JK Rowling crashes Pottermore with a new update on Harry Potter’s life

Quidditch World Cup article

Quidditch World Cup article

Desperately missing updates on Harry, Ron and Hermione but not satisfied with the ending of JK Rowling’s last book in the series? Of course you are — after following the life of the boy wizard for seven years, the author left us with a ton of questions: did Harry ever become the auror he wanted to be? What happened to Luna Lovegood? Do they all really live happily ever after?

Well, we finally have some answers, in the form of a new piece from Rowling herself. Today on her site Pottermore, she released an ‘article’ penned by Rita Skeeter, which is presented as a very in-character report on the arrival of members of Dumbledore’s Army at the Quidditch World Cup final, but is essentially an update on the main players in the best selling series.

In it, Rowling touches on the current careers, love lives and general well-being of characters from 33-year-old Harry himself to Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and a few members of the Weasley family. We find out that Harry spoiler, Ginny became a spoiler, Ron and Hermione are spoiler and Teddy Lupin is spoiler.

To read the piece yourself, you’ll have to head over to Pottermore and, in a move sure to boost membership exponentially, sign up or log in to the site to view the update. Yes, it’s worth going through the stream of birthday checks and email validations.

In fact, so many people headed over to read the latest from the author, that Pottermore crashed and was temporarily unavailable. It seems to be back up now — just in time to add to the spike in Harry Potter activity around the opening of a new Diagon Alley section at Universal Studios in Florida today.



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