Record-holding US$511m Jurassic World gets even better…with dachshunds

Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg and created in our prehistoric nightmares, has captivated audiences since 1993. The four movies are set on a series of islands located off the coast of Costa Rica.

Through DNA trapped in fossilized mosquitoes and filling in the gaps with reptile genes, scientists are able to play all masterful creator and create their own dinosaur-filled theme park.

The most recent movie, Jurassic World, set a record at the box office, making US$511-million world wide on its opening weekend. A hybrid dinosaur is bred in the labs but manages to escape, obviously, which turns into a it of a disaster. How could this get any better?

The answer to that question is tiny dogs, killing machines to the feline community, terrors of the squirrel population and a relentless appetite for shoes or legal documents.

What were we thinking when we bred such a beast? Complete comedic value and an awesome twist by an adoring audience is our guess. Dog lovers and owners world wide should set a new record for little dogs, as the most awesome beasts to roam the current Cenzoic era. A refreshing twist on a age-old story is always a win and with this new look on what people are thinking when they experience the same thing, gives the heart a warm sensation. Viva la creativity.



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