Tired of text? Meet Emojili: the app that only lets you talk in emoji



Do your fingers ache when composing a Facebook status update? Dream of a version of Twitter free of clutter? Not ready to reduce the full range of your emotions to ‘Yo’? You may be interested in Emojili.

Emojili, like the name suggests, is an emoji-only social network. It claims to give you a way to communicate with your friends without the hassle of troll-dodging or scrolling through a stream of memes, hashtags and spam — after all, emoji are hardly offensive (yet).

The creators aim to limit the amount of noise in your life, promising only to email new recruits twice and never to spam them. Although it has yet to launch, emoji fans can reserve their username (emoji only) on the Emojili website. But if you were hoping to claim something short and cute (like a smiling cat), you may already be too late:

Emojili will be a mobile-only social network at launch, with an initial iOS app already in the works. While it remains to be seen if you can actually sustain a conversation entirely in emoji, we’ll have to wait for a while still to test it out. The team (broadcast engineer Matt Gray and gadget-loving TV personality Tom Scott) is hoping to launch it in late July or early August.



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