This year Google’s teaching kids to code by tracking Santa

Google Santa Tracker

Google’s Santa Tracker has become something of an annual holiday tradition, with the internet giant first giving users the ability to trace the jolly old fellow’s route around the world way back in 2004. This year however, it’s decided to step things up a little.

Rather than just following Santa using Google Maps on Christmas Eve, the company has built an entire Santa’s Village experience which includes games, videos and educational experiences.

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Click on the globe for instance and you’ll get a run down of Christmas traditions around the world. If you’ve got a little free time on your hands meanwhile, you could play the sled racing game, or parachute Santa through a series of hoops onto your current location.

Google is set to unveil new features around the experience throughout December, including one that tells you how to say Santa in different languages and another that teaches basic Javascript.

As The Verge notes, a number of the features which were present in last year’s effort will be making a return this year, including the ability to send a call from Santa to your loved ones and to stream Santa’s Christmas Eve journey onto your TV using Google’s Chromecast device.



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