Panama Papers: Find implicated SA firms around you with this tool

The largest data leak in history revealed that a massive number of companies and people were using Panama to keep their financial details private.

Although using Panama in this manner isn’t illegal, some of the implicated firms have been less than honest in their financial dealings, to say the least.

South African companies are also featured in the leak, and consultancy firm Eighty20 has delivered a slick web-based tool to find these firms around you.

The tool allows you to enter a location and specify the radius (two kilometres, five kilometres and ten kilometres), then spitting out relevant addresses.

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The firm issued a disclaimer though, saying it was merely a listing of SA addresses in the publicly available leak.

“No implication is made about the current residents or owners of these properties, who may have nothing to do with the Panama Papers. No judgement is made on whether the structures utilised by the owners of the properties are legal or otherwise,” Eighty20 explained.

“We have used the information as contained in the Panama Papers and accept no liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of the Panama Papers.”

Eighty20 explained the reason for building its tool in an emailed press statement.

“At Eighty20 we like to push the boundaries, particularly when it comes to finding the value in data. We saw the value in the Panama Papers data and wanted to bring it to life for others.”

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So what did we find? When we used our Woodstock location, we found two listed addresses within two kilometres and 41 within a five kilometre radius.

What about Camps Bay, then? The tool spat out 23 addresses within two kilometres of the suburb’s centre, and 61 addresses within five kilometres.

Selecting Sandton resulted in the tool delivering 29 addresses within a two kilometre radius and 130 in a five kilometre radius.



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