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7 online streaming technologies which have improved our TV viewing experience

Technologies in online streaming have come a long way over the past few years. With the birth of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other popular streaming sites we have watched as a wave of television viewing alternatives have vastly improved the way in which we enjoy the tube.

From sports streaming apps to virtual reality streaming apps and everything in between, when it comes to TV viewing today there is no shortage of exciting and satisfying means by which we can fill our entertainment void.

Here are seven streaming technology that have virtually redefined how we enjoy television today. Not only have they improved our viewing experience, but they have also reinvented the definition of entertainment for home viewers.

Virtual Reality Streaming Apps

There is a new Netflix app that is soon to be released, which will allow the public to enjoy their favorite Netflix movies and shows via the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The apps allow users to enjoy a whole new experience and virtual level of entertainment immersion by way of living out their favorite movies and shows in a virtual reality space. Not a Netflix member? No biggie. Oculus is currently working in connection with other providers on apps that will be supported by Vimeo, Hulu and Twitch.

These apps will likely flourish in the coming years, growing at a rapid pace, and will play an enormous role in the multimedia entertainment scope of television online streaming.

Miniature Streaming Boxes

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to upgrade your television is to take advantage of technologies like the CX-S500. This device allows you to instantly indulge in the wonders of your laptop, on your big screen TV. This particular miniature streaming device will run effectively on Google Android 4.4, and features an Amlogic s805 quad-core ARM Crotex-a5 processor. It also boasts an impressive 8GB of storage, as well as 1GB of RAM, which ensures users that it will perform optimally without lag time. This device also features an HDMI port, Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi capabilities which enables the user to connect in any way they please. Remote control ready and easy to use, the CX-S500 resembles the Apple TV remote, which reinforces the size factor and miniature convenience aspect that comes with this nifty little device.

Celebrity Live Streaming Apps

Good news for adoring fans of most celebrities – Facebook recently publicized an upcoming update to the existing live streaming app that will allow die-hard fans to follow their favorite celebrities and live-stream the exciting and fun things they do on a daily basis. Once verified, the celebrity can start a video session of which followers will be notified is live. They can then sit back, relax and watch whatever nonsense (or not) that the celeb is getting into at that very moment. Some celebrities that have agreed to be featured on the app include Martha Stewart, Ashley Tisdale and Michael Buble.

Live Streaming Sports Apps

Live streaming services such as YipTV offer free online television streaming that is easy, convenient and available from any internet capable device. Accessing channels like beIN Sports Online through the YipTV app allows sports fans to gain free access to popular sporting events around the world. Never miss another game with the simple and popular beIN Sports app via YipTV.

Entertainment Streaming Boxes

Among popular entertainment streaming boxes is the Cube S, the new OTT box developed by the premium television provider CANAL+. This device was designed with Technicolor in order to provide users with greater access to internet content and subscription TV. OTT stands for “over-the-top,” which is apparently what this device is. Is boasts features that allow users to receive free DTT channels and even packaged pay-TV network access – all without requiring subscription service to a cable provider or IPTV provider. Not enough to get you excited about these devices? How about they also include access to unlimited radio and music through Radioline and Deezer. With the ability to access the content network via any internet capable device with a simple login, users are able to enjoy the benefits of the entertainment streaming boxes at home and on the go.

Branded Livestreaming Apps

The launch of Comcast’s Xfinity Share app – a platform for users to share livestream videos via their X1 Entertainment Operating System – has reinvented the prospect of content sharing. The app gives users the ability to not only share, but also create content from their mobile app. Not only that, but after the content is captured the Comcast customer can then redirect the broadcast to a selected TV to enjoy a better viewing experience. The masterminds behind the app created it so that people would be able to share their special moments via real-time with family and friends.

Music Video Streaming Apps

With the YouTube music app online music video streaming is streamlined. The YouTube music-only app allows viewers to listen to their favorite music or artist at the click of a button. Since the decline of traditional television viewing, more and more artists have been turning to sites like YouTube to broadcast their music videos. Just like the basic YouTube site, the YouTube music app lets users search for and save their favorite music and artists, of which it will then make suggestions of artists or songs similar to those that you have saved. Searching exclusively for music that you know and love will allow you to create personalized stations via the app tools. What’s more is that the app will also provide feature links to the most popular remixes, covers and videos that coincide with your saved music preferences.

These seven online streaming technologies have opened up new doors in the world of online television streaming that have all played some role in dramatically improving how we enjoy virtual streaming of our favorite television shows, movies and even music.
Did we forget something? If you know of additional online streaming technology that improves the viewing experience, then please share! We would love to hear from you.

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