Why you should consider replacing airtime giveaways with sponsored call marketing

Many brands are finding that instant airtime giveaways are a fantastic marketing product to drive engagement with consumers. It’s an instant reward that the majority of consumers consider rather valuable – much more valuable than coupons that they may or may not redeem before they expire.
Now there’s an even more effective mobile marketing tool on the market. It’s called sponsored call marketing – and it’s much more powerful than its predecessor.

Sponsored call marketing enables brands to give away the same amount of free talk time, but with some powerful additional benefits to the brand.

Tell your brand story before their call connects

Play an audio message before the call connects or create a subtle sound effect to play in the background. This could be anything from a five second promo, to the sound of a can being opened, or a car being driven away – the potential for creativity is huge.

You can make these messages interactive if you want to – a great way to collect customer insight or run surveys. Because the call will only connect once the call to action is complete, response rates are always 100%.

Add a new element of fun with voice “smileys”

You can add all sorts of sound effects, depending on your message. Dial *134*130*5555*your friend’s number# to try it out (This example plays the sound of a baby crying).

Spread your message twice as far and double the data

The chances are high that the person making the call will tell their friend about how they got the free call and why, taking your message up to 40% further. That’s not to mention the other friends they’ll probably tell.

Each call connected gives you two mobile numbers (the caller’s and the recipient’s). They’ve already heard about your brand and probably have warm feelings towards it for the free talk time. These are ideal leads to add to your database.

Measure uptake easily

This type of give-away is really simple to measure. Online dashboards for each campaign can show you how many people have ‘redeemed’ their free calls, where they are and who they’re calling.

Take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level at the same cost

Sponsored call marketing is already helping consumer brands reach new people in many ways – at the same price or lower than traditional airtime giveways. It’s an effective loyalty builder, and easy to measure.



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