Donald Trump accidentally tweets Nazi soldiers in campaign poster

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If you imagine a campaign poster for any 21st century presidential candidate with some Nazi soldiers on it, alarm bells would probably go off.

US billionaire Donald Trump — together with his profound facial expressions, hairpiece and controversial statements — tweeted a rather strange campaign poster to his 3.2 million followers recently. He then went on to lead the polls for the 2016 US presidential race.

The low-budget looking poster, apparently slapped together by an intern, is a montage of Trump’s face, the waving Stars and Stripes, with an acute reenactment of Nazi soldiers marching around. Because ‘Murica

We’ve seen a lot of mishaps from high-stake individuals and brands over the years. Most of which blamed on the ever-so-present “young intern” or a mysterious hacker.

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The tweet got retweeted hundreds of times before it was deleted, but as the web community usually does with high-profile mess-ups like these, screen grabs will make it live on forever:

Trump tweet
As reported by The Guardian, a recent nationwide survey revealed that the businessman had 17% of support in the Republican field, proving more popular than any of his 15 competitors.

However messed up this tweet might be, it doesn’t really shy too far away from the candidate’s overall Twitter feed — most of which are filled with far-right sentiments like:


Keep a close eye on his Twitter feed for more fun.



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