7 niche dating apps for Android & iOS that actually exist

Many people are familiar with the likes of Tinder and OkCupid, but what if your needs are more specific than a mere dating/hookup app?

Fortunately, there are quite a few alternative and niche apps around, whether you’re into the BDSM scene, cannabis, threesomes or more.

3nder (free – iOS)

3nder app composite

Always wanted to try a threesome but not sure how to find willing partners? Then consider trying 3nder, branded as Tinder for threesomes.

Anyway, the app is available for couples and singles, while passcode and fingerprint authentication is supported to keep nosey people out of the app. 3nder also supports photos and group chats, naturally.

In other words, this is a neat way of finding threesomes. Unless you’ve got an Android phone – then you’ll have to wait until the end of the month apparently.

Whiplr (free – Android, iOS)

whiplr app 800

It’s received mixed reviews, but Whiplr promises to connect BDSM-loving people with one another. A lovely premise then.

As with many dating apps, it allows you to chat with prospective partners around you, while also allowing you to send videos/photos as well. Neat.

The biggest issue with Whiplr though is the sheer amount of ads, according to many user reviews. Consumers are also reporting weird glitches during the sign-up process.

High There! (free – Android, iOS)

high there app 800

Cannabis-related app High There! doesn’t explicitly market itself as a dating/hookup service, but it does promise to help you “make new and authentic connections with other people like you”.

Users need to make an account, set their consumption (smoking, vaping etc), mood and energy preferences (high energy, medium energy and what have you). From here, the app will match you up with similar users in your area, along with a “high there” and “bye there” mechanic – inspired by Tinder’s swiping system.

High There! does however warn users not to post images of the devil’s tobacco, while also warning users not to use the app for buying/selling. Like many apps on this list, High There! doesn’t have many users, it seems.

Hift (free – Android, iOS)

hift 800

Have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and don’t want to feel rejected? Then Hift is to the rescue, marketed as the number one dating app for people with herpes, HIV/Aids and other STDs.

The app delivers matches based on your location, the Tinder-like swipe system for matching, as well as the ability to chat with matches. Pretty standard fare then.

Splash out US$20 a month and you can message anyone (regardless of match status), search for a more compatible like list, see all your likes and become invisible online. Is all of this worth the subscription? Well, decide for yourself…

Twindog (free – Android, iOS)

twindog app

A dating app revolving around dogs? Get your mind out of the gutter, because this app is designed for people who own canines and want to meet like-minded dog-owners.

Much like other apps on this list, Twindog (formerly Tindog) uses the Tinder swiping mechanics to facilitate matches here. Again, the app allows you to chat with matches and share photos with them. And who knows, your pooch might find a new play partner in the process?

Bristlr (free – Android)

bristlr app

Have a beard? Or maybe you like beards on others. Either way, this the concept behind offbeat dating/social network app Bristlr.

Bristlr claims to connect bearded individuals with those wanting to stroke their beard, marketing itself as the “world’s favourite beard-centric app” to boot.

The app actually started out as a joke, before a horde of signups and a flood of media attention convinced developer John Kershaw to go full-steam ahead.

BRO (free – Android, iOS)

bro app

Gay? Bisexual? Curious? No label needed? Then BRO might just be for you, being an app that allows you to meet up with other guys.

The app dispenses with labels, claiming to help you find “new friends, dates, or a long-term bromance”. In a cheesy yet oddly fun touch, you can even specify your bro type (such as brogrammer, GI Bro or hipster Bro for starters).



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