Exploring tech in the next 10 years with #LeWeb

leweb podium

leweb podium

Everyone in tech is obsessed with the next ten years. What will the web and technologies bring us? Are we finally going to have the flying cars that science fiction has long promised us?

The last ten years in technology has brought us some amazing innovations such as 3D printing, the rise of the makers and smart devices. We are seeing a consistent move toward the sharing economy and towards collaboration.

Who will solve the problems of the next decade? Who will create the unifying technologies that will hold us spellbound? In an industrial sized building, tucked by the docks in a cold and rainy Paris, a couple of thousand of interested parties are planning on figuring this out.

The theme for this year’s popular tech conference, LeWeb, focuses on the next years and what will happen, what the web will look like and who the players will be.

According to the organisers of LeWeb:

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen dramatic changes in technology. The 90s brought the birth of the Internet with Yahoo!, Google, Paypal and millions of websites that revolutionized our daily lives. The communication driven device focus of the early 2000s allowed us to browse the web anywhere, anytime, and Facebook and Twitter let us shape the groups, communities and knowledge resources that are changing the world today.

The organisers of the event want to explore the future by looking at society’s ability to innovate and how it has increased at an incredible pace in the last 10 years. So the question is: where are we headed next?

The theme is quite appropriate for the conference as it is its 10th anniversary. According to the organisers, it is gathering “today’s brightest technological innovators and visionaries”.

“This universal theme will explore several market segments (mobile, hardware, social, etc.) and their potential trajectory, as well as technology as a whole, and what the next 10 years might hold.”



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