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Twitter IPO latest: will file as ‘TWTR’ on New York Stock Exchange

We’re getting increasingly close to a complete picture of what Twitter‘s initial public offering (IPO) will look like. The social network has filed an amendment to its S1 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission which reveals that it will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “TWTR”.

As ZDNet points out, that may well be because it’s trying to avoid the issues Facebook faced by choosing to go with the Nasdaq for its IPO.

While Facebook eventually rebounded, Twitter will be especially keen to avoid the tumultuous period its rival faced to get back to its original trading price.

One reason for this is that it’s still some way behind where Facebook was, both in terms of advertising revenue and user numbers. A fall in its stock price similar to what Facebook faced could do a lot more damage to it than it did the world’s largest social network.

It would therefore probably be in its best interests that it follow the example of LinkedIn as closely as possible and approach the IPO carefully and with the right revenue models in place.

While we’ve learned a lot since Twitter first announced its intent to go public back in September — thanks largely to its October S1 filing — there are still a few obvious gaps that need to filled.

Perhaps the biggest one is what price it’ll go public with. That’s something though that we’ll most likely only find out once it’s done with its investor road show.

Author | Stuart Thomas

Stuart Thomas
Stuart is the editor-in-chief of Engage Me Online. After pursuing an MA in South African literature, he spent five years reporting on the global technology scene. Intrigued by the intersection of technology and work, he joined Engage Me as the editor-in-chief. He is a passionate runner, and recently ran... More

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