New Facebook Home ad: and you thought the one with chairs was odd?

Facebook Home ad

Facebook Home ad

Facebook’s ad agency has done it again. Yup, it’s made an ad that makes about as much sense as the climax of a Russian art film.

The ad stars a young businessman boarding a plane and features a pair of reading beach bums in the carry-on luggage compartments, drag queens, a chocolate-covered infant and, of course, cats.

All of this is apparently designed to show you how Facebook Home will transform your life, or at least the way you look at your phone. Every time the man looks at his phone, he escapes back into his imagination with the cats leaping over chairs on the plane once he likes a photo of them on his phone. This is, by the way, after the air steward has told him to put it away.

We can only assume that this man lives in a world with filled with terror if his Facebook addiction allows him to escape into a fantasy world so easily.

As was the case with one of Facebook’s previous ad campaigns, in which it compared itself to chairs, a slew of negative comments from Facebook users have rolled in.

“I don’t even understand what they are trying to show us. It makes no sense to me. If I get a Facebook phone is my life going to be like a circus with that annoying tuba sound following me around?” said one.

Adweek’s Tim Nudd meanwhile seemed to think that Facebook was focusing on completely the wrong kind of moments in its adverts:

“It’s sometimes hard to know why Facebook, whose image problems usually stem from it seeming too big and too invasive, doesn’t try to capture small, human moments rather than cosmic or circus-like ones,” he said.



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