Google Fit receives an update, now estimates distance and calories burned

Google Fit has received an update and can now estimate distance and calories burned. The LG Health has this feature so Google Fit is playing catch up and not innovating new things. Tracking one’s exercise, be it the mere walking of everyday, running, hiking or cycling, has become a prominent feature in tech.

Google notes that this feature is to enable its Google Fit users to have the tools to check on their progress. The update needs extra information to be functional. Users have to update their profile and include gender, height and weight.

Users will also now have a new way to look back over their fitness history with a new interface. A scroll down reveals a timeline of the user’s activities grouped by days, weeks or months. This allows users to have a better sense of their progress, track their exercise over a period and see where they had begun to start being lazy, walking instead of jogging. This data will also help users plan their fitness goals better.

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Google is also releasing a new Google Fit widget for mobile devices, allowing users to access their data immediately. The other new addition is an Android Wear watch face that will allows users to glance at their data from their any Android wearable. These new features, Google says, will make it easy for users to keep their fitness goals in mind.

“Now with a quick glance at your phone or watch, you’ll be able to see how close you are to your goal and stay motivated,” Google said.



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