LinkedIn lets you know who’s seen your updates, who you’ve been creeping

LinkedIn app

LinkedIn app

LinkedIn has long offered the ability to see who has been viewing your profile, but what about your individual posts? Personalised insights seem to be the professional network site’s next way to provide you information on exactly how well (or poorly) your updates are being received.

In a bid to drive engagement, LinkedIn’s launched a ‘Who’s viewed your updates?’ feature which shows you not only how many users have seen your posts, but also whether they’re direct connections or in your extended networks, and whether they liked or commented on it. The box will occupy a spot on your homepage next to another new feature, ‘You recently visited’, which rounds up groups, profiles and searches you’ve viewed recently, providing a quick and easy way to jump back to discussions and people you’re interested in.

Linkedin who's viewed your updates

According to LinkedIn, by offering you insights on posts you’ve shared over the last two weeks, it hopes to provide “real-time feedback on how the content you read and share resonates within your network, giving you more opportunities to build your professional brand and make connections with new professionals that share common interests.” The new feature also has a built-in link to enable you to quickly post a new update if those stats aren’t what you hope them to be — just another way LinkedIn hopes to make sure you use its site as more than an occasionally updated online CV.

The new features are among a number of updates designed to make LinkedIn more of a daily destination and help with social media marketing on the platform. For example, if you make good use of its analytics options, you could see not only who’s viewed your profile or interacted with your post, but also how your update reaches people beyond your immediate network.

On its quest to become “the definitive professional publishing platform”, LinkedIn has also revamped LinkedIn Today, incorporating the posts of influencers ranging from Richard Branson to Bill Gates, and started offering the ability to tag other users and include rich media like photos and videos to your updates.



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