting me replicate
    your sad research. Hurry up, cuckold coip.

    2. See above. Though it’s fantastic you can’t question the Xbone’s flailing in one of its last remaining strongest markets. 5.7% to 5.9%! Bu bu but dat greatest lineup in Xbox history!

  • 1. “going past step 1” <- So you've completed Step #1? Prove it.

    2. You don't have the privilege of discussing other topics with me until you close out this one. I do not allow digressions. Do Step #1 or concede. Those are you only options.

  • Endlessly eviscerating your fallacies is not obstinacy on my end but on your end.

    1. Wrong. Asking you do stop your digressing and do Step #1 is the only thing here that is not a digression.

    2. Your failure to (a) do Step #1, (b), to provide the coding instructions for your own farce of an analysis, (c) and to provide the information demonstrating the employability of your filched operationalization has nothing to do with my credibility, only yours.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    And something you’d already replied to, making it your screw-up. Own it, fake doctor. :)

    1. Do you know about credibility? You have none. If I do step 1 I have no guarantee you’d follow through on my requests because you already haven’t done so. Provide the API key and stop stalling, foreskin boy. :)

    2. See above. Though it amuses me that you can also talk about your aforementioned screw-up with Disqus replies but you can’t talk about the Xbone’s failure. Hypocrite, cowardly, or just stupid? Which of those do you think best fit your worm-like nature? :)

  • You implied it by insisting that I somehow erred in replying to you, which I did not: I received a new, time-stamped reply from you, and I replied to it. Either you erred (highly likely) or Disqus erred (less likely), but I’m free of culpability.

    1. “Of course I won’t get to find out” <– Of course you won't, because you'll never do Step #1, because you never were going to do Step #1, because you're a poseur and a criticaster who is in way over his head in trying to debate with an intellectual superior.

    2. " I dismantled your…" <– Nope, not even once. All you did was vomit out elementary-level fallacies and catch yourself in logic traps. My AAA list still stands until you address the following for each title on the list. That's how actual science works, not kindergarten crap. Have at it:
    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a "large" team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a "massive budget" as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a "marketing budget" in the "multiple millions of dollars" as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling "in excess of one million titles sold", as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • I only reply to replies you make, so you’re merely indicting yourself.

    1. “it is not I which” <- This slipup, exposing you as a bot, explains a lot of things, for no human could really be this dumb.

    2. I've read every comment you've ever made on here. Not once did you ever address the following issues for any, let alone all, games in my list of AAA exclusives:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a "large" team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a "massive budget" as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a "marketing budget" in the "multiple millions of dollars" as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling "in excess of one million titles sold", as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

    Not once.

  • Incorrect. If I had ‘already replied to it’, it wouldn’t have been marked and time-stamped as a new notification.

    1. “I am not on trial here” Oh but you are. Of the two of us, I’m the only one to (a) properly operationalize a list of AAA games, (b) compose that list, (c) create a statistically valid, objective analysis of E3, (d) provide the input and the output for that analysis, (e) provide the replication steps for that analysis. In contrast, this is what you’ve done: yapped.

    2. Are you seriously claiming that you have addressed the following, for each game on the list? Because you haven’t done any of this even though you are required to if you want to challenge my list of AAA exclusives:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    At least we established that you can talk about multiple subjects in one post. It shows that the “digression” excuse you use is simply that and the only reason you avoid subjects is because you know you will get owned by them. That’ll be why you refuse to provide the API key.

    1. I sure did. Gave you my method and the steps I used so you could replicate the whole thing. You did not, because you were scared. It’s OK, foreskin boy, that facade will come crashing down. Better for it to be sooner rather than later. :)

    2. Yep, dismantled, incinerated and sprinkled over the soil. You have nothing now. You can have something if you provide the API key so I can replicate your worthless research. Oh wait! You don’t have it. Never mind, foreskin boy. :)

  • 1. Calling you out on a lie is not a digression. You claimed you provided everything needed to replicate your farcical analysis. That’s not true: you NEVER provided your coding scheme. Provide it.

    2. Also not a digression. This is, in fact, where we’ve been stuck for months due to your refusal to admit you’ve a poseur. I made a list. You want to challenge it, but to do so requires that you address the following issues for each game on the list:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.
    Anything you do that isn’t that is a digression.

  • 1. Look who is trying to distract attention from the fact that he just got called out on a lie: you never provided your coding scheme. Provide it or zip it. Likewise, you never completed Step #1 of the replication analysis. The API Key has nothing to do with either of those two things. You’re up to bat.

    2. The API key has nothing to do with Step #1. We’ve been stuck for months because you refuse to do Step #1 and you refuse to walk the walk and actually address any of the following requisite steps in challenging my AAA list:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. You never posted your coding scheme. Prove it or zip it.

    2. The API key has nothing to do with Step #1. You haven’t done Step #1. Nor have you addressed the following for each game in the AAA exclusives list:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.
    You’ve got all sorts of work to do. Get to it.

  • 1. You don’t get credit for not doing anything. I know you’re part of the entitled generation who thinks they can vomit out anything they want and someone will pat them on the head for it, but that doesn’t fly in the real world. I’m not your mother, and I will not praise you for being an idiot. If you seriously believe that you provided a valid coding scheme for your farcical analysis, then go sign up for a methods course at your local community college, learn how stupid you sound, and then come back and fix the problem by actually doing it.

    2. Same goes for this. You don’t get to just vomit out unsubstantiated claims. You have to back them up:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.
    I will not let you weasel your way out of this. You will get nowhere with me until you either walk the walk or walk away. I guarantee you.

  • 1. Back to the ‘appeal to authority’ logic trap? Awesome. I’m more than happy to revisit any logic trap you caught yourself in. Want to play that game again? Let’s do it, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you clearly have no idea how to do research. Calling you out on that is neither an ad hominem attack nor an appeal to authority. It’s a dose of reality.

    2. The irony of you calling someone in denial and following it up by claiming you “shredded” anything, when, in fact, doing so requires addressing the following, which you have never done and never will do (because you can’t). Checkmate:
    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. API key has nothing to do with Step #1. You’re not going to get out of t hat.

    2. You never said it was an operationalization because you didn’t know what that term meant and had never heard of it before, because you have no methodological training. Regardless of your nescience, it is an operationalization, as that is how science works. And, thus, if you want to challenge a taxonomy, you need to address, for each item in the list, how it fits into that operationalization. This is something high school kids learn in basic stats and methods courses. Address the following or zip it:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. Great: start by doing Step #1.

    2. The same game l list in that post as AAA is the same game I list in this one as AAA. There is nothing inconsistent about that. That you don’t understand how to follow an argument, that you don’t understand the concept of contextualization, that you don’t understand the differences between a posited operationalization and a borrowed one doesn’t change that. Now, if you’ll stop digressing in a sad attempt to distract from the following, we might get somewhere:

    unemployable garbage. Things we’re waiting for you to address regarding your filched operationalization:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. Full openness and transparency? Yes, let’s start with you being open and transparent about Step #1.

    2. That wasn’t my operationalization of AAA; it’s also completely irrelevant to this discussion. Context is extremely important in conducting scientific analyses and extrapolating results. Don’t confuse that as saying that subjectivity in science is okay. It’s not.

    A band has to have sold more than 68 million albums to count.

    You can try to digress all you want, but the fact remains that we’re waiting for you to prove the employability of your filched operationalization:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. No, your anti-scientific stubbornness will not suffice. Provide the API key so the full replication can be done, fake doctor.

    2. Nope, that was your estimation of what constituted a AAA game, foreskin boy. Your attempts to prop up your fanboy narrative with your poorly-justified garbage flail more and more now you recognise the importance of context when it comes to textual analysis and not when it comes to you trying to slither out of being called out for being a hypocrite.

    Why 68 million, foreskin boy? What’s your justification? Why not 50 million? Why not 10 million, which is the point at which an album is certified a platinum seller? Oh dear, foreskin boy. Looks like you’re going to have to do a better job at your own bullshit.

    Alas, it’s not an operationalisation as you agreed, it’s a definition which I used to humiliate your pathetic little list. Now, are you going to tell us if you are going to change the title of your list or redo your operationalisation so you do list AAA games? :)

  • 1. The ignoramus who doesn’t have any training in research methodology is lecturing other people on what “science” requires. How ironic, especially since what science requires is chronological completion of its steps. In the world of science, we start with Step #1. Try it.

    2. The fact is, your “definition” [sic] destroyed nothing because you never even tried to use it. Using it would require addressing the following:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.
    A game’s AAA status is determined at launch, not three years later.

  • 1. That is not true, at all. Clearly you’ve never done a replication analysis before.

    2. I see you’re still bad at chronology. You don’t have the privilege of discussing with me things that occurred temporally later than things we’re still waiting for you to address:

    never even tried to use it. Using it would require addressing the following:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    1. And once again you expose yourself as a faker and a fraud. Stop digressing and provide the API key so a full replication of your pathetic research can take place. In your own time, fake doctor.

    2. Once again you have failed to provide what was actually asked upon you, which is the correct topic of discussion and not your attempt to slither out of your obligations in either changing the title of
    your list or redoing your operationalisation so you do list AAA games. After that, you can justify using band popularity as a measurement of investment into a game and why it involves selling 68 million albums. You should be an expert at this considering your supposed “academic” training.

    Fable Legend’s cancellation really has thrown you into turmoil – your construction of point 2 there is a mess. Sort yourself out, you fanboy loser. :)

  • 1. The API Key has nothing to do with Step #1, so it is you who is digressing. Anything that isn’t you doing Step #1 is wrong.

    2. Once again you fail to understand simple chronology. I’ll refresh your memory. You made claims dating back to June 2015. To substantiate those claims requires you to address the following for each game on the list. Once you do that, or you admit you can’t, we can move on:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. The API key has nothing to do with Step #1. You haven’t done Step #1.

    2. It’s not possible to provide evidence for something that doesn’t exist. The rest of this is a digression. I don’t tolerate digressions. You don’t have the privilege of talking to me about chronologically subsequent events until you address your chronologically antecedent fallacies, like this:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

  • 1. You haven’t completed Step #1. You do not have the privilege of talking to me about chronologically subsequent things until you do so.

    2. Again, you don’t understand chronology. This is the chronologically antecedent topic: you defending your filched operationalization by demonstrating its employability. Doing so requires you address the following:

    A. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “large” team as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the development team sizes of every game you removed;
    B. the cutoff threshold for what constitutes a “massive budget” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual budget of every game you removed;
    C. the cutoff threshold of what constitutes a “marketing budget” in the “multiple millions of dollars” as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold, followed by the actual marketing budgets of every game you removed;
    D. evidence that the publisher of each game removed did not plan on selling “in excess of one million titles sold”, as well as how you determined that that is a valid cutoff threshold;
    E. a specific operationalization of how gameplay footage is used as a determinant of categorizing AAA from no AAA games, as well as a justification for that threshold;
    F. explain why your filched operationalization originally made no mention of distribution method but has since been tacked on retroactively.

    You do not get to stall for months on end and then try to change the subject to chronologically subsequent issues. You walk the walk first, and then you can consider discussing different things with me. Until then, man up or slug off.

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