Vodacom launches refurbished iPhone offering

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Vodacom has introduced a “Good As New” category that allows customers to buy refurbished, pre-owned iPhones at a discounted price.

The devices come with a 12-month warranty which includes repairs on internal components. The devices are certified Apple phones that are approved for resale.

Vodacom says that the offering will make these devices more affordable for consumers, while also lowering the impact of e-waste by reusing pre-owned devices.

“Under our purpose planet pillar, and as part of its waste management strategy, Vodacom has committed to refurbish and recycle 200 000 devices from customers by 2025. Reselling refurbished pre-loved iPhones is another way we aim to drive this commitment, reducing e-waste, one device at a time,” Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Vodacom Consumer Business, said in a statement.

The launch of Good As New is the start of Vodacom’s plan to offer more refurbished products.

“We plan to expand and create additional opportunities to bring in more affordable pre-owned products, at much lower price points,” Davide Tacchino, Managing Executive for Terminals at Vodacom South Africa, said in a statement.

How to browse refurbished products from Vodacom

Refurbished products include “Good As New” or “GAN” in the product title on the Vodacom website.

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Current offerings include the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. You can also choose between paying a once-off cash price or a monthly payment plan.

To view available products, you can visit the Good As New category on Vodacom.

You can also select different colour versions of the phone and the site will tell you if it has that version in stock.

With many premium phones surging past the R15,000 price point, more refurbished products on the market will likely be welcomed by consumers.

Currently, a number of online stores like Cellucity and forums like Carbonite include listings for second-hand products.

However, the full-year warranty and monthly payment plans will likely appeal to customers who prefer to buy a device on contract.

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Featured image: Mark Kevin Maunahan/Unsplash

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