Adobe DPS now powers over 75% of mobile digital reading

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) — a codeless app generator for publications — now powers more than three-quarters of all digital issues consumed on mobile devices, Adobe has revealed.

Newly unveiled data from Adobe shows that DPS — which releases publications compatible with iOS, Android Tablets, and Kindle Fire — seems to be driving the growth of digital reading, increasing both circulation and reader engagement for notable publications such as Wired, Time, National Geographic and GQ, amongst others.

Since Adobe DPS was released less than three years ago, thousands of publications have taken it on to power their digital offerings — and more than 150-million issues have been downloaded collectively on mobile devices in that time, largely in the international space.

“We are not surprised by these findings as DPS helps publications deliver engrossing high quality digital content,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data, a South African Adobe distributor. “DPS will help local publications increase their reach and engagement as South Africans embrace the tablet revolution.”

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Reader Engagement

Adobe attributes its success, in part, to its suite of marketing tools such as built-in social sharing and custom push notifications that alert readers to new editions.

Interestingly, Adobe has announced that it will now publish the technical specifications for its .folio (Adobe’s proprietary format that pages are delivered as) format for digital magazines under a free license.

This means that newsstands will be able to produce their own viewing apps, or readers, capable of displaying digital magazines built with DPS. It’s a big play, similar to what Adobe did with .pdf and documents — opening up a file format so that it becomes the standard. In this case Adobe wants .folio to become the standard format for interactive design.

“Engaging reading experiences combined with in-app consumer marketing capabilities provide publishers with the tools they need to continue generating explosive growth in digital circulation,” says Nick Bogaty, head of digital publishing at Adobe.



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