Memeburn dives into Geek Crate’s first themed box of goodies [video]

We’ve previously reviewed Geek Crate‘s first and second boxes and now it’s time to look at its third offering. This is the mystery crate service’s very first themed box of goodies, which is centred around Star Wars, and looks to capitalise on the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The themed crates will generally be geared toward a certain geek brand, niche, or series, while still including goodies from other areas. Founders Grant Meeser and Jordan Lambis have yet to state what the next themed crate will be.

Geek Crate’s initial box received less than stellar reviews and feedback from its recipients. The second crate though garnered more positive reviews, but was still lacking feasible content and a pull factor. Given that many subscribers opted for the three-month subscription with the service, Geek Crate has this final box to impress a lot of its customers.

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Fortunately, the third box is an improvement over the first two. The team has started to gauge what does and doesn’t work for their clients, which is starting to show. This is the first offering you should be looking at. For their next themed crate, they will need to have more content around the theme as this one was sparse.

Have a look at what we found in this geeky package:

Edit: Further clarification.



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