Facebook’s Oculus buyout has resulted in some brilliant memes: here are our favourites

Oculus Rift

Ah the internet… always making jokes and finding the humour in every billion dollar acquisition. While Kickstarter backers of the Oculus Rift are losing their minds over the fact that the Virtual Reality startup just sold them down the Facebook river, the other side of the internet is finding humour in it.

When you think about it, the Oatmeal pretty much called this acquisition a while ago and it seems that Hitler is not having it either. It’s all just one big disaster really. We picked some of the choice memes that we feel express how the internet is seeing this unicorn acquisition. Enjoy.

The Oatmeal has been setting trends since forever:


Do you know what Justin Timberlake thinks is better than a million bucks? You guessed it!

Justin Timberlake

Then there is the disaster that almost all the startup’s Kickstarter backers seem to think the acquisition is.


Buzz Lightyear seems to have some ideas as to what will come for the device. Woody is not too happy about the plan.

Toy story

Of course, if it is going to be “the most social platform ever” as Zuckerberg envisions, then this is will happen. Woot!

Im facebooking

Then there is the scary movie coming out in a Facebook theatre near you. Oops, did Facebook accidentally buy a horror movie for two billion? (You see the irony here, right?)

Then there is Hitler, just not having it.

Facebook will probably spend the next few weeks dealing with some backlash from the Kickstarter backers and other sections of the internet but let’s face it, the Oculus guys are smiling all the way to the ban, just like the WhatsApp dudes and the next schmo that Zuckerberg and his friends decide to buy.



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