Attention Fandroids! You can now take photos, video from Google Search

Google Search Camera

Google Search Camera

“OK Google, take a photo”. Expect to hear that sentence from dedicated Android lovers around you over the next couple of weeks. That’s because an update to the internet giant’s Android search app will allow people to take photos and video from inside it.

All you have to do is either tap the microphone or say “OK Google” and then “take a photo” or “take a video” and the camera app will launch in the preferred mode.

In the Google+ post announcing the change, Google claims that the new feature means the “perfect moment” will no longer pass you by as you “fumble with your phone to open the camera app”.

A number of people commenting on the post however noted that it’s unlikely giving a verbal command will be that much faster and we can see their point. After all, if your phone has a dedicated camera button or a shortcut that allows you to bypass your lockscreen, then it’s likely that you’re already set up for taking photos quickly.

On the other hand, this minor tweak is evidently about something much larger. Combine the kind of stuff Google’s doing with voice commands and its work in wearables and you can see that it’s that much closer to achieving its dream of Star Trek-like computing.



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