6 awesome, hilarious, and utterly ridiculous World Cup commercials


As is the case with all other major sporting events, companies love to jump on board and ride out the commercial frenzy around the FIFA World Cup. Some of the campaigns succeed, some fail, but most are entertaining. We’ve put together a list of our favourite World Cup promotions. Check them out below:

1. Nike — Winner Stays On

Entertaining, cheeky and star studded. We love this one.

2. Samsung — #Galaxy 11

This one is a bit far-fetched. I mean really Samsung, I highly doubt that soccer superstars would be selected to save the world from extraterrestrial invasion. But who cares, it’s entertaining. Not to mention measuring your heart rate with your phone right after defeating an eight-armed robot is about the most convincing reason to buy the Galaxy S5 we’ve seen so far.

3. Adidas — House Match

This commercial was apparently shot inside David Beckham’s house, aptly dubbed “Beckingham Palace,” and directed by the acclaimed Fernando Meirelles, known for City of God. Gareth Bale later joked on Twitter that he’s not likely to be invited back after his performance.

4. Beats by Dre — The Game Before the Game

This one is cool because it follows the journey of Neymar before each game, showcasing just how important mental preparation is. The pre-game fan and player rituals are also pretty cool.

5. Pepsi — Now is what you make it

Pepsi really did a good job incorporating soccer stars, wonderful musicians, awesome sound, and beautiful scenery, into their World Cup commercial offering. The spot also makes it blatantly obvious that it’s about the World Cup, without actually explicitly stating it. That’s because Coca Cola is the official sponsor, not Pepsi.

6. Visa — Samba of the world

This is probably the coolest campaign of the bunch. Visa asked filmmakers from the 32 countries competing in the World Cup to create movies to showcase how their country celebrates the football. You can check the rest of them out on Visa’s YouTube Channel, we highly recommend it!



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