Virtual Reality event to tap into South Africa’s creative community 29 July

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The virtual reality (VR) space is heating up fast. Around the globe, developers and animators alike are putting their heads together (and into things) to experiment with this exciting, immersive medium. Come 29 July, the South African Virtual Reality Event plans to vitalise the local community.

Taking place at Cape Town’s Bandwidth Barn, the event will allow attendees to immerse themselves in some of the VR projects first-hand, for free. Coupled with a lineup of expert speakers from the VR industry, the event looks promising.

“The key to the event is connecting people who want to create Virtual Reality projects in all areas with developers that can create these projects,” says Tyrone Rubin, who’s a member of South African VR.

He adds: “Our sole objective is focused around connecting people that share a love and passion for VR.”

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VR developers Dan and Geoff Kruss will be speaking about its startup HubVirtual, which is building the home for VR and augmented reality content creation:

We believe that VR is only going to grow from here. For creators, wanting to break the barrier into the virtual world, HubVirtual will provide a place to contribute to projects of their choosing, pushing their skill-set to the next level.

The event will furthermore be kitted out with VR enthusiast and content director Grant De Sousa and Jeffrey Martin who will discuss VR’s far-reaching impact, from property and advertising industries to filmmaking.

“The applications and possibilities are practically limitless. I hope to broaden people perspective and point of view of what is now possible thanks to virtual reality,” says De Sousa.

Martin is behind Sphericam 2 — a high-quality 360 degree camera built for VR which recently broke its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, raising nearly US$300 000.

Dr. Hendranus Vermeulen will dive into the metaphysical question of “what is reality?” and attempt to discuss what we can learn from this new technology.

Does this sound like your kind of jam? Get your free tickets on Quicket here!

Date: 29 July 2015
Venue: The Barn, 3rd Floor, Block B, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock



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