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  • DRC’s JobWangu connects job seekers to companies

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), job seekers and companies use different paths to go about their daily lives, but now any inherent roadblocks for finding a job is about to end thanks to JobWangu, DRC’s new online and mobile portal. JobWangu is a platform for job seekers and companies alike, and aims to ease the strenuous task of finding a job in DRC. This is the first site in the DRC where job seekers can post their CV’s online and companies can post job descriptions to attract applicants. The job portal is trying to address the issue of young...

  • Fresh hope for writers while 3D specialists on the rise in online jobs market

    Over the next few years, the job market is going to experience massive change. From job titles that don't even exist right now to mega trends such as the rise of the slasher, or people who derive income from more than one source (if you ask them what they'll do they'll say they're a "DJ-slash-interior designer-slash-columnist"). One of the biggest trends set to emerge over the next few years though will be the rise of the freelancer. The last one of those is possibly the most important. Some estimates suggest that by 2020, half of all workers in developed...

  • 13 crowdfunding platforms that are shaping 2013

    It’s been roughly a year since the JOBS act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) was put in place allowing certain regulations and securities encouraging crowdfunding or micro-financing in the US. From crowdsourcing t-shirts, education or even people, entrepreneurs have adapted to the changing scenery of investment innovations. 2012 was the year of Kickstarter as more than 500-million dollars have been pledged to fund almost 40 000 projects on this popular crowdfunding site. Are the recent crowd-based enterprises just an inevitable post-fad ripple effect? Or are they future symptoms possible of disrupting traditional concepts of finance, markets or economics? In this...

  • ‘iSteve’ is the 80-minute Steve Jobs comedy we’ve waited for

    Funny or Die, comedian and actor Will Ferral’s comedy website, today launched iSteve, the free 80-minute long “autobiographical” spoof of the late Steve Jobs. We’ve linked to the full, free film (Funny or Die has disabled embedding of iSteve for “reasons”). For those who don’t have around 80-minutes to burn, view the trailer instead: iSteve, which was delayed due to the Boston Marathon bombings, stars the fair-faced Justin Long as Jobs, Jorge Garcia who everyone knows as Hurley from Lost as Steve Wozniak and James Urbaniak (American Splendor) as Bill Gates. At close to 90-minutes long, iSteve treads the line...

  • Freelancer.com outlines best jobs of 2011

    The 50 fastest-growing online job categories for the fourth-quarter of 2011 were recently announced by Freelancer.com. Known as the "Fast 50", this current list of jobs highlights the best and brightest positions in the online industry. 114 000 jobs were posted in the third quarter of 2011. By the fourth quarter, over 134 820 were posted, according to Freelancer.com. Trending fourth-quarter jobs in 2011 SEO content writers jobs were destroyed by the Google Panda update...

  • Google ranks best in industry salaries — They’re also hiring

    In the digital revolution, few companies carry as much clout as Google. Although its physical headquarters can be found in Mountain View, California, the Google ideation is more than anything an approach to life, a way of doing things, a signifier of innovation of technological initiative and, according to yet another survey released recently, a very nice place to work, too, despite the bad fudge brownies. The survey, conducted by Payscale, reports that Google employees earn on average about 23 per cent more than their industry counterparts in other companies. The average Googler earns US$141 000 per year ,...