‘iSteve’ is the 80-minute Steve Jobs comedy we’ve waited for

Funny or Die, comedian and actor Will Ferral’s comedy website, today launched iSteve, the free 80-minute long “autobiographical” spoof of the late Steve Jobs. We’ve linked to the full, free film (Funny or Die has disabled embedding of iSteve for “reasons”). For those who don’t have around 80-minutes to burn, view the trailer instead:

iSteve, which was delayed due to the Boston Marathon bombings, stars the fair-faced Justin Long as Jobs, Jorge Garcia who everyone knows as Hurley from Lost as Steve Wozniak and James Urbaniak (American Splendor) as Bill Gates. At close to 90-minutes long, iSteve treads the line between a lengthy skit and feature film.

The writer/director of iSteve, Ryan Perez, cut his teeth on the long-running US comedy show, Saturday Night Live. According to Fastcocreate.com, Perez was unhappy about the length of time it took for Hollywood to push out a Jobs biopic, this then fueled his film. “I think the idea came from creating a version that’s even more rushed than those versions, by creating the epitome of a rushed and inaccurate biopic.” said Perez. iSteve was written over a five-day period, with filming amazingly completed in five days as well. In total, iSteve took eight weeks to push out.

Funny or Die calls this “The first biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs” which is of course, a bold-faced lie. “jOBS” starring Ashton Kutcher was the most recent, but the first was “Pirates of Silicon Valley” which didn’t centre around Jobs (played by ex-ER actor Noah Wyle), but instead featured him as a co-star alongside Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) as we watch the early rivalry between Microsoft and Apple unfold. Long has been the face behind the famous “Mac and PC” series of ads, with Perez calling him “a very skilled comedic actor and wonderful dramatic actor with incredible instincts.”



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