Checkers Sixty60 app not working? You’re not alone

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Checkers Sixty60 app users took to social media on Sunday, 14 August, to find out why their app wasn’t working — only to see that they weren’t alone in experiencing issues with the on-demand grocery delivery app.

While Checkers has yet to make an announcement about technical issues, users have flagged multiple bugs and the inability to complete their orders.

Memeburn tested the app, with the issues we experienced including:

  • My Shop tab not working.
  • Payment details de-selected from checkout page.
  • Errors when attempting to complete an order.

On social media, other users reported issues such as items disappearing and reappearing from their carts. Others reported the app not working at all, just getting stuck on loading instead.

Multiple users also asked whether the app is down.

Currently, the app’s response to social media users is: ” We are sorry for your experience with the app. Issue has been reported to the team and they are looking into it.”

While Checkers has not announced any downtime or technical issues, the number of users inquiring about the app points to a wide issue affecting a significant portion of the user base.

Since it’s a Sunday, users may have to wait some time before the issue is rectified.

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Feature image: Checkers/Shoprite


Megan Ellis


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