Weekly Round Up #36: 4chan sale, Skype outage, BB-8 Star Wars droid and TomTom Bandit

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This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, Graham van de Made and Andy Walker discuss Skype’s outage, 4chan sale, and talk about the toys that they are and have been playing with lately.

Stuart has been playing with the BB-8 Star Wars droid and Andy had the privilege of being one of the first people in South Africa to use the TomTom bandit.

Every now and then, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, etc go down and leave the entire world in limbo. On Monday, people around the world started tweeting that Skype was down. The company issued an acknowledgement of the problem and said it was dealing with it.

The team discusses the Skype outage and how businesses ought to be weary of thinking that they are beyond outages because they are online. Jacques Coetzee proposes that perhaps there is something sinister about the entire thing. Though not a usually paranoid chap, Jacques has been binge watching Mr Robot.

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Christopher ‘moot’ Poole announced this week that 4chan, the anonymous message board, on the verge of its two billionth post and 12th birthday had been sold to Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of Japanese site 2channel.

The deal was worth $2 billion, but no further details were provided. The teams discusses what this sale means for 4chan users and what it would mean if Nishimura were to implement stricter rules on the platform.

Stuart talks about BB-8 Star Wars droid and how it has been using it. Though he enjoys it, he is unsure about about continued use and the price.

Andy went to a TomTom bandit demonstration and got to strap the GoPro hero competitor. Andy talks about using the TomTom bandit, pairing it with the app and the app’s editing prowess.

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