Apple looking to buy more companies [D11]

tim cook

tim cook

What is it with tech giants? It seems acquisitions and acqui-hires are all the rage in Silicon Valley. Speaking at the AllThingD’s D11 conference Apple CEO Tim Cook, in between discussing Number One Infinite Loop’s tax issues, said that the company is in full shopping mode.

According to Cook, in the last fiscal year the company bought a company every two to three months and it seems the pace has picked up since October. Apple has acquired nine companies in the current fiscal year, so it seems there is no slowing down for the tech giant.

Though Cook doesn’t outright say which companies he might be going after, he does say that though the company is not looking at buying a big company, it’s not something it is opposed to.

“I think, if anything, we would do more of that in the future. We’re not currently looking at a big one, but we’re not opposed to doing that, if it makes sense.”

Apple certainly has deep enough pockets to make as many purchases as it likes and in the past strategic acquisitions such as Siri have proven beneficial for the company.

It’s shopping season for Silicon Valley with everyone’s favourite tech veteran Yahoo! announcing and hinting at a new purchase every week.

Adobe has also been doing the rounds as it re-imagines its service.



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