8 awesome apps to help you go green

Concerns about global warming, pollution, and the carbon emissions are increasing every day, and more people are looking to do their part in protecting the environment. App developers have jumped on this trend to begin offering eco-friendly options. By taking advantage of some of these green apps, you can help to reduce your environmental footprint.

1. Dropcountr

Are you concerned about the amount of water that you are using? Dropcountr is a great way to help you conserve water, as you’ll be able to connect via your smartphone to your water utility company. Then, the company can send you information to show exactly how much water you are using compared to other users like you. Not only will you see current water consumption, but you’ll also learn more about setting a water budget in order to conserve water.

2. Carma Carpooling

Commuting to and from work can be a big expense and also a big depletion of resources. If you are driving yourself to work, you are contributing to air pollution, so choosing to carpool can be a great solution. Carma Carpooling helps you to better organize a carpool by making it easy to find people who live near you that would be interested in carpooling.

3. Farmstand

Buying locally-grown produce is a great way to go green, and Farmstand helps to find options near you. This app will allow you to find the closest market and to see what nearby farmers are selling. Helpful information like directions, open times, and reviews from other customers are also included. You can also help by updating information and adding in new markets.

4. UberConference

Going green doesn’t have to be just a personal decision, and it is one that you can implement with your business, as well. UberConference is one such app that allows you to minimize your environmental footprint. Online conferencing is a good way to save resources, as your employees won’t need to travel to get to an on-site location whenever you need to have a meeting or training session.

5. Oroeco

Oroeco is a helpful app that will allow you to track your environmental impact. You’ll be able to see how your life choices connect to changes in the climate, including what you eat, your transportation method of choice, and how you live. The app claims to be the most powerful carbon footprint calculator in the world, allowing you to see exactly how your individual actions are affecting the environment.

6. Ecobee3

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular, and the Ecobee3 smart thermostat is a great way to keep your home environment comfortable while minimising your energy usage. This thermostat will connect you to a mobile app that will allow you to control the system regardless of your physical location. You can also notify the app when you’ll be home so that interior temperatures can adjust.

7. Leafully

Are you interested in reducing your home energy use? If so, Leafully is a helpful, eco-friendly app that can benefit your entire family. This app will allow you to closely track exactly how much energy your home is consuming, allowing you to identify trends and to find ways that you can cut back. The end result should also be lowered utility costs, which is an added benefit. Currently, Leafully supports utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric, Seattle City Lights, and San Diego Gas & Electric, although it is constantly expanding.

8. UNEP Carbon Calculator

Some of the greatest effects on climate change come from greenhouse gasses, and UNEP Carbon Calculator works to help users identify just how much CO2 is being emitted when they travel. You’ll be able to calculate how much habitat area is affected when you travel by car, plane, or train, and you’ll also be able to learn how to make a difference by better understanding the impact on each ecosystem.

Eco-friendly apps are making it easier than ever for you to do your part to protect the environment. Download one today and start saving money and resources.

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