Watch as muggers clean out TV crew live on air

SABC mugging

An SABC TV crew was mugged tonight while filming outside Johannesburg’s Millpark hospital.

Contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko and several other SABC crew members were filming outside the hospital, where Zambian president Edgar Lungu is currently receiving treatment after collapsing at a Women’s Day event.

During a live crossing, the crew was approached by three or four armed men demanding their cellphones laptops and broadcast equipment.

The SABC staffers handed over their cellphones at gunpoint before their assailants fled the scene. It seems the attackers weren’t aware that the camera was recording at the time and that their faces would soon be broadcast across South African TV and the internet.

Following the attack, some members of the SABC crew went to go call the police, who helped them pack up the crime scene.

Among those on the scene was SABC TV journalist Chriselda Lewis, whose tweets around the incident give you a glimpse of how harrowing the experience was:

A search is currently underway for the attackers, with the appeals being made to the public to come forward with any information they might have about the robbers who appear in the video.



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