Twitter introduces new data dashboard to help you monitor and manage your account

Twitter, of late, has been beset with problems. First its CEO left and then the rumours that Twitter might be bought reared their ugly head again, affecting its share price. Something is certainly amiss.

In the interim, Twitter is getting on with it, dusting itself off, and introducing new features to the platform. The latest one is the Twitter data dashboard, introduced yesterday.

The company says that this is a new tool to help users to monitor and manage their accounts. Much of the latest changes by Twitter have been bland and something huge is needed and this, as charming as it is, is perhaps not it.

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Twitter data dashboard is being rolled out to users over time and though it might not be showing up now, eventually it will. The feature has been designed, the company says, to put users in control of their information.

“We have made a series of deliberate design decisions that help protect your privacy and security” the company says.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.04.59 AM

The company even notes that it allows users to use the platform without using their real names, a dig at Facebook’s rules.

With Twitter data dashboard, which can be accessed from the settings menu, users can see their account activation details, devices that have accessed their account and recent login history.

The company says that knowing this data, one can quickly review their account activity and verify that all is well with their account. This feature is similar to Facebook’s, in which users are notified and asked to verify the new device that has accessed their account.

If a user suspects suspicious activities in their account, there is a few steps to take.

If one sees login activity from an app that they do not recognise, they can go to the apps tab in their settings and revoke the unknown app access. And if one finds that their account has been accessed in locations they do not recognise, they can simply change their password and “enroll in login verification for extra security”.

From the data dashboard, one can also manage their uploaded address book contacts, download their Twitter archive, and more.



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