Twitter set to up mobile game downloads with its new ad product



Twitter is reportedly on the verge of launching a new mobile ad product aimed specifically at app makers. According to Bloomberg, the product will allow people to encourage downloads of their apps on the social network.

The product, which allows people to download an app if they click on an ad, is clearly not designed for weekend warrior style app builders, but for ecommerce and gaming giants looking to attract people to their apps.

Given that Twitter has been a mobile first product pretty much from the get go and that mobile accounts for the majority of its revenue, it makes sense that it’s looking to inculcate itself as deeply as possible into the mobile ecosystem.

As Bloomberg notes, these kind of ads have proven a massive boost to some of Twitter’s competitors, including Facebook — which has gone from battling with mobile to bringing in more than half its revenue through mobile platforms.

According to people familiar with the matter, Twitter has been testing the advertising feature for a few weeks now, adding steady improvements along the way. For one app maker, Bloomberg reports, the cost of bringing on a new user fell four-fifths after placing an ad.

They are, apparently, at least as effective as Facebook adverts which are credited with helping push Candy Crush Saga and its maker King into the limelight.



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