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All posts by Megan Ellis

  • 4 lessons for businesses on South Africa’s biggest data breach

    While massive data breaches are associated with international companies such as Ashley Madison or LinkedIn, South Africa is no stranger to customer data being released into the public domain by cybercriminals. In fact, it was in October 2017 when security expert Troy Hunt stumbled across the largest data breach in South African history. The personal data of millions of South Africans was compromised when a database backup file titled "masterdeeds.sql" was leaked publicly online. The data contained millions upon millions of ID numbers, as well as contact details, addresses and income of certain individuals. It's rumoured that even President Jacob Zuma's...

  • 5 online services to help your new business grow

    Starting up a business from scratch is no small affair -- after all, there is tons of behind-the-scenes work that goes into registering and coordinating your company. Not only do you have legal requirements such as registering as an entity and creating sound contracts for employees, but you also have to make sure that the necessary infrastructure is there to allow you company to function on a daily basis. Luckily in the digital era, there is a slew of online services which can help you get (and stay) up and running. Here are five online services that can help your new business. Legal...

  • 3 ways employees can risk your firm’s cybersecurity (and what to do about it)

    Employees have been called the weakest link in a business's cybersecurity – a particularly notable problem in a time where high-profile hacks and ransomware attacks are on the rise. A favourite target of hackers is small-to-medium business – as they often have higher cash pools than individuals, but lack the cybersecurity of major institutions. But even if your cybersecurity is up to scratch, an employee who is unfamiliar with digital threats can cost you dearly. Here are three ways your employees can put your business cybersecurity at risk: Opening emails with malicious software While many people have wised up to the typical scams that...

  • 5 team collaboration tools for your tiny startup or big business

    Starting a business is difficult enough – but making sure that everyone on the team is on the same page and constantly communicating is an entire challenge on its own. The increasing trend of remote work is making this even more apparent. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions for businesses that are both convenient and free. Here are five of the best collaborative apps and platforms that will help keep your team coordinated… Trello Trello is a productivity platform and collaboration tool that allows users to keep track of tasks, project progress and stages within a process. The site’s boards are very versatile...

  • 8 YouTube channels that’ll make you a much smarter human

    Not every YouTube channel will rot your mind away with videos of wipe-outs and dancing cats. There is actually a part of YouTube that people go to learn. Not only is the site filled with DIY guides and sharp commentary on current affairs, but there are actually channels that will teach you about science, history, the world -- and many other topics you might have never considered. We've scoured past the cat videos (no regrets) to find these gems -- eight YouTube channels that will make you smarter. 1. Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Kurzgesagt is one of the best educational channels on...

  • These awful social media trends show that humans are just the worst

    There are always those social media trends that make you roll your eyes and wonder what the internet has come to, but then there are others that take it a step further and make you doubt your faith in humanity. Whether they are trends that are incomprehensibly insensitive and morbid, or ones that are actually physically dangerous, social media has no shortage of either. We take a look at some of the worst social media trends, fads and memes to invade our screens. #DeadPose The dead pose trend is the most recent of those included in this list -- and is also...

  • 5 viral memes of recent years built on lies and fake news

    Memes -- the rulers of the internet, along with baby animal photos and cat videos. Often a source of humour or political insight, memes are enjoyed by millions of internet users and often go viral due to sites like Facebook, Twitter and 9gag. However, memes have also acted as a pervasive way to share myths - and many of us have been unpleasantly surprised by memes on friends' social media feeds that we just know aren't true. Here are a few viral memes filled with lies that we've seen over the years… Irish slavery meme Every time I see this pop up on my...