Coke wants to save you from your phone with its social media guard

Social Media Guard

You know the story. You’re out for a nice meal, but before you can tuck in, you need to check in to the restaurant, tag your friends and send an artfully filtered food shot to Instagram. Have you ever thought that by talking to people on your phone you’re missing out on the world around you? Yes? Well, there may be a solution.

In its latest bit of content marketing, Coca-Cola has put together an ad for a new way to keep your head up in public — a social media guard. It’s guaranteed to prevent you from looking at your phone, because it wraps around your neck like a dog’s collar. Once you put it on, you will be magically awakened to the fact that there are people around you, the sun is shining, and you should be enjoying the moment with a nice cold Coke (well, that’s what they hope you’ll do).

Yes, it’s an apt point made by a brand that would prefer us to be holding its drink rather than a mobile device, but as AdWeek notes, it’s basically likening its target market to dogs who can’t stop licking their stitches. Still, it’s also playing into a space that has seen some success previously — remember ‘I forgot my phone?



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