This graphic novel is set in a futuristic Lagos, looks awesome


We don’t often feature graphic novels on Memeburn, but we reckon this one deserves a special mention. It’s called EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams and one of the things that sets it apart is the fact that it’s set in a futuristic Nigeria.

Created by Nigerian-born Roye Okupe, the graphic novel takes place in the year 2025 and follows Wale (Pronounced Wah-Leh) Williams as he returns to Nigeria after a five-year absence. Drawn back to the country by his father’s mysterious disappearance, Wiliams inherits a suit which grants him superhuman abilities.

The Lagoon City (read Lagos) Williams returns to is vastly different to the one he left. An economic boom has created immense wealth for some, but many remain trapped in dire poverty.

At first Williams is skeptical of the suit’s abilities, but he gradually comes to realise that he needs the suit’s powers to unravel the mystery behind his father’s disappearance and save the city from grave danger.

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Born in Lagos, Okupe studied in the States before launching YouNeek Studios in 2012. The more mundane work done by the company — including 2D/3D animated short films, TV commercials, show openers and music videos — has given him the freedom to create EXO.

With the graphic novel, the writer and artist is hoping to “create a connected universe of heroes, with origins from locations that are currently neglected and ignored”.

The story is set to be released toward the middle of 2015 as a two-part graphic novel.



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