Here’s why mobile marketing in South Africa is a must

South Africans are cell phone obsessed. This addict-like behaviour is highly annoying for family and friends but it’s excellent news if you’re in business.

Unless, of course, you’ve neglected to reach out to your consumers through mobile advertising. If that’s the case, you’ve fallen behind and it’s time to sprint.

The numbers don’t lie

Over half of the website traffic in our country comes from mobile devices. In fact, if you live in South Africa, there’s a 57% chance you’re reading this article on one.

What are people doing on their phones and tablets (besides reading articles and consuming highly curated images of people they don’t know in real life, of course)? They’re Googling. The fact that Google is the most popular Internet service in SA should come as no surprise.

People are constantly searching for content that’s relevant to their lives. This is precisely when and where you should be swooping in. Reach your audience while they’re searching for the product/service that you offer. How? Four words: Google AdWords for mobile.

Why the focus on mobile?

For the majority of South Africans, mobile is the only way for people to access the Internet. On top of that, a remarkable 80% of Internet users, use only their phones to go online, and 67% of mobile searches begin with intent to purchase, like: ‘Italian restaurants in Sandton.’

Think about what happens when someone Googles ‘drum kits Johannesburg’. If you own a music store, you want them to know you exist and see you as option A.

Who even clicks on mobile ads?

More South Africans own a cell phone than any other electronic device and 38% of smartphone users will engage with mobile ads. The caveat? They need to be relevant, appealing and evoke brand recognition.

Something else to consider: According to a 2016 Effective Measure study, 60% of respondents download apps to their smartphones and will actively use the majority of them. Cue flashing lights – why aren’t you using relevant in-app ads?

What next?

You have the option of delivering your brand directly to your consumer’s hand. They don’t even have to get out of bed to learn about you. They search for whatever they want and need and, when relevant, there you are. An instant answer and solution. Bonus: they’re receptive to your ad because it’s in response to their search. It’s useful.

Make the tools at your disposal work hard for you. Consider that 70% of SA Internet users contact a business after searching for them online. Now ask yourself why you’re not using Google’s ‘click to call’ feature?

As Seth Godin puts it: “we live in a culture where paid ads still have clout.” The added bonus of digital ads, and mobile ads especially, is that the production-to-performance process is far shorter than traditional counterparts. Decide you want mobile ads and (with the help of a pro) they can be up and running in a few days.

Feature image: Christian Hornick via Flickr



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