Selfies, Vines and high fashion: 2014 Golden Globes in a nutshell

Golden Globes

Social media has been abuzz today with images and tweets from the 71st annual Golden Globes awards. Indeed who won what appeared to take second place to what people were wearing and who they ran into thanks to the slew of selfies on the night. People won things and there were speeches and funny things happened but we care about what happened online so here goes.

Check me out y’all

Celebrities seems to have really taken on the selfie with full vigor this year at the Globes. It seems A-listers and B-listers alike were all too excited about being at the globes this year sharing their en route photos as wells as their at the Globes photos for the world to see. This year’s selfies really gave viewers an inside like of what it is like for the celebrities at the Globe.

“Whether they were making their way down the red carpet or trekking up to the stage, they brought fans at home along for the journey via Twitter,” says the social network in a blog post.

Indeed they were:

The Twitter facts

According to Twitter “there were more than 2.1 million” tweets about the show during the telecast. The social networks also says that tweets peaked when the show began.

The moments that drove the most conversation on Twitter include:

  • Breaking Bad wins Best Drama TV Series
  • Bryan Cranston wins Best Actor in a TV Drama
  • Jared Leto (@JaredLeto) wins Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

Then there are the most mentioned celebrities:

  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jared Leto (@JaredLeto)
    >li>Amy Poehler

Speaking of J.Law, the Hunger Games actress got social media going with her Little Mermaid-eque dress inspiring many copycats including a cat to tweet pics of themselves in their J.Law frock — I guess Dior is glad they watched Disney growing up.

So tell us who wore it better? J.Law, Ariel, the guy or the cat?


The year of the Vine

Who said no one would ever use Vine thanks to Instagram video? Well eat your heart out because the Today Show didn’t get the memo. Twitter teamed up with the show to bring a Vine booth to the red carpet. The camera captured 360-degree loops of celebrity fashion and the videos are hosted on the Globe’s official Vine account. Celebrities and other Globe attendees were also sharing their Vines from the night. Insta-what was that?



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