Spotify curates “Top Tracks In Your Network” playlist from what the people you follow listen to


Imagine a Facebook News Feed but for music. This is what Spotify has done with the “Top Tracks In Your Network” feature, a personalised and constantly updated playlist based on what the people you follow are listening to. It’s available today in iOS and Android and will come to desktop soon.

The new feature relies on a Spotify’s recently introduced social graph and it does the work for you. It is also not intrusive in that it does not update the playlist at the moment the people you follow are playing the songs. Instead, it collects the songs it thinks you should hear and put them into the Top Tracks playlist. Spotify studies what in the past weeks were the people you follow listening to and tries to pull out tracks they listened to.

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At its core Spotify, as explained by Miles Lennon, Spotify Product Manager, believes that “music is inherently social” and this is Spotify’s way of entering the realm of social network.
For ‘Top Tracks In Your Network’ to function at its optimum Spotify will need to use its 50 million users to build a new social music graph, not only of friends but of taste makers whose taste they trust.

To find people to follow on Spotify is now easy, the music streaming service shows the faces of friends who listen to the artists and playlists you play. By clicking to follow them, you can start getting their listening habits in your ‘Top Tracks In Your Network’ playlist.

Describing the feature Lennon said “CNN tells you what’s happening in the world. Twitter tells you what’s happening in your world. Top Lists tells you what’s trending in the world. Top Tracks In Your Network is what’s trending in your world.”



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