Habari Media launches ‘first of a kind’ Facebook campaign management tool

Facebook iPhone

Facebook iPhone

A Facebook campaign can do a lot for your business, while a bad one can cause serious damage to your brand’s reputation. The line between the two however is often thin and figuring out which side of the divide you’re on can be difficult.

That’s why Habari Media, a media sales company has launched Hummingbird, a campaign management and sales performance tool is designed to help advertisers on Facebook hone in on the right audience, at the right time, for the right price.

The system, which has been developed in-house by Habari Media, uses a combination of programmatic buying, algorithmic optimization and consolidated campaign management which Habari claims allows it “to find the most effective ads, with the best reach and the best target match to client brief”.

“At its heart, Hummingbird is a tool that makes sense of Facebook for advertisers. It gives buyers (and through them advertisers and brands) better information about their campaigns, which results in better control. And this in turn results in better performance,” explains Habari Media Chief Technology Officer Andrew La Grange.

It’s interesting, given the number of campaign management tools that allow you access to a number of social media platforms, that Habari has decided to concentrate on Facebook.

If the company’s bumpf is to believed however, that’s because Hummingbrid appears to do more with what Facebook offers, while other tools concentrate on providing as broad a spectrum of services as possible across a number of platforms.

Habari claims that Hummingbird will manage your Facebook campaigns for you, “not only providing real-time visual feedback, but also continuously adjusting the campaign, learning from what has worked and what hasn’t, bidding on your behalf or with your input, to ensure best possible click-through rates”.

It might also have something to do with the fact that the company is the official partner for Facebook across sub Saharan Africa

Hummingbird is being launched as a managed solution in July, with a self-service offering to launch later in the year.



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