On the road: the Mimiboard team talks hyper-local, community driven content


Have you heard of Mimiboard? Yes, it’s the hyper-local ad network slash social platform that has been gaining popularity as a virtual noticeboard for African communities in 20 countries.

With a platform which allows everyone from business owners to media outlets and people on the ground to post news and updates to boards and find out what’s being said in their immediate physical location, Mimiboard is all about building and informing communities and helping people communicate. We spoke to Umuntu Media — the team behind Mimiboard — about how they’re working towards solving the content gap in Africa, the challenges they’ve faced and the commercial elements of information exchange.

The community element is especially important to the team — people and brands can use the platform to foster relationships and have their say by sharing content which is relevant to a specific group of highly interested people. It’s all about the niche — chances are if there’s something happening in your neighbourhood, you’d care more than if it was happening on the other side of the world.



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