Apple’s new iPhone event: what’s all the buzz been about?

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple is about to release a new iPhone (or more likely two). And as is the case with any Apple launch, there’s been plenty of buzz.

But what has the buzz been about? Social analytics tool Topsy gave us a glimpse into its tracking of the run up to the event and, by the looks of things people are seriously excited about the potential for the gold, or champagne, coloured iPhone 5S and but that what they most want from the new phone is an improved camera.

iPhone Launch Event Twitter Buzz
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Iphone Colour Activity

What's got everyone talking with the new iPhone? Gold baby, gold.

Iphone Colour Sov

While the colours grabbing all the attention have been pink and gold, it looks like the white iPhone still has the biggest share of voice.

Iphone Features Sov

While people care more about the camera, activity around the fingerprint scanner has risen in the lead up to the event -- perhaps due to pictures appearing to confirm it as a feature.

New Colours Sentiment

People really like pink it seems. Although there have been more tweets about the gold model.

New Feature Sentiment

While there's been a lot of talk around Apple introducing a fingerprint scanner with the new iPhone, it seems people are most concerned about what the camera will be like.

New Models Activity Line Graph

That said, a line graph of activity around the new models on offer does show a sudden spike in interest in the term "iPhone 6" over the past few days.

New Models Activity

As is to be expected, most of the activity surrounding the new models has concerned the 5S: the new flagship.

New Models Sentiment

While the models released today are most likely to be called the 5S and the 5C, the most positive tweets have been around the future iPhone 6.



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