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Watch out Bitcoin, Feathercoin wants in on your limelight

Initially the popular e-currency, Bitcoin, snuck up on traditional media. Once outlets caught wind of it, though, it seemed to stick. Now, a new player and rightful competitor, makes it’s way onto the stage. Feathercoin an opensource crypto-currency, plans to be the digital currency “without the weight.”

Bitcoin’s anonymity, anarchistic and mysterious nature intrigues some, but is also easily disregarded by others. Feathercoin, on the other hand, is not sneaking up on the world. Feathercoin is “trying to improve upon the technology by creating competing services which offer improvements over the existing Bitcoin network.”

This newer and seemingly friendlier trending currency seems to be paving the way for young investors not too keen on placing their cars or insurances as bets. Fearthercoin is trendy because it’s still fresh. It seems to be trying to shy away from the mysterious stigma that goes with Bitcoin. Feathercoin is trying to be more friendly while the community creates “tutorials, animations, jingles, technical guides, videos, and starter kits to enable people who want to get involved.”

“Now that Feathercoin can be traded on several markets its value is assured, and mass adoption can really blossom,” reassures lead Feathercoin developer Peter Bushnell.

Entering the Bitcoin market now might be considered hip but it’s going to be expensive as hell if you’re planning on making money in the process. The older it is and the more algorithms have been processed, the more difficult it is to get your hands on. Thus they become more expensive. There are alternatives though.

Once Bitcoin started making headlines a few months ago, many got bored with the hype. Critics lashed out, claiming it’s nothing more than a fad and that, like other trending topics on the web, will soon blow-over or even crash and leave our news-feeds forever. Others, though, felt the need to stress the importance of Bitcoin’s philosophy rather than the actual stock’s ups and downs.

The fact that e-currency represented something to be built upon makes more sense and should be taken note of. It should be written on the walls, in fact. There are already a decent host of e-currency Bitcoin alternatives available, Feathercoin will be one of many to follow in the coming years.

Author | Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter
Jacques grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Keen to take over the world, one word at a time, he has always been interested in both politics and development and studied International Relations (BA) at Stellenbosch University. With an interest in innovation and social change, he seeks to tell the... More
  • Stefan Pynappels

    Critics are lashing out at Feathercoin too, saying it offers nothing new to the cryptocoin world and is a pure pump and dump coin. Respectfully, I disagree.

    The developers have shown great enthusiasm and have been willing to listen to the community when problems, like the ridiculously high difficulty after the initial mining, in a way that not only solves the problem (quicker retargeting of difficulty) but works to lessen the chances of it happening again (limiting the difficulty change to 41% to avoid wild swings in diffculty).

    Coupled with the fact that they are putting their own money on the line with various incentives, bounties and giveaways, they’ve shown that they are in it for the long haul, and the community has responded by weighing in behind them to do what they can to spread the word, drive adoption and make Feathercoin a success.

    Come and have a look at the Feathercoin forums to get an idea of what sort of work is being done and how you can be a part of it!

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  • alt-stat

    As a follower of bitcoin alternatives myself, it was the community that gave me belief in the value of this currency for the future. There are many critics out there in general, not just of new crypto currencies, but of the whole market. The community and developers seem to want to adjust to the ideas and demands that the future holds for merchant adoption, many dont realize that this whole market is in a Beta (testing) stage and its the few that want to be there for the long haul that will survive.

  • Sorry, but I don’t see any of these copycats (Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cryptocurrencies) as going to succeed in the long term. Its no different from all of those tens of thousands of search engines that copied Yahoo early on and hoped to get market share with gimmicks and such. The only real reason people mine Litecoins is because they might have a chance of earning more than a penny or two in comparison to Bitcoin. They might keep a small percent in Litecoins, but they’ll mostly just exchange them for Bitcoins.

    Copycats aren’t going to win. For someone to really compete or possibly replace Bitcoin would require fresh thinking and an amazing concept, not just take-bitcoin-and-make-some-changes-so-I-can-become-rich-too. Google did that and destroyed Yahoo. It’d take someone or something special to do the same to Bitcoin.

  • JoeMue2 .

    Classical premined scam coin. Of course, the developers (copycats would be the correct work) show enthusiasm, because the want guys like you to jump on the feathercoin train. And if feathercoin will have any value in the future (it lost already 50% in the last weeks), they just sell their premined coins. I would rather create my own scam coin than pushing feathercoin.

  • JoeMue2 .

    Litecoin has a few improments over bitcoin. Bitcoin was intended to have decentralized money creation – which is now about to fail when ASICs are being shipped in high numbers. Money creation will be in the hand of a very few people rich enough to buy those devices. 99,9999% of the people will never again be able to mine even a fraction of a bitcoin.
    There won’t be ASICs for litecoins, because they will outperform graphics cards by a factor of 3 or 4 only. Development won’t be profit-making.
    Feathercoin is just a copy of litecoin. The “developer” changed a single number. Litecoin has a network hash rate of (20.000 MHash/s), which makes is pretty safe and stable. The feathercoins network hash rate of 150 MHash/s is a joke. There are single miners out there with a higher hashrates. Just one of them could kill feathercoin with a few mouse clicks…

  • How is FTC a BTC copycat in any way?

  • Premined? Source of your info please?

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  • Stefan Pynappels

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, unfortunately you seem to have been misinformed.
    If it was a classic scam pump and dump, the developers would have dumped and run after the first massive spike in value. The fact that they are still around shows this not to be the case.
    The changes introduced have also been introduced in a way to stabilise the difficulty changes and make them change at a slower but more sustainable rate, again, not something that a pump and dump developer would be interested in.

    As for calling the developers pure copycats, they’re working on and have worked on things not implemented in other coins such as limited difficulty change, creating payment buttons for websites which will automatically open wallets with amounts fields populated making it easier for merchants and websites to accept Feathercoin, so they’re developing at the cutting edge of crypto currencies and their adoption, not copying.

    Haters will hate, but for those really interested, come and look at what’s happening on the forums and see what this community intends to do with Feathercoin.

  • Stefan Pynappels

    “Feathercoin is just a copy of litecoin. The “developer” changed a single number. ”

    Not true. If you’re really interested, come and have a look at what changes have actually been made.

    Litecoin started small too and has grown, Feathercoin will do so too, not as a competitor to BTC or LTC, but as an alternative.

  • pyxis pyxis

    Google copyed Yahoo and destroyed it by making it faster and lighter, exactly what feathercoin is doing to bitcoin, faster and lighter.

  • pyxis pyxis

    The difference is four times as many blocks, four times more frequent difficulty adjust at 41.4% and an IPv6 fix that has not been
    applied to Litecoin yet, and feathercoin is far better placed at 2 months old than litecoin was at 12 months.

    I see your figures are out bit, let me help you with maths, The litecoin network hashrate is 15,734 MHash/s currently and falling due to difficulty increases, 186 MHash/s is the network hashrate of feathercoin, 84 times smaller but still able to have a community that is 30% the size of litecoins community with a mining worth of 80% per day only after 2 months.

    Feathercoin is mined by real miners, not hash farms like litecoin has, when litecoin has a bad day those hash farms will drop litecoin, while feathercoins small miners are here good or bad.

  • pyxis pyxis

    Have you even looked at blockchain? Well if you had bothered you notice that the figures don’t agree with your premine assessment.

  • zalek


    ^^^ This is after few weeks since the currency was announced. Not to mention over 2 million FTC on sale side at BTC-E. It generates nearly 1 million of coins per week. Those who mined it for the first few weeks have made a killing.

  • Toipster

    Stefan Pynappels is right on. Kirk Hilles confutes his own point.

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