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Competition: win a frightfully horrifying Conjuring 2 hamper worth R900 [closed]

You may have heard there’s a new Conjuring movie heading to SA cinemas soon. In order to celebrate its release, Memeburn is giving away a prize of Conjuring 2-themed goodies.

The Conjuring 2 follows the case files of husband and wife Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farminga) Warren once again. This time, the pair are investigating a poltergeist activity at a council house in Enfield, England. Judging from the trailers, the movie looks to be another well-crafted horror movie from director James Wan and Warner Brothers Pictures. The movie will be released in SA on 10 June so look out for it.

The prize hamper contains a range of interesting bits and bobs, which are:

  • The Crooked Man Zoetrope
  • Glow-in-the-dark earbuds in a silver hinged tin
  • Conjuring 2 cap
  • A skipping rope (yes, you read correctly)
  • Men’s and women’s t-shirts (one of each)
  • Lantern flashlight
  • And a thermo notebook


In order to stand a chance of winning all you need to do is leave a comment below stating why you love horror movies.

The competition is open from 3 June 14:30pm closes 17 June at 23:59 and no other entries will be accepted after that. One winner will be randomly picked and notified on 20 June.

Terms and conditions:

  • The competition is only open to South Africa residents and prizes will only be shipped to the winner within the country.
  • The prize will be delivered and handled by Times Media Films.
  • The judge’s decision is final and no late entries will be accepted. The randomly selected winner will be contacted by Memeburn to notify them of their prize. If the recipient does not reply within five working days then a new winner will be randomly drawn.
  • Prizes are not transferable, and may not be converted into cash.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Staff members of Burn Media, its holding company, sponsors of the prize, advertising agencies with Burn Media or the sponsors, and immediate family members may not enter.
  • Prizes are subject to change without notice.
  • Memeburn or its staff members cannot be held responsible for loss, damage, or injuries occurred from prizes.

We threw the names into an invisible hat, headed over to Random.org and had the website randomly draw the winners.

And, without further ado, the five winners are:

  • Elmarie Duvenage
  • Scott Kryptonite Cartwright
  • NickyPoetBailey
  • Neil Naidoo
  • Bronwyn Lauren Janse


Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. We will be in touch with your shortly.

  • Sergio Pereira

    Why do I love horror movies? Well, I watched Britney Spears’ Crossroads and it terrified me. I mean, how scary that someone actually green-lit it?

    In all seriousness, horror films are like a roller coaster: always a thrill, a few chills and stops just before you throw up.

  • Shashen

    I love horror movies for the same reason I love horror novels. They’re cathartic. I’m not a big fan of gore/slashers/etc but prefer stories with tension and terror.

    I don’t believe in ghosts but I love being so absorbed in a good ghost story. A creepy story. It takes me away from my own life unlike anything else. While in high school I was fully aware while riding my bike, home from friends houses at night I had a higher chance of being robbed or murdered than being got by a ghost but it was the thought that Samara (from The Ring) was behind me lol which caused me to throw my bike in the garage and race back to the house…
    horror movies can be incredibly well made and beautiful but it is sad that they hardly ever gets the recognition it deserves. I’ve seen so many that are better than Oscar winners I’ve seen. I just love it!!!

  • Elmarie Duvenage

    I love horror because love to see some action and see how people get scared in movies. My favourite horror movie is bride of chunky. I love to watch horror movies in the day times.

  • Horror Junkie

    Some of us have a weakness for horror movies, it’s the suspense, nail-biting, ‘keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat’ scenes that make us keep going back for more. As a horror fan I live for such movies, the mystery, terror, shock and judging by the trailer, Conjuring 2 looks like it will deliver!

  • LadyAnne

    I have always loved horror movies, it opens up the imagination to things beyond the normal, beyond the ordinary. It lets one delve into the dark and twisted minds of people, it shows you the paranormal and supernatural. It is something that taps into the deepest parts of the mind to bring the imagination to life

  • Astrid Julies

    It make my guy look even stronger than ever, since I scream and close my eyes throughout the movie…and he just comforts LOL

  • Bronwyn Lauren Janse

    I love horror movies because my boyfriend hates them and it’s the only time I am one up than him. :D For instance I know he won’t see this comment

  • Neil Naidoo

    The best horror movies are those which actually could be real. The stories that leave one slightly unsettled and wakes one up at night. No other genre does that. The possibility that the supernatural is in fact real and around us, but we just can’t see it, is frightening and thrilling. Well, at least until one actually experiences it – then all one wants to do is run for the hills!

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  • john

    I love Horror Movies ! Always did ! Would love to win! I just saw the movie it was great !

  • Scott Kryptonite Cartwright

    I love to see where the reality and horror stories connect.. The feeling of the adrenaline rush and not knowing what is next.. The extreme fear of the unknown and the pure entertainment..

  • NickyPoetBailey

    I’m not sure when my love for horror movies began. I remember as a child I was always so afraid. But then again who could blame me, I grew up with horror movies like Stephen King’s IT, Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Who can forget Child’s Play. Up till today I still hate dolls… Nowadays my love for horror movies has grown so much. I prefer goriest that’s based on actual events. Like the Devil Within because horror movies have become too predictable. I’m so glad that The Conjuring 2 is finally here and I can’t wait to see it. I don’t like sequels to horror’s because it’s never as good as the original. I however love Final Destination, The Grudge, The Ring and Insiduous. I also don’t like remakes of horror’s because they take the scariness out of the movie. 1 remake movie I enjoyed was Carry. I love it when Carry takes revenge after they throw blood on her. The look in her eyes is priceless. Some people might think my love for horror movies makes me crazy but I don’t care. I love seeing blood and people being killed in a scary way.

  • I agree about horror movies being underrated. I think that slashers and torture porn give them a bad rap. Something like Crimson Peak is one of the most gorgeous movies I’ve seen (thought it’s story was sub-par). To me, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974 is a cinematic feat considering the budget Tobe Hooper had to work with and what he managed to pull off. It’s a shame people think it’s mindless gore.

  • I think my love of horror started in high school. I remember staying home one Halloween and MNET screened Scream 1 and 2 back-to-back and no one was home. Even though both movies are so-so, I immediately fell in love with the genre.

    I also agree with horror movies based on true events. They’re much scarier.

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