Weekly Round Up#10: CES 2015, iKubu acquisition, Detroit Auto Show, Boko Haram and Charlie Hebdo

Je Suis Charlie

This week’s been an exciting one for tech and news in general, and it’s only the first of many, many, many to come as we plunge into the new year, 2015.

First off, there was CES, which showed-off some of the world’s most exciting new consumer products. These included Cooler Master’s new CPU cooler and a smart pot that waters your plant automatically. Pretty cool, right?

We’ve also seen the radar tech startup, iKubu, acquired by Garmin. What an exciting time this is for South African startups to be in. More specifically, what an exciting time this is for Stellenbosch-based companies!

Over on Motorburn, the North American International Auto Show shone some light on Chevrolet’s new electric vehicle, raising the discussion of how big this market of quite cars really is. The team goes on to chat about all the other exciting showcases in this week’s world of car tech.

Where do you stand on the right to freedom of speech and the recent happenings in Europe? On a rather serious note, the podcast gets rounded off with the team zooming in on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks as well as those that took place in Nigeria.

Give it a listen:



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