John Oliver freaks out about bread pants in strange Last Week Tonight snippet

john oliver last week tonight

When Last Week Tonight takes a break (thanks to American holidays), I can’t help but feel lost. But thankfully, John Oliver does debut a few clips on the show’s YouTube channel to quell fans’ thirst. This week, the topic is “How is this NOT a thing?” and it involves a few weird examples.

While Computex 2016 is currently underway, inventing robots that are cuter than babies, phones that don’t have antennae lines, and what’ll likely be far too many really dumb gadgets, John Oliver addresses some of the other, more important non-existent inventions.

Like, why is there not a search engine for parents who can’t remember names? And, why hasn’t science invented bread pants yet? Or, why is there no way to wink at someone without them remembering a scene from an E.L. James novel? Valid questions really.

The video, published eight hours ago, has since claimed 388 000 views, with over 15 000 up and down votes combined. Not too shabby.

It’s odd, it’s typically Oliver, and it’s something to laugh at on this Monday afternoon. So have at the video below.



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